Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3166-3175; 29 April - 10 May 2002

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Episode 3166

Monday 29 April 2002 at 7pm

Dreading having to face the music Latisha is glum at the thought of trying to get her job back after she confidently told Gloria to stick it. Having been left high and dry by Cain, it is back to the real world as Latisha's ego falls swiftly back down to earth.

Gloria can't resist the opportunity to rub Latisha's face in it, as she quizzes her about her very short holiday. As if Latisha isn't having a bad enough day, things get worse as Cynthia finds a credit card receipt supposedly signed by Charity in her coat pocket.

Once again Latisha is getting hot under the collar as she begins to wonder what she ever saw in Cain for all the trouble is has caused.

Zak is caught trying to make a bit on the side as Charity rumbles his re-cycling racket.

Convinced she knows a come-on when she sees one Peg shows her appreciation to an unsuspecting Turner.

Zak is tickled by the idea of Peg chasing Turner and teases her about the glint in her eye. Egged on by Zak's taunts Peg wastes no time. Turner falls victim to Peg's manhunt.

Episode 3167

Tuesday 30 April 2002 at 7pm

Latisha is determined to bury her head in the sand leaving Cynthia unsettled. Cynthia feels she has no option but to come clean on her daughter's behalf.

Hoping that Charity may live up to her name Cynthia makes the journey to home farm to tell her about her credit card. Charity does not take the news lightly, having no sympathy for Latisha's naive actions in getting involved with Cain.

Suspicions are raised into Pollard's motive as they rush to organise their wedding ceremony.

Peg continues to stalk Turner following him to the Wooly much to the amusement of Tricia and Diane. Turner is becoming increasingly twitchy, as he can't seem to shake Peg off. He is caught like a rabbit in the headlights as Peg insists on joining him for a drink.

Katie swears Lucy to secrecy before telling her pregnancy plans.

Episode 3168

Wednesday 1 May 2002 at 7pm

Pollard's mayoral campaign reaches a barrier, as it appears that Glynis holds the deciding vote between Morgan and Pollard. Gloria instructs Pollard to take drastic measures to swing her vote or face defeat. Pollard steps up his charm defensive to full blown seduction!

Peg continues to make a nuisance of herself at the B&B as Rodney finds his expensive cognac is mysteriously disappearing. Turner is at his wits end as he has hardly slept a wink due to Peg mistaking his bedroom for the bathroom several times in the night. Sensing she might get the boot Peg tries her luck with a sob story about her monstrous son.

Rodney and Turner both agree that Peg has outstayed her welcome, they are forced to take matters into their own hands as she flatly refuses to budge. Their drastic plan to eject Peg works a treat as she makes a hasty exit, realising she has make a mistake about Turner's sexuality.

Some of Cain's scheming antics have rubbed off on Latisha as she tries to make some of Charity's money back.

Episode 3169

Thursday 2 May 2002 at 7pm

Pollard wakes in a foul mood on the morning of his wedding after spending the night on the sofa. As wedding bells begin to chime he and Gloria are not on speaking terms. The frosty atmosphere continues at the church as Ashley is concerned that his services may not be needed.

Nicola is indignant as Rodney demands an explanation for her attempts to sue him. Severing all ties she insists that she has bills to pay. Struck by her callousness Rodney is left with no choice but to defend his case in court.

Knowing Peg's tendency not to be shifted, Zak is curious as to why she left the B&B so sharply. Zak continues to tease her about how good they could have been together.

Peg takes the opportunity to get her own back on Rodney and Turner by taunting them about their sexuality in the Woolpack. Peg shrugs off their denials insisting for all to hear she has seen it with her own eyes.

Things hot up in the bedroom on Pollard's wedding night, but Gloria is no where to be seen. Pollard takes matters into his own hand as he tries a different method to win Glynis's vote.

Time appears to be up for Latisha as Angie appears in blue to arrest her on suspicion of stealing credit cards.

Episode 3170

Friday 3 May 2002

As the votes are cast Pollard is glad to see the fruits of his labour as things appear to be in his favour. Gloria and Glynis are full of icy politeness, each smugly pitying each other. A somewhat love struck Glynis has the deciding vote as she gazes deeply into Pollard's eyes, she decides his future.

Annoyed at being taken to the cleaners Chris is critical of Rodney's rash decision to sack Nicola. Trying another tact Chris suggests they try to bribe her to back down. Will Nicola take the cash and be silenced or will she fight her father in court?

Diane and Jerry talk about the direction of their relationship, she feels dejected and disappointed. Jerry later regrets his decision as he sees Diane has wasted no time entertaining other men. With two men competing for her attention Diane uses their affections to her advantage. The Woolpack soon has a busy workforce of Diane's admirers planting hanging baskets for the village in bloom.

Episode 3171

Monday 6 May 2002 at 7pm

As sirens ring out across the village, Diane rushes from the Woolpack to see paramedics rushing a familiar face towards an ambulance on a stretcher. The victim is in a bad way, frail, helpless and clearly fighting for their life as paramedics do their best to save them. There is a deafening silence as the ambulance veers away leaving all onlookers bewildered.

Diane is clearly worried. Desperate to make the best impression, Brian is eager to re-assure Diane and offer his support. But Brian finds himself second in the queue as Jerry is already on the scene busying away with plant boxes for the Village in Bloom. The two males are quickly involved in a territorial joust for Diane s attentions!

Charity finds herself behind the wheel as one of her drivers has called in sick. Not wanting to lose business through short staffing, Charity announces her intention to drive the truck herself - much to Chris s disapproval.

With her newly found green fingers Tricia finds herself in hot water with Marlon as their bank account is in the red! But their money worries could be over as Marlon stumbles on a wind fall after visiting the post office!

Episode 3172

Tuesday 7 May 2002 at 7pm

News from the hospital isn't good and Diane paces the hospital hallway waiting for word after Rodney s emergency operation. Unaware of the drama unfolding, Nicola is nowhere to be found and there is increasing heaviness as her dad s condition worsens.

Oblivious of Rodney's condition, and being her usual cold self, Nicola is rude to Louise when Louise expresses her concern. She can t believe her ears when Louise spells out the severity of what has happened. Nothing could have prepared Nicola for seeing Rodney at the hospital and, as reality sinks in, Nicola begins to panic. As the guilt begins to set in, Nicola reflects on the past week and wonders how much time she may have left with him. Under the circumstances Diane finds herself comforting Nicola, for the first time feeling united in each other's concern. They both brace themselves as the Doctor quietly asks if he can speak in private to talk to them both about Rodney's condition.

Meanwhile at the Woolpack Tricia complements Brian on the fruits of his labour assuring that Diane will appreciate his good work. Brian is hopeful!

Marlon shrewdly keeps his windfall to himself, although gossip has already spread in the Woolpack and he is attracting fickle friends! Tricia is suspicious of all the fuss, until Cynthia let s the good news slip! Determined to teach Marlon a lesson about keeping secrets, Tricia gets her own back!

Episode 3173

Wednesday 8 May 2002 at 7pm

Nicola feels under pressure to back down on her intentions to sue her father as he continues his fight for life. It becomes increasingly clear that she intends to try and put their differences behind them if he pulls through.

On cloud nine about their windfall Tricia is already mentally touring the department stores! Seeing the money slipping through Tricia's hands, Marlon intervenes and explains the only establishment that is going to see the colour of his money is the bank! Tricia is annoyed that she has been excluded from all decision making!

After passing jokes about Syd moving in, Chloe sees a genuine opportunity to make some extra cash and puts the pressure on Scott. Being over protective, Scott is adverse to the idea at first but Chloe tries to win him round!

Cautious of Syd's intentions towards Chloe, Scott shows his jealous streak.

Episode 3174

Thursday 9 May 2002 at 7pm

Praising Charity on her efficiency on the delivery, Terry assures that he will pass his complements on to Chris. Charity's run appears to be running very smoothly until they become concerned about the strange noises in the back of the truck. Convinced they aren t hearing things Terry bravely decided to check their stock, only to find more stock than they had initially accounted for!

The illegitimate load raises Charity s suspicions, who has pulled the wool over her eyes? She has a feeling the culprit may be fairly close to home!

Meanwhile, the village is pulling together and giving Diane their support in regular visits to Rodney. But there is a deep concern for his health as Rodney s spirits appear to be weakening as he turns offers of help away.

Scott's risks his reputation as the honest mechanic as he and Tony agree to do some "hot" business. Realising he is jeopardising his career, Scott keeps his secret well hidden from Len and Chloe.

Episode 3175

Friday 10 May 2002 at 7pm

Charity's suspicions are confirmed, as she is furious to uncover Ray s involvement with illegal immigrant trafficking. Determined not to let Chris know of the delivery complications Charity vows to tackle Ray on her own! Punching above her weight, Charity learns that Ray s antics cannot be brushed under the carpet and realises it is time to come clean to Chris. With the trafficking out in the open, Ray begins to show his true colours and Charity and Chris are stunned into silence.

Meanwhile, the severity of Rodney s condition begins to hit home and there are some tough decisions to be made and Zak, of all people, is on hand to offer some heart felt advice.

Tony and Scott have a close call when their car-ringing racket is nearly unveiled.

Café Hope goes "Cyber" as Viv brings Emmerdale to the rest of the world by installing a computer.

Rows break out as the leading ladies of the village battle to replace Bernice as chairperson for the Village in Bloom competition.