Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3181-3185; 20 May - 24 May 2002

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Episode #3181

Monday 20 May 2002 at 7pm on ITV1

Emily finds herself unexpectantly drawn to the children from the local Children’s home as they visit the vets surgery. Paddy carefully shows the children the workings of a vet’s surgery. The Children are in awe! The visit is cut short as Paddy is called out to help Zoe finish her rounds and the kids are ferried away.

On tidying the mess in the surgery Emily is shocked to come across a stray, but not the kind of stray that usually gets veterinary attention! Emily entertains Damian as she realises he has been left behind by the bus!

Temporarily dropping his mayoral charm defensive Pollard makes a cutting remark leaving Damian in despair. Upset that Damian has been left behind Emily arranges for social services to come and pick him up.

Diane may have pushed her affections too far as Mack backs off at the mention of a romantic meal in!

Meanwhile Latisha tries to prise an advance on her child benefit out of Emily. Plan A doesn’t work, but Latisha spy’s Turner withdrawing large amounts of cash from the post office after her and is eager to put plan B into action!

Pollard and Gloria dress in golden finery to gallantly do their mayoral rounds,

And in contrast to Emily's affection Viv is furious to find her chocolate stocks are low after the gaggle of children have passed through.

Episode #3182

Tuesday 21 May 2002 at 7pm on ITV1

Mack sows seeds of doubt in Diane’s mind as he makes a sharp exit after their candle lit dinner. Expecting Mack to stay the night Diane settles in for a night on her own worried that she has blown it! After doing a runner from dinner Mack is a little too concerned that Diane's getting to serious.

Syd comes up with the perfect distraction suggesting a night out Mack readily accepts. Determined to cheer his mate up Syd invites along Mack’s ex-girlfriend - will the old flame be rekindled? Diane is forced to put on a brave face as the foursome drink in the Woolpack, a little too close for comfort for her liking. Making bitchy remarks about Diane, Miranda is doing a great job of rubbing Diane up the wrong way but how long can Diane tolerate her taunts?

Unable to distract herself from thinking about Damian in care Emily, is finding it really hard to concentrate on anything else.

Viv tries to palm her chocolate stock bill off on Pollard, but he is having none of it. Feeling compelled to stick up for the children Emily is riled by Pollard’s selfishness. Viv is surprised by Emily's sudden interest in children.

Zoe’s behaviour appears to be hot gossip in the village much to Chris’ upset. Concerned about her drinking Chris is determined to get to the bottom of Zoe’s behaviour.

Episode #3183

Wednesday 22 May 2002 at 7pm on ITV1

Deflated from the events of the evening before Diane takes a long hard look at herself in the mirror and is not happy with what she sees. Aware that she is no spring chicken Diane feels a fool forever thinking her new found relationship would last.

Not realising the depths of her despair Louise teases Diane about her competition, Diane tries desperately to cover her hurt. Determined to find out if Mack came home after his evening out Diane goes in search of the truth.

Using a Rodney visit as an excuse Diane heads over to the B&B to see if Mack is shacked up with his ex.

Emily makes a conscious decision that she would like to be involved with disadvantaged children, Jack suggests she look into fostering. Worried about how much experience she would need, Emily is assured by Jack that she has always been great with Victoria.

Meanwhile, Nicola steps up her claim for wrongful dismissal, forcing Chris to haggle with her,

Katie and Andy continue their façade pretending they can’t stand the sight of each other.

Episode #3184

Thursday 23 May 2002 at 7pm on ITV1

On call to a job in Halifax for a few days, Mack tells Diane of his departure. Diane takes the news badly convinced he is trying to let her down gently. Determined to reject him before he rejects her, Diane feigns aloofness and practically chucks him out.

Although confused by Diane’s actions, Mack feels that maybe he had his wires crossed about Diane as she was so blasé about their relationship.

Louise is compelled to stick her oar in, as Mack seems prepared to walk away from Diane without a fight. Will Mack let Diane know that all is not lost or walk away leaving his damsel in distress?

Emily is forced to come clean to Paddy about her plans to foster. Having done her homework Emily insists they don’t have to be married when Paddy disputes their status in relationship to fostering. Shocked by Emily’s persistence, Paddy bluntly insists that it would be the last thing on his mind considering the problems he is having at work.

Syd is making a nuisance of himself again as he muscles in on Chloe while Scott is out. Tired and withdrawn, Scott returns to find Syd drinking with Chloe. Feeling dejected Scott asserts his territory.

Nicola impresses Rodney by finally standing on her own two feet as she suggests she will use the settlement money wisely. It has taken a heart attack but the two appear to be closer than ever!

Episode #3185

Friday 24 May 2002 at 7pm on ITV1

Feeling guilty about his outburst, when Emily suggested Fostering, Paddy has had time to digest the idea. Admitting he has over reacted, Emily is encouraged and asks Paddy to think it over. Paddy is proud that Emily feels so much compassion and pleasantly surprised by her ground work but he has a lot on his plate at the moment.

Seizing the opportunity to air his worries, Paddy confesses to Chris that Zoe’s behaviour is getting worse. Chris is forced to acknowledge that Zoe's problem is getting worse. Defensive towards Chris on his arrival, Zoe disputes that she has been drinking too much. Unaware that she is the talk of the village, Zoe is annoyed and throws Chris out.

Chris isn’t the only one to be thrown out as Scott is at the end of his tether with Syd. Overhearing Syd bragging to Mack about Chloe is the final straw for Scott. Syd returns home to find that he doesn’t have to pack his bags after all…Scott has done it for him and they are by the door ready to go!!!

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