Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3196-3200; 10 June - 14 June 2002

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Episode #3196 - Monday, 10th June 2002 at 7:00 pm on ITV1
Seth is chuffed when he receives free grub from Viv as the voyeuristic crowds gather in Café Hope to watch Betty cleaning on the Betty-Cam.

Unnerved by a strange feeling of being watched, Betty is confused by passing comments in the village. Edna soon deduces that the webcam is once again live and decides enough is enough!

Betty is mortified to discover the truth and wonders whether she can ever face the village again!

In the clinic, Zoe vacantly stares at the television with the volume on full blast as she aimlessly flicks through the channels.

Aware that the drugs she has been prescribed may have sedated her, Chris and Charity are still disturbed to see Zoe’s numbed state.

Seizing the chance to make a killing and desperate to relive her youth, Viv has organised a photo-shoot to cash-in on her reluctant daughter!

Dreaming of the Milan catwalks, Viv is positively beaming as she proudly announces that her daughter will be the “next big-thing”.

Episode #3197 - Tuesday, 11th June 2002 at 7:00 pm on IT
Degraded by her small-screen experience at the hands of Seth – Betty is out for revenge!

As Seth idles away the hours in Café Hope working through fan mail, he is oblivious to the unusual favour that Betty is asking of Len.

In full view of the webcam, Betty puts her plan into action and declares her secret lust for Len before kissing him passionately!

At Café Hope, the kids erupt in riotous laughter as they witness the uncharacteristic display of affection. Seth is less amused by what he has witnessed!

Realising he’s been rumbled, Seth finds he is not the only one making a quick exit and finds Betty in the street with her bags packed!

Meanwhile, Zoe’s paranoia is building and she warns Ashley that Paddy is in on a conspiracy to poison her.
Ashley hides his alarm, but it is clear that Zoe’s state of mind is rapidly spiralling out of control.

Oblivious to their true intentions, Ashley is impressed by the effort that Tricia and Marlon are making with Edith.

But his words hit home and guilt starts to get the better of the couple.

Episode #3198 - Wednesday, 12th June 2002 at 7:00 pm on ITV1
Concerned about Zoe’s conspiracy talk, Ashley confides in Paddy about her bizarre claims.

Chris is alarmed that his sister’s mental state is in decline and becomes increasingly anxious when psychiatrists question whether the illness will be reversible.

He soon has more important things to worry about, however, when Terry reveals that Zoe has discharged herself from the clinic!

Chris starts to fear the worst when he discovers that Zoe is missing without a penny to her name and the hours are beginning to pass.

Meanwhile, Marlon finally caves in and makes Tricia’s dream come true by allowing her to use some of his scratchcard win to join Bernice on the cruise!

As they return from visiting Edith, Marlon and Tricia comment on how much they enjoyed the visit and decide to treat her on her forthcoming birthday!

Taking advantage of her mum’s keen interest in her modelling career, Donna insists that she is in desperate need of a new wardrobe to suit her new career and Viv is forced to oblige!

Episode #3199 - Thursday, 13th June 2002 at 7:00 pm on ITV1
Chris hasn’t been able to sleep as the hunt for Zoe goes on through the night.

His normally cool exterior begins to crack as they start to run out places to look and Chris is compelled to express his true fears for Zoe.

Patiently, Charity listens as Chris opens up for their first time about the moment when Zoe knowingly shot their half-brother, Liam.

Convinced that the guilt had caused a permanent rift between Zoe and himself, Chris confesses to Charity that he is to blame!

Meanwhile, in an alleyway in nearby Hotten, a crumpled body lies undiscovered – ravaged by a storm.

At Edith’s house Tricia and Marlon lay on a celebratory spread. Grateful for their kindness and generosity, Edith is taken by the couple and is keen to discuss the house.

They are bowled over when she suggests a way to return their kindness!

Hitting a brick wall at his career’s advice meeting, Andy is frustrated by the bleak future that lies ahead. It is clear that the pressure of parenthood is already getting to him!

Episode #3200 - Friday, 14th June 2002 at 11:16 am on ITV1
After two nights searching and still no sign of Zoe, Chris is tearing his hair out with worry. Terry confirms that police will start checking the hospitals but this does little to console Chris.

Having slept rough in an alleyway for two nights, a dishevelled and disorientated Zoe arrives back at Mill Cottage. Confused, she realises she has no keys to get in.

As Zoe tries to climb in through a window, she is discovered by a stunned Seth.

He is alarmed by her appearance and, aware that she has been missing, invites her in.

Realising that Seth poses no threat, a cautious Zoe opens up to Seth about the conspiracy against her.

Adult life is proving tough as cracks begin to appear in Andy’s confidence in facing parenthood.

Having violently objected to an abortion, he realises there is no going back - but it is evident that doubts are starting to set in.

Seth, still in the doghouse with Betty, tries desperate measures to bring her home and hands her all the fan mail from Betty-World. She sneaks a peek and is pleasantly surprised to see she has already had four marriage proposals!