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Emmerdale Farm
16 October 1972 -

In Loving Memory of Stella Hargreaves.
20 May 1922 - 27 May 200

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This site is a small tribute to Emmerdale Farm
"The great British soap."

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Set in the fictitious village of Beckindale, at the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Emmerdale Farm began on the 16th October 1972.  Thirty years later and over 3,600 episodes on, this serial is still going .

Since 1989, the series, has been known as Emmerdale.  It is Britain's second longest television running soap opera.


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A huge big thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various photographs and imformation availabe to me throughout this site. They were previously on his Beckindale site. Also to She Wolf & Bill Sands for providing information and being of great support and to persons at Yorkshire Television as well as others.

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Emmerdale Farm: Episode 1 Jacob Sugden's funeral. Peggy Skilbeck [Jo Kendall], Matt Skilbeck [Frederick Pyne], Joe Sugden [Frazer Hines], Annie Sugden [Sheila Mercier] and Sam Pearson [Toke Townley].  - click to see larger version

Episode Guide Archive 1993-2002
1994 - Annie comes out of her coma with Jack and Sarah and baby Victoria at her bedside.

Episode Guide
2 Jan 2004 - Laurel waits for Ashley to wake up in Intensive Care


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Emmerdale is Teletext viewers' choice

Jonathan Donald

Emmerdale has scored a resounding victory in our favourite show of 2003 poll. Despite competition from the likes of The Office, EastEnders, Prime Suspect and Only Fools And Horses, viewers came out in force to back the ITV1 soap. It drew 37% of the votes in the phone poll. Trailing far behind in second place was Only Fools And Horses.

The soap's spokesman expressed delight at the result and thanked Teletext viewers. "Emmerdale are delighted to receive such great public recognition. We will endeavour to continue to deliver fantastic storylines and high-quality production in 2004.

Among other popular shows, Only Fools And Horses came second with 16% and in third was EastEnders (15%). Coronation Street came fourth with 14%. Despite the hype about The Office Christmas specials, it came fifth, with 7%. But it did prove more popular than Prime Suspect, in sixth. Least favourite show of 2003 was Wife Swap.


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General discussion of Emmerdale's infamous Dingle clan, the actress Jacqueline Pirie and the two soaps she starred in - Coronation Street as Linda Baldwin and Emmerdale as the infamous Tina Dingle. Share in photos, take part in polls and much much more. This is the place for fans of both Corrie & Emmmerdale

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