Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3186-3190; 27 May - 31 May 2002

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#3186 Monday 27 May 2002 at 7pm

Having hardly slept a wink a dishevelled Zoe arrives early at the surgery. Nicola helps to ease Zoe’s apparent anxiety by answering the phones. Deeply concerned by Zoe’s behaviour Paddy collars Chris to get his opinion.

Seemingly aware of what may be bothering Zoe, Chris appears unsympathetic. On the anniversary of their father’s death, Chris is conscious that Zoe might be taking things badly. Having visited Franks grave Chris is worried, as it is the first time ever he has beaten Zoe in laying flowers. Could this explain Zoe’s unease? Unable to work properly Paddy sends Zoe home suggesting she visit Frank’s grave.

Having been given the boot, Syd tries his charms on Chloe as he tries to worm his way back into Pear Tree Cottage. Unaware that Syd is staying with an ex-girlfriend, Chloe is taken in by his sob story and is on the warpath for Scott.

Feeling frisky Diane and Mack make use of the back room in the Woolpack.

Edna is incensed by Diane flaunting her relationship.
#3187 Tuesday 28 May 2002 at 7pm
Zoe’s lights have been on all night, it is apparent she hasn’t had much sleep!

Hiding behind the door Zoe is cautious about letting Paddy in, faking illness. Confused by Zoe’s actions Paddy is forced to leave but Zoe’s illness appears short-lived as she is later found drinking alone in the Woolpack. Bottling up her anxiety Zoe keeps a beady eye on Charity as she flirts with Syd. Unable to contain her jealousy any longer Zoe throws herself at Charity, much to the shock of all onlookers and Charity herself! Dejected Zoe is forced to leave the pub.

Confused and emotionally vulnerable Zoe stumbles from the Woolpack. A friendly face stops to see if she is OK. Zoe misreads this and returns her affections as she uncharacteristically turns her attention to a man! Her advances are not rebuked this time as the pass quickly turns to passion.

Later Charity calls on Zoe, worried about her behaviour in the Woolpack. Nothing could have prepared her for what she was about to witness!

Scott is increasingly showing his jealous streak and decides to prove his point to Chloe with a surprise partner! Syd begins to make advances on Chloe. He asks her to accompany him to lunch and she accepts! At lunch Syd goes in for the kill, but does Chloe respond?

Emily and Paddy get an unexpected lodger!
#3188 Wednesday 29 May 2002 at 7pm
Having blanked the events from the day before, Zoe struggles to understand why Charity has not returned her affections. There is a realisation that Zoe’s behaviour has been building up for months as Chris and Charity discuss the extent of the situation. It becomes more apparent that Zoe needs urgent medical help, but she does not take kindly to being told she is mentally ill.

Having stolen Charity’s car keys Zoe takes off, desperate to escape her emotions. Conscious of Zoe’s constant references to their past relationship, Charity heads the search for Zoe with one place in mind!

As the dust settles there is a clash of consciences as Scott and Chloe tiptoe round each other! Scott apologises to Syd asking him to stay, unaware of his recent advances on Chloe! Having been knocked back by Chloe, Syd spies an easy target in Nicola as she makes her intentions for him clear! Syd seizes the opportunity and invites her back to his, much to the annoyance of Scott and Chloe!
#3189 Thursday 30 May 2002 at 7pm
Having difficulty accepting the situation, Chris is torn by Zoe’s behaviour. Having called for medical help Charity is concerned that the route of the problem may be a reaction caused by the combination of alcohol and Zoe’s anti depressants. The doctor confirms that they will need a further medical examination, as he is concerned Zoe is not telling him the truth after questioning. The severity of Zoe’s condition becomes obvious to Chris.

Latisha’s desire to do the right thing backfires as Turner catches her red handed! Nicola has quickly made herself at home at Pear Tree Cottage as the scantily clad visitor cooks breakfast for Syd and herself!

It has clearly touched a nerve with Chloe but Scott is highly amused by the display. Later Syd and Scott have a manly chat as Scott tries to prise the gory details out! Syd insists he has no intention to commit. Bonded by the male talk, Scott offers advice on Nicola’s entrapment tendencies!
#3190 Friday 31 May 2002 at 7pm
Terry has been forced to baby sit Zoe and is grumpy as he hasn’t had much sleep due to Zoe’s non stop pacing! Charity is concerned that they cannot pretend Zoe has the flu forever. Zoe continues to plummet down hill as she stares for hours at the TV flicking the channels endlessly.

Unaware of all the fuss around her, Katie is distracted from her Jubilee Queen duties as she thinks she might be pregnant. Desperately needing assurance, Katie questions if Andy will stick by her. Stunned that their plans may have fallen into place so quickly Andy and Katie are suddenly terrified by their actions. They agree to take a test as soon as possible.

Marlon is shocked as Tricia’s plans to visit Edith have not so caring intentions!