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Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3155-3166; 15 April - 26 April 2002

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Episode 3155

Monday 15 April 2002

Despite all her recent trauma and much to Diane s surprise, Bernice seems to be actually looking forward to their night on the tiles with builders Jerry and Syd. But Ashley isn't too taken by the notion that Bernice is already looking to start seeing other men. He has a heart to heart with Marlon and confesses that there isn t enough room in the village for the both of them. Someone has got to go!

Desperate to appear upmarket, Viv plans to pull out all the stops for the grand opening of her café. But despite bringing in Marlon to help with the catering arrangements, Viv finds herself staring disaster in the face. After a calamity of events, she is forced to pay up when Syd and Jerry hold the café s electricity for ransom. But will she be able to save the day, and what will Bob make of Viv's choice of name for the diner?

News of Nicola's 'resignation' travels fast, but Chloe - for one - is pleased with the gossip as she is first in line for an interview for vacant position. Nicola has other things on her mind, however, when Emily takes matters into her own hands and decides it's time for Nicola and Bernice to bury the hatchet. She drags her over to the Woolpack to face the music, but Nicola is sheepish and suspects that Bernice may be out for revenge.

Meanwhile, Scott and Chloe return from their holiday  only to discover that their house has been trashed. Scott has a good idea of who the culprit may be, though, and goes gunning for Donna.

Episode 3156

Tuesday 16 April 2002

Intending to dazzle Ray, Louise shows off a little black number to Diane. Louise s efforts in her appearance appear to have paid off until Ray makes a mysterious exit before dinner and does not return.

Clock watching Louise is fed up convinced she s been stood up and dumped. Little does she realise that the reason for Ray not returning is because he has collapsed on the street outside!

Ashley puts his words into actions as he arranges a meeting with the Archdeacon to discuss his future. Sadly things don t go as planned and he is forced to hear a few home truths. Ashley takes this news particularly badly and seeks refuge at the bottom of a bottle of brandy.

Chloe is overly confident about getting Nicola s job - is she setting herself up for a fall as she suggests Scott puts the bubbly on ice?

Things are certainly on the up for Syd and Jerry. But their new line looks decidedly bent as Ray requests their services.

And fresh from their night out with Bernice and Diane, Syd and Jerry can t believe their luck and think they ve hit the jackpot by meeting a mother and daughter combo that run a boozer!

Tricia probes Diane for gossip from the double date. Bernice and Diane both agree they had a great time. Diane has designs on a big future, but Jerry isn t quite as keen on the idea of a relationship.

Café Hope is frantic. Viv tries to rope Bob in as backup as Emily gets an ear bashing from her ex-driving instructor!

Seeing the Café is under pressure and bursting at the seams, Cynthia offers Danny s services in an apron as he is looking for a job.

Episode 3157

Wednesday 17 April 2002 at 7:00pm

Questioning his state of mind and profession, Ashley takes off his dog collar and gives it to Edna, claiming that he won't be needing it anymore. Bernice is flabbergasted to hear that Ashley is considering giving up the cloth and is moving away - but how can she stop him?

Rodney asks Nicola if she would be interested in working on a cruise ship for a friend - but Nicola is convinced that her dad is just trying to get rid of her.

Hungover from the excesses of the night before Louise reflects on Ray's actions in abandoning her and decides to wash her hands of the situation. Embarrassed by his weakness Ray requests anonymity about his medical condition but thanks Scott for his concern. Taking centre stage in the Woolpack Ray makes an attempt to talk to Louise. To the amusement of regulars he is promptly given the cold shoulder and has no option but to leave.

Chloe is forced to respect Ray's privacy as Scott has to physically stop Chloe as she goes to explain Ray's disappearance to Louise. After advice from Scott, Ray takes Louise aside and explains that he has diabetes and explains his disappearance. Louise is taken by his honesty.

Meanwhile at the vet's surgery Craig draws attention to Zoe's increasingly careless behaviour. Paddy angrily snaps at Craig, expressing his concern. Paddy's concern for Zoe's health gets him into hot water as he confronts her about her drinking.

At Café Hope Viv tries to knock Danny into tip top waiter shape, with no avail. Danny isn't knocked out by his new 'uniform', stressing the importance of 'street cred' and not looking like the village idiot!

There is still a very bitter taste in Nicola's mouth as she confronts Rodney about interviewing Chloe for her old job. It turns out Chloe has set herself up for a fall, as Maggie reveals that she did not get the job at Dale Park. All is not lost, however, as Viv steps in with an offer.

Episode 3158

Thursday 18 April 2002 at 7:00pm

Although Ashley will sadly miss Gabby, he can no longer handle seeing Bernice every day. Unable to resist meddling, Edna pays Bernice a visit demanding to know whether Bernice is going to allow Ashley to walk away from his profession and parish. Bernice's insecurities surface as it becomes clear that people are pointing the finger of blame at her for Ashley's decision. Feeling the heat, Bernice contemplates whether she should be the one to leave. Bernice is troubled by the pressure on her to do the right thing and goes to see Ashley to try and work things out.

Much to Katie's disappointment Brain is still laying down the law about seeing Andy, although he allows her to see Lucy. While Andy is left in the cold, Katie and Lucy get into a girlie gossip about Andy and sex, until Brian interrupts them.

Cynthia is still breathing down Latisha's neck about money, reminding her of bills to pay.

It's second time lucky for Ray and Louise as they go on their second attempt at their first date.

Viv is highly excitable about having Chloe working for her in the Café, but Chloe is starting to have her reservations.

Episode 3159

Friday 19 April 2002 at 7:00pm

As the news of Ashley leaving spreads around the village, there is obvious tension. Not least for Bernice who is desperate in her efforts to try and convince him to stay. After a tearful exchange Bernice tells Ashley that she should go and leave Ashley and Gabby behind. Unable to comprehend why Bernice would want to abandon her own daughter, Ashley questions her decision.

Pacing the back room Rodney and Diane brace themselves for the worst. Diane takes out her frustrations on Rodney blaming him for just about everything she can think of!

Stepping back from the situation, Bernice and Ashley have time to reflect on their relationship together. Acknowledging their miscarriage a year ago takes courage and they share each other's grief.

Establishing that they both want what's best for Gabby, Bernice decides it is time to leave. She announces that she will take the job on the cruise ship if it is still available, much to Diane's distaste as she stresses it is no place for a baby. Bernice reveals she has no intention of taking Gabby. Diane is furious.

Episode 3160

Sunday 21 April 2002 at 7:00pm - Extra Episode

Bernice Thomas leaves Emmerdale

There is no time like the present and Rodney informs Bernice that if she wants the job on the ship, it leaves that evening. Hesitant at first, Bernice questions whether she is doing the right thing. As she looks around she sees the trouble she has caused and is afraid of what she would stay for, her mind is suddenly clear

Once again Bernice is tearful as she says her goodbyes. Tricia begs Bernice not to go, but Bernice is firm in her decision. Unable to contain her emotion Bernice faces the toughest farewell of all in Ashley and daughter Gabby. Diane breaks down and tells Bernice that she is leaving with her blessing and her love.

Meanwhile, Brian lets his guard down temporarily and lets Katie get the bus to school with the others. Andy does not return Katie's affectionate greeting, accusing her of avoiding him. Clearly pre-occupied Katie snaps that she doesn't need him pressuring her at the moment and later reveals to Lucy the reason for her concern - she thinks she is pregnant!

Sneaking out of Ray's cottage at dawn gave Louise an immense sense of satisfaction. She breezes into the Woolpack on cloud nine until she hears of Bernice's departure and is brought promptly back down to earth.



Bernice is with Gabrielle in the bus shelter. She talks to her about the village. A bus stops. Bernice tells the driver she doesn't want to get on. Edna approaches and is angry with Bernice for not holding the bus for her; In the Woolpack backroom Rodney arrives to see Diane. Diane is still angry with him for suggesting that Bernice move rather than Ashley. Rodney believes that Bernice is moving for the best reasons. Diane is upset. Betty and Marlon arrive for work. Diane tells them that Bernice is leaving the village; Lucy approaches Katie at the bus stop and Katie tells her that her dad is starting to trust her more. Lucy asks what Katie was going to tell her before her dad collected her last night. Katie tells her she will tell her after school. Robert arrives at the bus stop. Latisha and Cain are walking in the village. Latisha tells him she is feed up with not having any money; In the Woolpack backroom Rodney tells Bernice the job on the cries ship is hers if she still wants it, but she has to be a Southampton docks by 10am tomorrow morning; In Victoria cottage Tricia is jumping around the room to a keep fit video. Marlon enters and tells her that Bernice is leaving the village; In the Woolpack Betty talks to Bernice about her leaving. Bernice arranges to say goodbye to Betty, Seth and Alan this afternoon. Diane enters upset and begs Bernice to reconsider. Rodney enters and tells them that Ashley has called and will collect Gabrielle later. Diane sends Betty home as she is not opening the bar today. Diane exits upset. Rodney goes after her. Tricia rushes in and asks Bernice what's going on; Marlon arrives at the vicarage and asks why Bernice is now going instead of Ashley; In the Woolpack backroom Rodney is trying to get Diane to except what has happened. Diane cries, as Bernice is the only reason she is in the village and she feels she can not forgive her.


At the backdoor of the Woolpack Bernice tries to explain to Tricia why she has to go. Tricia is upset. Tricia compares Bernice to a sister. Bernice tells Tricia she means more to her than Nicola. Tricia tells Bernice she must make things right with Diane; Louise and Ray are outside Mill cottage. They kiss and say goodbye after their wonderful night together; In the Woolpack Tricia talks to Diane about Bernice's leaving. Louise enters full of joy after her night with Ray. Diane tells her that they are not opening the pub today as Bernice is leaving; Bernice is in the Hope's shop. She tells Viv to cancel all her magazine order. Emily gives Bernice the cream cakes her has ordered. Charity drops her bag. Latisha and Cynthia help her pick up its contents. Latisha pockets Charity's credit card; In Keepers cottage Bernice thanks Seth, Betty and Alan for all they have done for her. They are eating the cream cakes and talks about the time Bernice has spent in the village; In the Woolpack Louise tells Diane that Ashley is here. Ashley has Gabrielle and asks where Bernice is. Diane asks him why Bernice is going; Outside the pub Terry and some others are banging on the pub door. Terry asks Bernice why the pub isn't open. Bernice knocks on the door of Dale View cottage. Nicola answers the door and Bernice tells her she is leaving the village; In the Woolpack Ashley talks to Diane about the decisions that were made last night between him and Bernice. Diane begs him to make Bernice stay; In Dale View cottage. Nicola isn't very understanding about Bernice's decision. Bernice and Nicola exchange insults. Bernice leaves; In the Main Street Gloria and Edna approach and asks Bernice about her departure. Edna tells Bernice she admires her for what she is sacrificing; On the swings in the playground Lucy asks Katie what is wrong with her? Katie tells Lucy she thinks she might be pregnant; In the Woolpack backroom Bernice is all packed. Diane leaves the room. Tricia and Rodney go to her leaving Ashley and Bernice alone with Gabrielle; In Cafe Hope Latisha tells Cain about how she has acquired Charity's credit card; In the Woolpack backroom Bernice cries as she says goodbye to Gabrielle and Ashley. She tells him she is sorry for everything; Upstairs in the Woolpack Tricia tries to get Diane to make her peace with Bernice; Outside the Woolpack Bernice is about to leave. Tricia, Marlon and Louise say goodbye. Rodney tells Bernice they should be going. Diane comes out of the pub and tells Bernice she will always be here for her; Ashley is with Gabrielle in the Woolpack backroom. He rushes out; Outside the Woolpack Bernice and Rodney get into Rodney's car. Ashley blows Bernice a kiss as she is driven away and out of the village.

Episode 3161

Monday 22 April 2002 at 7:00pm

Carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, Katie withholds her fears of being pregnant. Worried that Andy might abandon her if her fears are true Katie stalls for time. Misreading Katie's quietness Andy questions whether she is about to end their relationship. Little does he know there is a far greater subject involving the future of their relationship on her mind!

Appreciating Andy's concern and no longer about unable to keep her worry to herself, Katie reveals what is really on her mind. Katie's concerns appear to be justified, as Andy is deeply shocked. Unwillingly Katie admits that she may have missed taking the pill a few times! The couple bravely accept their responsibilities and acknowledge that ignoring the problem won't make it go away.

Latisha doesn't take much persuading when Cain suggests that she bunks the afternoon off work to be with him. They proceed to give Charity's gold card a bashing as they go on a wild shopping spree in Hotten. After a profitable day the couple decide to stash the swag in order to sell it on the following day. Latisha is exhilarated by their deceptive actions. Feeling smug about her new found wealth and goods, Latisha finds herself even more drawn to Cain's lifestyle.

Craig worries Zoe is out of sorts after he finds her at home in her dressing gown surrounded by week old mess. Offering to lend a hand Emily is surprised that Zoe is about to be cut off by the gas company for not paying her bills.

Louise certainly realises that a dog is a man's best friend as she is lumbered with looking after Ray's Bolan while he is away.

Episode 3162

Tuesday 23 April 2002 at 7:00pm

Sheepishly Andy purchases a pregnancy test and produces it for Katie who is waiting anxiously outside the chemist. Reluctant at first Andy persuades Katie that they have come this far and that she should take the test in the nearby public toilets. Not surprisingly Katie is uncomfortable about the idea, but agrees they need to know their future.

Panic stricken Louise brings Bolan to the vets worried as in her care the dog has become ill. Louise's worst fears are confirmed as Zoe's diagnoses a fatal illness and informs her that the dog will have to be put down. Seeing the commotion in the surgery Paddy takes Zoe aside and questions the diagnosis, offering to re-examine the animal. As Paddy re-asseses Bolan, Zoe accuses him of undermining her authority until Paddy points out Zoe's mistake - the dog only has a common cold. Using the opportunity to express his concern Paddy suggests that Zoe may need some medical help.

Suspicions are raised as Latisha swans around the village showing off her new clothes. Cain is quick to warn Latisha of the attention she is attracting. Latisha is oblivious to the fact that Cain is only covering his own back and has little real concern for her.

Episode 3163

Wednesday 24 April 2002 at 7:00pm

Now more than ever, Katie and Andy feel the need to be together. But their requests to see each other go unheard as Brian and Jack still dismiss as immature their claims that they love each other. Brian humours their declaration but questions how they'd react if they got pregnant, unaware that they have already been forced to consider that.

Suspicious that Cain has something to do with the credit card theft, Angie warns him that she is keeping a very watchful eye. Feeling the heat, Cain is beginning to get restless and plans to jump ship for a while. Not wanting to be left on her own to face the music Latisha decides she will tag along. Not appreciating her offer of company Cain squirms as he fishes for an excuse.

Looking after number one again, Latisha hopes she can palm Kirk off on Cynthia.

Spotting the potential to earn a buck, Zak becomes over keen on helping the environment by recycling cans.

Episode 3164

Thursday 25 April 2002 at 7:00pm

Fed up of banging their heads against brick walls Katie and Andy decide it is time to take matters in to their own hands. The youngsters feel they are forced to make a decision that will affect the rest of their lives.

Broaching the idea of going away for the weekend, Latisha uses Kirk as a persuasive tool. It is clear that Cynthia has no intention of letting Cain near Kirk, insisting Latisha leave him behind. Latisha's plan to get Cynthia to baby sit has worked. Calling Cain's bluff, Latisha announces she has tied up her responsibilities and is ready to go away with him. Suddenly getting cold feet, Cain tries to dissuade Latisha from coming on the trip, but Latisha will not be given the brush off.

A holiday is in order for Zoe as the doctor has prescribed anti-depressants and rest, once again Paddy is left to man the fort.

Once again Emily meets an obstacle as she finds herself black listed after looking for a new driving instructor.

Episode 3165

Friday 26 April 2002 at 7:00pm

Katie re-assures Andy that she still stands firm on their decision. Despite their plans the parental barrier is still strong as the couple are barred from seeing each other. In order to lull their fathers into a false sense of security they plot to pretend they have split up in the hope that their separation will be lifted.

Latisha avidly awaits Cain returns after selling their swag as he promises to take her to the airport. Lifted by the possibility of being away for a while, Latisha tells Gloria not to keep her job open. Having flogged the 'hot' DVD's Cain offers Latisha a measly return on her investment.

Fed up with the burden, Cain takes matters into his own hands by driving off and leaving Latisha in mid sentence and with no money. Will Latisha follow him, or has she finally got the message that Cain is bad news?

Louise finds herself standing up for Ray, as Charity suggests his reputation isn't as pure as the driven snow.

Zak has taken his new paper recycling interest a step too far as the Woolpack mysteriously runs out of toilet paper.