Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3191-3195; 3 June - 7 June 2002

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Episode #3191: MONDAY 03 JUNE 2002 at 7:30pm

The villagers are in party mood as they prepare for the Jubilee extravaganza that lies ahead. But 15-year-old Jubilee Queen, Katie, has nerves for a different reason as she is constantly interrupted while trying to take a pregnancy test. She finally finds a moment alone and is filled with mixed emotions as the test proves positive.

Katie doesn't have long to digest the news, however, before she is caught out and forced to thrust the pregnancy kit on Donna as she is called for a photograph. Unfortunately, Donna's mum and village gossip Viv rumbles what is going on and Donna is forced to reveal all.

As Katie boards the float for her crowning glory, she signals to Andy that the their secret efforts to start a family have been successful. Andy is shocked by the news, but that's nothing compared to what comes next!

As Betty comments on the innocent beauty of Katie, Viv can hold her tongue no longer and blurts out to the village that Katie is pregnant.
Brian and Jack are gobsmacked and the stunned villagers take dramatic action after learning that it was deliberate.

Elsewhere, the Tates lay on free drinks in the Woolpack and Scott is growing increasingly uneasy at the talk of Zoe's strange behaviour.
Episode #3192: TUESDAY 04 JUNE 2002 at 8pm

Brian is still reeling at the news that his precious teenage daughter is pregnant and, clutching at straws, he questions whether she could have made a mistake.

But Katie confirms his worst fears and assures him that the positive test result was accurate. Brian can't believe his ears when Katie adds that she did it deliberately to prove how much they love each other.

Jack is equally outraged and admonishes Andy for his stupidity and lack of maturity. Andy stands firmly by the decision to start a family, though, and much to Jack's frustration, he digs his heels in and outlines his plans to get a job and support Katie.

Meanwhile, the Jubilee celebrations continue in the village and Maggie grabs the chance to get even with Nicola and takes great pleasure giving her a pasting in the stocks.

Pollard clashes with the Dingles as they try to cash in on the occasion with a parking scam, but Zak is in no mood for playing fair. Diane gives Tricia time off when she reveals that she is visiting an old lady. Ashley is pleased by what he hears, but Tricia feels uneasy about the true motives behind the trip.

Chris and Charity grow increasingly worried about Zoe's mental state, but she refuses to attend a clinic or accept that there is anything wrong.

Episode #3193: WEDNESDAY 05 JUNE 2002 at 8pm
Brian and Jack are united in their concern for Andy and Katie, but Brian's notion that Katie should have an abortion is met with horror from his daughter. Katie and Andy are mortified by the suggestion and Andy looks to Jack for support. But Jack is firmly siding with Brian and the youngsters find themselves isolated.

Feeling indignant and betrayed, they maintain their desire to have the child and state that nobody can stop them.

With an over enthusiastic, yet unhealthy interest in Woodside Cottage, Tricia turns on the charm with the elderly Edith. But Marlon soon realises what is happening and is disgusted by Tricia's treatment of Edith.

Over at Café Hope, Edna is mortified to hear Viv gossiping about Bettycam and puts the pressure on Seth to come clean and serves up an ultimatum – turn the camera off or she spills the beans to Betty! Ray hides his concern as Louise decides to visit some friends in London.
Episode #3194: THURSDAY 06 JUNE 2002 at 7pm
The pressure of living at home with Brian is becoming too much for Katie and she arrives at the Sugden's seeking sanctuary. But Jack's dismissive attitude backfires and he succeeds only in driving Andy out of his home too. Diane takes pity on the youngsters and offers to let them stay at the pub – suggesting to Jack that they need time and space to sort out their differences.

But as they settle in at the Woolpack, the enormity of the situation hits home and Andy struggles to find the words to comfort a distraught Katie.

Diane is on hand to offer some words of wisdom to Katie, but asserts that she is disappointed in Andy and never thought that he could be so irresponsible and selfish.

Ashley and Paddy are becoming increasingly frustrated at Chris for refusing to make Zoe seek help.

Chris is annoyed at their insistence but eventually starts to see sense when his sister starts to talk of a conspiracy. Scott is the only one relieved at Zoe's state of mind and realises that she remembers nothing of their close encounter.

And, Betty Cam lands Seth in hot water once again and Edna forces him to pull the plug!
Episode #3195: FRIDAY 07 JUNE 2002 at 7pm
Zoe discovers Paddy and Chris deep in conversation and immediately misinterprets their unease as proof of a conspiracy. Ashley has a desperate heart to heart with her and begs her to seek help. He quickly senses her fear, however, and realises that desperate measures are called for.

He calls her bluff and reassures her that she can discharge herself from the clinic at any time. Paddy is relieved when Zoe agrees but Ashley confesses that he feels he has betrayed Zoe's trust in him by persuading her to book into the clinic under false pretences.

Seth is flooded with complaints as Betty-Cam withdrawal sets in!

As flowers from a fan arrive, Betty is blissfully unaware of her popularity and assumes they are from Seth.

Torn, as Betty cooks him a slap up meal to say thank you for the flowers, Seth keeps quiet and, convinced that public opinion can't be wrong, sneaks over to the computer to turn Betty-Cam back on!

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