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from 1 January- 14 June 2002

Updated & Finished 25th July 2004

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Detailed Individual Episode Synopsis' for Episodes #3080-3199
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Episodes #3081-3089; 1 January - 11 January 2002
the day of Marc Reynold's tria & sentencing for the hit and run arrivesl, Lady Tara and Sean Reynolds leave together,

Episodes #3090-3105; 14 January - 1 February 2002
Peg Dingle
arrives, Jason Kirk leaves - but does he take the loathsome Latisha?

Episodes #3155-3165; 15 April - 26 April 2002 Updated
Bernice leaves Emmerdale and her daughter.

Episodes #3181-3185; 20 May - 24 May 2002
SMALL SUMMERY: Emily's heart is touched by the visit of a lonely child from a care centre. Terry fears he's blown any chance he had with Louise. Diane plucks up courage to make a romantic gesture towards Mack...Diane is undermined by Mack's young and glamourous ex. Emily begins to wonder if she wants children of her own. Chris manages to get the upper hand on Rodney over Dale Park....Diane feels foolish for thinking her new-found relationship would last. Jack suggests Emily looks into fostering. Chris is forced to haggle with Nicola over her claim for wrongful dismissal...Diane feels young at heart as Mack reveals his true feelings. Paddy is stunned when Emily admits her interest in fostering. Scott is disturbed to see Syd and Chloe growing closer... Paddy proves how far he'll go for Emily by considering fostering. Zoe is infuriated when Chris expresses concern about her drinking. Scott takes drastic action to get Syd away from Chloe.

Episodes #3191-3195; 3 June - 7 June 2002
SMALL SUMMERY: The village celebrates the Jubilee. Andy and Katie's life-changing secret brings turmoil to Brian and the Sugdens. Pollard's attempts to impress Harry Partridge are foiled by Zak...Andy assures Katie that everything will work out, despite Jack and Brian's opposition to their plans. Zak contrives to get a furious Pollard to submit to the indignity of the stocks. Zoe is distressed at the idea of going to a psychiatric hospital... Katie and Andy refuse to abide by their fathers' insistence that Katie have an abortion. Marlon is appalled as Tricia seems set on exploiting an old lady's vulnerability. Zoe's friends are at a loss about what to do...Andy and Katie are distraught to see their plans backfire. Chris is forced to accept that there is something seriously wrong with Zoe. Marlon and Tricia struggle with temptation....Ashley betrays his best friend as he manages to make Zoe seek medical help. Seth overcomes his scruples and switches the webcam back on.
Episodes #3196-3200; 10 June - 14 June 2002
SMALL SUMMERY: Betty vows revenge on Seth as she uncovers his deception. Zoe is suspicious of Chris and Charity's visit. Katie is isolated as her father refuses to accept her pregnancy...Betty gives Stan a taste of his own medicine. Ashley is alarmed at Zoe's odd behaviour towards Paddy. A guilty Marlon and Tricia feel compelled to visit Edith...Zoe discharges herself from the clinic, leaving Chris terrified about her safety. Marlon and Tricia decide to surprise Edith for her birthday. Donna's plans to become a supermodel escalate....Chris is distraught about Zoe's whereabouts. Marlon and Tricia are amazed by Edith's offer. Jack lies to Andy in an attempt to make him take charge of his life ... Zoe returns, but Charity fears she is not as well as she pretends to be. Andy hides his growing fear of Katie's pregnancy. An angry Latisha confronts Cain about the money he owes her.