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Episode 3075

Christmas Eve

It may be Christmas Eve but Ashley is having a crisis of faith. He confides in Zoe that he isn't sure why he kissed Bernice the previous evening and isn't convinced it is a good idea to pursue her. He dreads the approaching carol service and struggles to find the enthusiasm to conduct it. Things are made worse when Bernice arrives and Ashley knows he must confront his demons head-on. His head rules his heart and he tells Bernice that he wants nothing more to do with her. Bernice wishes that she and Ashley could sort out their differences and they both go into Christmas Day with a heavy heart.

Chris and Charity have less important worries on their minds - where to find a housekeeper. Terry tries his luck at cooking dinner for them but the results are from far impressive. Charity takes up the cause and promises to find a housekeeper locally - but Chloe isn't interested in the job.

Emmerdale's perennial Scrooge, Pollard, is out of luck when his back gives out and he faces Christmas stranded at the factory unless he can find a guardian angel to come to his rescue.

And the Dingles await the arrival of Santa in the form of Seth - but will Father Christmas heed their warning not to have too many glasses of wine before he meets little Belle?

Episode 3076 Christmas Day 1 hour episode at 6-25pm

Christmas Day hasn't brought much joy for Ashley and he prepares his solitary lunch at the Vicarage, but an unexpected Christmas present is on the way for Bernice. She walks without purpose through the village but ends up at church where she discovers Ashley. They try again to resolve their differences, but it proves fruitless.

But just as Ashley has given up and turns to leave, Bernice doubles up in pain - the baby is on its way! Ashley accompanies her to hospital where they meet Diane. He is hurt, though, when he discovers that Bernice has asked Diane to call Carlos.

The Spanish chef receives a frosty reception when he arrives, not least from a rowing Rodney and Diane and a drunken Nicola who takes a swing at him in the waiting area. Bernice battles on in labour, oblivious to the trouble that is stirring outside. She eventually gives birth, but which man will she want by her side - and will he be the father of her child?

Back in the village, Pollard is still stranded at the factory from the previous evening and looks destined to stay there for the duration until Sam hears his cries for help.

Lisa isn't best pleased when he arrives back at the Dingles' carrying Pollard, but the festive season brings the best out of Zak who tolerates their surprise guest and even takes him down to the Woolpack for a Christmas tipple - in a wheelbarrow!

Charity thinks she's found the answer to the housekeeping problems in the form of Cynthia - but Chris isn't convinced that she is the right choice for the job. And will Cain need the mistletoe when he kisses Latisha - or is this more than just a Christmas kiss?

Episode 3077 Boxing Day at 6.35pm

As Bernice proudly cradles her new baby, the two fathers-in-waiting are confused about the previous day's events. Carlos shares his thoughts with Terry and wonders why Bernice summoned him to the hospital for the birth. He is convinced that he must be the father and visits Bernice in hospital to ask her to make a fresh start with him away from the pub.

Ashley, meanwhile, is less sure whether he may be the father but does wonder why Bernice seemed keen to sort out their differences. Zoe lends support and reminds him that he could well be the dad. Diane warns Bernice not to leave Ashley in the cold, then persuades Carlos to take a blood test to settle the question of fatherhood once and for all.

Charity convinces Chris to take on Cynthia as housekeeper, but he is surprised when she starts so soon and cooks them a special Boxing Day breakfast. Charity declares her New Year's ambition to get her HGV licence and asks Sean to help.

Robert takes pleasure in teasing Andy that Katie has lost interest in him when she doesn't answer his text messages.

Jack has real worries, though, and has a heart to heart with Andy abut losing the farm, before telling Terry that he might be moving him out of Annie's cottage and his family in.

  Thursday 27 Dec 2001


No Episode

Episode 3078

Friday 28 December Episode One

It is the day of reckoning for Ashley and Carlos as they wait to discover the results of the blood test. Bernice has got other problems on her mind, though, and admits to Diane that she is having trouble adjusting to motherhood. Diane advises her to sort out her own feelings before she discovers who the child's father is. Ashley has a heart to heart with Zoe and says that he doesn't know if he can find forgiveness in his heart for Bernice and Carlos and questions his faith and ability in his role as vicar.

Carlos arrives at hospital with the results of the blood test and asks Bernice to move in with him but she has some hard-hitting news of her own. Ashley is waiting at the Vicarage when Diane arrives to break the news to him - but how will he react?

Robert goes out his way to drive a wedge between Andy and Katie. And Katie doesn't help matters when she kisses goodbye to Robert after Andy discovers them close together.

Marc is getting scared about the prospect of facing prison and Cain seizes the opportunity to intimidate him. He warns Marc that inmates won't take kindly to a policewoman's son.

And Chris is horrified to see a Tate Haulage truck being driven by a learner driver - Charity!

Episode 3079 Friday 28 December Episode Two

Bernice is anxious to find out how Ashley reacted to the news of the blood test. Diane assures her that Ashley would stand by her regardless of who the father was. Carlos prepares for a new start after being rejected by Bernice. He bumps into Ashley and the atmosphere could be cut with a knife.

Cain continues to rattle Marc and taunts him about a future inside. Marc snaps and hits out in a feeble attempt to floor Cain, who uses the sorry effort to wind Marc up further.

Robert thinks that his effort to split up Katie and Andy is working and fuels the fire of doubt in Andy's mind at every opportunity. Andy decides to confront Katie and she explains that she had been sending messages to him via Robert - but he hadn't passed them on. Much to Robert's annoyance, the two make up. But Jack isn't impressed when he finds out that Andy has missed his community service and confiscates Andy's phone.

Chris has cause for concern when he discovers that he could have a rival for Lady Tara's business at the Stud Farm. While Tara makes a fool out of Sean when he turns up for a casual night out wearing a dinner jacket.

Elsewhere, Betty is growing increasingly worried about the amount of time that Seth is spending on the computer and internet.

Episode 3080
New Year's Eve

Ashley escorts Bernice and baby back to the Woolpack where Rodney has the champagne on ice to celebrate the homecoming of his daughter and grandchild. The celebration is muted, however, when Bernice quickly discovers that a pub isn't the perfect environment for a baby. She has problems putting the baby down for bed because of the noise. Ashley insists that they should both spend the night at the Vicarage - for the baby's sake. Bernice takes the opportunity to try and talk things through with Ashley but he insists that she should concentrate on the baby instead.

Marc's court case is just days away and friends and family are trying to do their best by him. Angie tries to get Sean to spend New Year's Eve with the family - despite Lady Tara's best efforts to put a spanner in the works - and Donna suggests a party to take Marc's mind of things. Marc spends that latter part of the evening with his friends - but he turns on them when the pressure starts to show.

Sean reveals to Tara that he has been offered a new job and the chance to leave the village

Phil is becoming concerned about Jess not returning home from her mum's and, much to Maggie's annoyance, he says he is going to go and get her.

A New Year's bash at the Daggerts marks the arrival of the Dingles - and that's good news for Latisha. But Jason and Cynthia are not happy when they see she has her eye on Cain.

Robert tries to put the final nail in Andy's coffin and flirts with Katie before kissing her at midnight - much to Andy's disgust.