Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3176-3180; 13 May - 17 May 2002

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Episode 3176 - Monday 13 May at 7pm

Reaping the benefits of his fraudulent behaviour, Scott treats Chloe to a night on the tiles! As they sneak back into the village, the sports car they are driving appears to cause quite a stir!

As curtains begin to twitch, suspicions are raised as to how Scott's humble salary could stretch so far. Collared by Len, Scott is forced to think on his feet dismissing any unusual behaviour, Len is unconvinced.

Probing a little further Len finds out more than he was bargaining for when he uncovers Scott's racket.

The criminal activity ,s the village is affecting more people than the obvious as Louise is upset to hear that the Tates have shunned Ray's business.

Itching to reveal Ray's true colours Terry is caught in a moral dilemma when Louise questions everyone's distrust in Ray. The Tates turn their back on Ray flatly refusing to be associated with him, raising Louise's suspicions further.

Ray skirts the subject when Louise questions the strange tension in the village, realising the truth is a little too close for comfort! Ray is forced to open up to Louise before his growing enemies get there first, but how far does he stretch the truth?

Meanwhile Nicola appoints herself as management in the surgery when Zoe does not return from the airport as planned.

Epiosde 3177 - Tuesday 14 May 2002 at 7pm

Things are getting a little too cramped in Pear Tree Cottage as Syd is making himself very much at home!

Chloe uses Scott's frustration to her advantage suggesting that he could always whisk her away to another swanky hotel! Scott feels under pressure as Chloe is clearly enjoying the fruits of his illegitimate labour!

Realising her authority is under threat Nicola is worried as Paddy questions her changes in the surgery.

Zoe is increasingly out of sorts as she arrives back from her holiday at Home Farm forgetting that she no longer lives there!

Paddy is worried that her promises of being 'on the wagon' may have been broken. Nicola tries her best to relay her organisational skills when Zoe arrives at the surgery. Zoe is despondent. It is clear to Paddy that the holiday hasn't relieved Zoe's stresses and the drinking has obviously got worse.

Maggie is at the mercy of her ex-husband as he is still making life difficult for her from afar.

Len informs Scott that he has no intentions of ignoring his racket and plans to hand him over to the authorities. Scott is forced to decide between the money Chloe has become accustomed to, or a possible jail sentence.

Episode 3178 - Wednesday 15 May 2002 at 7pm

Ray persists to weave a clever web of deceit around Louise as his true colours begin to unveil. Louise is surprisingly susceptible to having the Wool pulled over her eyes. Will Terry be able to break the spell? Ray makes sure he silences Terry, threatening him to stay away from Louise.

Zoe's drinking habits appear to have left every one treading on eggshells. Deeply embarrassed about the pass Zoe had made for him, Ashley is on edge as Zoe appears in his doorstep! What will she be after now? Paddy's patience is running out as he finds Zoe in the Woolpack drinking on her own again! Slumped in the corner Zoe gives Paddy no choice but to cover her shifts at the 'sluurgery!'

Episode 3179 - Thursday 16 May 2002 at 7pm

Phil is forced to come clean to Charity about his moon lighting and Charity is forced to take drastic actions in sacking him on the spot.

Despite Ray's threats, Terry feels he has no option but to speak to Louise. Unfortunately his plans backfire. It appears once again Ray has got there before him.

Convinced Terry is trying to sabotage her newfound relationship, Louise angrily dismisses his allegations. Terry is devastated as his attempts to blacken Ray's halo are ruled out.

Despite working like a dog, Latisha seems to be getting nowhere fast with her mounting debts. Charity is cautious as Chloe tries to persuade her not to be so hard on Latisha. Unfortunately the wound is deepened as Charity accuses Latisha of using her friends to weasel her way of her debt.

Turner lays down the law as Mack moves into the B&B not wanting any trouble out of him.

Louise teases Diane about Mack's motives in moving into the village to be closer to her! Brushing off Louise's reason, Diane is secretly pleased that the burley builder is stopping for a while.

Episode 3180 - Friday 17 May 2002 at 7pm

Reflecting on her run in with Terry the previous night, Louise is still upset by his accusations. Ray continues to cast a shadow over Terry's allegations by suggesting that Terry's motives were not entirely innocent. Using flattery to diffuse the situation Ray is off the hook for now as his charm continues to prevail.

Making the most of their time on their own Diane and Mack quietly tip toe upstairs in the B&B.

There are general complaints around the village of loud music being played through the night coming from the direction of Zoe's cottage. Zoe is not in the mood to be told off as Charity teases her about her home disco!

The Emmerdale web cam is up and running as Seth becomes the village's first presenter. Unfortunately Betty is blissfully unaware that she is the second presenter, in her dressing gown and rollers in their front room!