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Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3135-3154; 18 March - 12 April 2002

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Episode 3135

Monday 18 March 2002 at 7pm

Viv is still fuming over Bob barring her from the Woolpack. Bob tries to make his apology to Viv as he arrives at the shop with flowers. Viv eventually tells Bob he can come home on one condition, that he gives up his job in the pub and to work in her café. Bob explodes that the café was a terrible idea from the start. Viv is extremely hurt by this comment and takes drastic measures when she declares their marriage is over. Bob doesn't want their marriage to be over, but being a stubborn as Viv vows not to back down.

Pollard is wary taking Latisha to the awards ceremony. Pollard asks Louise to attend the ceremony with him but she declines as Pollard reluctantly gives Latisha £100 to buy a new outfit for the awards.

Zoe hand delivers flowers to the Reynolds house and apologies to Angie for making a drunken pass at her. Angie confesses it isn't the first time a woman has made a pass at her and accepts the apology and flowers. Angie comments that she can't remember the last time she received flowers from a man.

Episode 3136

Tuesday 19 March 2002 at 7pm

Phil tries to force friendship between Jess and Maggie, asking Maggie to invite Jess for tea. There is conflict when Maggie has asked Jess to pass on a message about wanting her to work, Jess does not oblige. Maggie is annoyed when Nicola tells her of her plans to go shopping for the day.

Phil, angry to hear of his daughters defiant attitude, is waiting for Jess when she returns from the shops. He confronts Jess about their ongoing feud and tells her she is coming back to the chalet to sort things out once and for all. Jess realises she is not going to win and reluctantly follows Phil inside.

Paddy worries about Zoe's drinking as she knocks back the champagne at the awards. Paddy tries to be tactful, but Zoe denies there is a problem.

Betty and Lisa are both shocked that Pollard is taking Latisha to the awards ceremony. Betty warns Latisha to watch herself around him. At the awards ceremony Pollard sees a blond woman and for a moment imagines it's Gloria. He then hears the familiar laugh that sounds like Gloria. Gloria is actually at the bash and has also noticed Pollard and sharply tries to make an exit.

Latisha sneaks Cain, through the fire exit into the business awards.

Pollard seeing Gloria's bolt, follows her and to her surprise as she tries to make a half-hearted apology for the money she had taken from him he ignores her apology and out of the blue requests her hand in marriage.

Episode 3137

Wednesday 20 March 2002 at 7pm

Cain is up to his usual tricks at the awards ceremony as he introduces himself as a businessman and proceeds to order champagne.

Viv and Diane declare a truce but Viv is on probation.

The village is stunned by Gloria's return. Although she doesn't take Pollard's proposal seriously to begin with, but he gradually persuades her otherwise. Pollard asks Gloria to come back to the village with him so that they can talk. She agrees. Gloria tells Pollard of her new business venture with a friend. Pollard is impressed and heartened as it is clear that she still has feelings for him. As they enter the Woolpack together Pollard asks Louise to get champagne for everyone as they announce they are to be wed.

At Victoria cottage, after several drinks Tricia, Marlon, Bernice and Ashley decide to play Twister after dinner. Tricia puts a foot wrong and tumbles. Bernice is in shock as she questions Tricia why she is unbuttoning her shirt. Tricia naively states that Marlon taught her how to play and the rules say if you fall over you must take an item of clothing off. As the game proceeds until Ashley finds himself in his underpants, Bernice suggests they make an exit at this point.

Phil is pleased that Jess and Maggie have called a truce. Maggie and Jess agree that for Phil's sake they will bury the hatchet for now although they know they will never really get on.

The Reynolds receive the good news that Marc has been chosen as a candidate for electronic tagging and could be home within weeks. Len and Angie both agree that if Marc could find work it would enhance his chances for the future. They both hope he will be able to get a job in the garage.

Episode 3138

Thursday 21 March 2002 at 7pm

Gloria decides to go back to Hull to sort out her affairs before returning to be with Pollard who is delighted that she is back with him. Pollard gives Bob the sack, saying it is due to falling profits. Bob knows that it has more to do with Gloria. Gloria tells Pollard that she intends to pay back all the money she owes him. She wants to start their relationship with a clean slate. Gloria suggests that Pollard should stand for Mayor. Pollard warms to this idea. They propose a toast.

Bob wonders if he and Viv are really finished. Seeking some sympathy Bob tells Viv about being sacked by Pollard. Viv presumptuously assumes that Bob is grovelling for a job and pedantically admits she thought he would want a job in the café in the end. Bob is furious and bites back at Viv's comments saying she wouldn't work for him if she begged him. Diane offers Bob a full time job in the Woolpack and Bernice's bedroom to stay in. Meanwhile Viv is in the shop and is feeling suddenly very alone.

Tricia plays cupid for Ray and Louise. Louise has admitted her feelings for Ray although she is worried that the feeling is not mutual. Tricia being her usual unsubtle self, drops more than obvious hints. Louise is embarrassed and apologises to Ray for Tricia's behaviour. Ray states it is a pity as he was flattered that Louise was interested in him.

Episode 3139

Friday 22 March 2002 at 7pm

Viv is delighted as she has been granted planning permission for her café. Bob arrives at the shop and Viv excitedly tells him her news. Unexpectedly for Viv, Bob exclaims that he has only come to collect his belongings.

Donna tells Viv that she hopes she is happy with the café as it has probably caused the break up between her and Bob. Donna finds herself admitting that Bob has moved into the Woolpack. Viv assumes that he is with Diane and shouts that she will kill him. Viv storms into the Woolpack, spouting accusations at Diane about stealing her husband. She goes home in a rage, grabs Bob's belonging and throws them into a bin liner, storms back into the pub and empties them over the bar and onto the floor. Viv bars Louise from the shop.

Tricia encourages Louise to strike while the iron is hot with regards to Ray. Louise wants to let things progress naturally. Tricia can't resist match making and plans to ask Ray out for Louise. Louise overhears Tricia's plans to interfere and to avoid any more meddling decides to ask him out himself. She invites Ray to dinner.

Ollie admits to Donna that she likes Danny. Donna jokes that Danny might be gay.


Episode 3140

Monday 25 March 2002 at 7:00pm

Fresh from her verbal assault on Bob in the Woolpack, accusing him of having an affair, Viv is gifted the opportunity to make him jealous. Two burly builders, Jerry and Syd, arrive to work on her café plans, and Viv can't resist turning on the charm. Ignoring Donna's claims that she is only trying to make Bob jealous, she flirts outrageously with them in earshot of Bob before proceeding to usher the new recruits over to the pub, But tension mounts and the fur begins to fly when a catfight breaks out after Diane challenges Viv for the attention of the builders.

Bernice continues to feel insecure about her talents as a mother as Ashley naturally provides paternal perfection. But Bernice's doubts go beyond motherhood when Ashley suggests that they could have another child. Bernice's response says it all and she is horrified by the thought.

Ray attempts to weave his seductive spell on Louise as he cooks her a romantic dinner. Will she finally get the dream date she has been waiting for?

Episode 3141

Tuesday 26 March 2002 at 7:00pm

Ashley is keen to discuss having more children with Bernice, but she makes it clear that it isn't a subject she wishes to pursue and he is forced to back down. Bernice confides in Tricia about her worries about bonding with Gabby and contemplates the mistakes she has made. Tricia reminds Bernice that she and Ashley have the rest of their lives together to sort out their problems. But instead of helping the situation, Tricia's comments only serve to trouble Bernice further.

Tricia has better news of her own when her divorce papers arrive unexpectedly. She uses the opportunity to give Marlon an ultimatum about their future! She decides to celebrate her spinsterhood, seeing the divorce as a chance to start again and get things right with Marlon. Good bye Tricia FISHER!

Katie's enjoyment of the school holidays is marred when Brian admits he has arranged for her to visit her Gran for the week. Katie is disheartened, as this will mean separation from Andy and her friends.

A frustrated Cynthia finally tracks down Ray at the Woolpack to give him a piece of her mind about the heating packing up at their cottage. Ray is fairly non-committal about any repairs.

Donna tries to matchmake Bob and Viv back into talking to each other. It doesn't help when Donna mentions Viv's visit to the solicitors. All Donna's efforts go to pot. Back to square one!

Episode 3142

Wednesday 27 March 2002 at 7:00pm

Small things continue to really annoy Bernice about Ashley. She considers this normal until Tricia points out that she loves Marlon even more because of his annoying habits. Bernice starts to question her real feelings for Ashley but she is comforted by her own thoughts.

Ashley is troubled by Bernice's behaviour and realises that his putting the pressure on isn't helping her state of mind and promises to back off. But Bernice feels uncomfortable offering up false hope to Ashley and is forced to confess that she hates the thought of having more children. Ashley is left in turmoil wondering whether Bernice's issues are simply having more children or more children with him.

Andy and Katie are making the most of their time alone together before Katie is banished to her grandparents. Their intimacy is disturbed, as there is a loud bang at the door. They panic, but have they been caught in the act?

Viv's erratic behaviour finally drives Donna out. She arrives on Scott's doorstep complaining about Viv's late night entertaining with strange men. Scott is far from impressed with his mother's antics or his sister's arrival, and resolves to confront Viv about her intentions.

Episode 3143

Thursday 28 March 2002 at 7:00pm

Ashley and Bernice have reached the point of no return and Bernice is forced to break the devastating news to her devoted husband. Despite their best efforts to make the marriage work, it looks as though the future will be brutal. But can the recently re-kindled relationship survive the devastation or is this the inevitable end to their relationship?

Once again Ashley patiently tries to understand Bernice's reasoning. He is emotionally tired and listens anxiously as Bernice begins to open up. Bernice confesses she has been lying to herself about their relationship, hoping they would grow stronger in time, but in her mind they couldn't be more distant .

Something tells Ashley this is the emotional tidal wave he has been waiting for and starts to realise it could well destroy them rather than cleanse their deep rooted problems. As Bernice's words hit home, Ashley is forced to realise that he is about to face rejection from the woman he loves and the mother of his child for the second time.

Episode 3144

Good Friday 29 March 2002 at 7:00pm

After the emotionally draining events of the night before, Bernice packs a few things. Ashley is determined to put on a brave front and points out he will have to get over her for a second time. The shock waves of the split soon rock the village and Bernice is forced to confess to Diane that her marriage is over.

Bernice is keeping up her usual public face by joking with Marlon at the bar but the snipes and whispers eventually get to her as she crumbles. For the first time in many years, Diane wishes Rodney is by her side to back her up as she tries to remain strong for her daughter.

Meanwhile, with Brian out all morning, Katie and Andy take advantage of their time alone and get into mischief. Andy is shyly trying to express his feelings for Katie, when they have an extremely unwelcome visitor. Rumbled again? It's all too real this time and a furious Brian drags a kicking and screaming Andy out into the street despite Katie's protests.

Times are tough for the Daggets and Cynthia is forced to eat humble pie as she asks Gloria for work at the factory.

EPISODE 3145/3146

Easter Monday 1 April 2002 at 7:00pm 1 Hour Long special

Viv decides that it's time for action if she is ever to win Bob round. She opts for shock tactics and serves Bob with divorce papers! They have the desired effect and Bob is gobsmacked by her extreme step. He isn't the only one who is shocked, however, and Diane is furious at being dragged into their bitter fight. Viv is convinced that Bob will come crawling back to her when he sees the papers - but Bob has very different ideas and Viv's plan looks set to backfire until Donna intervenes.

Andy is growing concerned that he can't get in touch with Katie. Meanwhile, her dad Brian tries to talk her through the "bird's and the bee's", but can't believe his ears when she reveals she is already on the pill!

Bad blood is brewing once more between Jess and Maggie over a huge phone bill. Nicola seizes the chance to make an ally in Jess and admits that she planted the earring in Maggie and Phil's bed. Jess announces that she has invited her mother to stay and she and Nicola look forward to the trouble they know it will cause.

Meanwhile, Chinese whispers spread through the village as Latisha announces that she suspects Danny of being gay.

And Bernice has a heart to heart with Diane and reveals that there is little chance of a reconciliation with Ashley.



In the Woolpack backroom Diane and Bernice are in mid discussion about Bernice's split from Ashley when Louise interrupts them with an envelope. Diane is shocked at it's contents and leaves immediately; Donna lets Diane into Pear Tree cottage Diane and Bob are both upset and angry about the divorce papers they have received accusing them of adultery; Donna supports Bob; In the Daggerts cottage Danny plays an April Fool on Latisha. Cynthia tells Danny he has to get a job today. Latisha promises to get her own back on Danny; In the Hope's shop Emily tells Viv she has taken a big risk in serving Bob with the divorce papers. Viv is convinced Bob will crawl back to her; In the village Gloria and Edna discuss the meaning of Easter and Ashley's separation from Bernice. Bob, Diane and Bob are on their way to the shop they are still shocked at what has happened; Bob, Diane and Donna enter the shop. Emily tells them Viv is out. Diane is getting more and more angry at Viv. Bob and Emily defend Viv. Donna tells them she is sick of them behaving like children; In Annie's cottage smiles Robert as Jack tells Andy he is disappointed in him. He advises Andy to get on with some studying instead of thinking about Katie; Katie is in her room at Connelton View. Brian knocks on the door and enters. He asks her to stop sulking and come downstairs. Brain tries to explain his reaction; In the Woolpack Bob is looking at the divorce papers. He tells Louise and Tricia he still loves Viv.


Bernice leaves to take Gabrielle to the party. Terry is told about the divorce papers; In the village Donna talks to Ollie about Viv. Robert approaches and the girls ask about Andy and Katie; On the doorstep of Dale View cottage Maggie gives Jess a mobile phone bill she has left at the chalet, Jess tells her to give it to her father; At the village hall the children's Easter party is in full swing. Ashley, Latisha and Kirk are there. Gloria and Edna talk about Ashley's separation. Ollie and Donna enter and ask Latisha where Danny is. Latisha hints that Ollie has no chance with Danny. Bernice and Gabrielle arrive. Bernice and Ashley exchange harsh words. Bernice leaves the baby with him and goes; Viv arrives back at the Hope's shop and asks Emily if Bob has been in asking for her; In the Woolpack Bernice tells Diane, Louise and Tricia how bad things were with Ashley. Diane advises her to go into the back and lay low. Terry starts a list with Bob about the pro's and con's of being married to Viv. Jack tells Diane about his troubles with Ashley. Brain enters. Jack tells him he has grounded Andy. The dads have a drink together; In Pear Tree cottage Latisha tells Ollie and Donna that she thinks Danny might be gay; At Connelton View Brian tries to talk to Katie about Andy. Katie tells her father that she is on the pill; In the Hope's shop Emily tries to get Viv to talk to Bob. Phil and Jess enters in arguing about her huge mobile phone bill; In the Woolpack the list now has more con's than pro's. Ashley brings Gabrielle back to Bernice. Bob tells Terry he has to stand up to Viv and he will go ahead with the divorce; In the village Rodney approaches Ashley with a soft toy and Easter egg. Ashley tells him that he and Bernice have spilt up again. Viv is looking over to the pub. Emily pulls her back inside the shop; In Annie's cottage Andy is angry with Jack for having a drink with Brian. Jack tells him whist he is in his house he will have to obey by his rules; In the Hope's shop Terry tells Viv she is not going to have a marriage if she doesn't back down. Viv is determined to get an apology; In Pear Tree cottage Latisha, Ollie and Donna talk about the possibility of Danny being gay. Ollie is upset; In the Woolpack and angry Rodney tells Diane he needs to talk to Bernice about the separation. Nicola advises Jess to get her own back on Maggie. Terry arrives back and tells Bob to give Viv a couple more day before he sees Viv about the divorce. Bob leaves to confront Viv; In the Hope's shop Viv sees Bob coming over from the pub. Emily goes. Bob asks Viv if she really wants a divorce. Bob tries to be responsible and they end up in an argument. Bob signs the papers and tells Viv if she wants a divorce she can have it. Viv cries.


In the Hope's shop Viv is still in shocked that Bob has signed the divorce papers. Emily tries to get her to talk to Bob. Syd and Mac arrive for work and tell Viv they saw Bob outside the pub early this morning; In the Woolpack Bob is frantically working. Louise tells Diane it is Bob's way of taking his mind of his troubles. Ashley arrives to see Bernice; Ashley waits for Bernice is the backroom with Diane; In the Hope's shop Viv has a go at Mac and Sid about the amount of work they are doing; In the backroom at the Woolpack Bernice and Ashley argue about the care of Gabrielle and his visiting rights; In Pear Tree cottage Donna and Ollie discuss if Danny is gay or not. Robert interrupts their conversation and asks what they are talking about. Donna tells him; In the Woolpack Emily and Diane talk about working with Viv and Bob. They try to work out what to do. Rodney arrives to see Bernice. Emily has a plan to get Bob and Viv back together; In Pear Tree cottage Robert, Ollie and Donna are still talking about Danny. Emily arrives and tells Donna she has an idea to get Bob and Viv back together; In the chalet Maggie, Phil, Lucy and Craig are having lunch. Phil raises a toast to their family. Jess asks about the mobile phone bill. Maggie raises the earring subject; In the kitchen at Home Farm Brain tries to get Katie to eat. Cynthia tells Katie where the loo is. Cynthia offers Brian an ear to talk to; In the village Jess tells Nicola that Maggie still blames her for planting the earring. Nicola tells Jess she put the earring in Maggie and Phil's bedroom; In the Woolpack Diane tries to get Bob to talk about Phil. Jess asks why Nicola hadn't told her about the earring. Nicola tells her all about the games she has been playing. Nicola thinks her and Jess could make Maggie's life a misery; In the kitchen at Home Farm Cynthia and Brian are still talking, Chris finds Katie snooping around the sitting room and tells Brian to keep his personal matters at home; Bernice arrives back at the Woolpack backroom. She talks to Rodney about her separation with Ashley; In the Woolpack Diane asks Mac what is wrong with Syd. Diane tells them her and Emily have a plan to get Bob and Viv back together. Diane takes a phone call and shouts Bob to take the call from Donna; In Pear Tree cottage Donna is on the phone to Bob in the pub. She asks for his help as the washer is flooding the kitchen. Viv arrives with some clothes for Donna. Bob arrives to fix the washer. The girls leave and lock Bob and Viv in the cottage to sort things out; Donna and Ollie arrive back at he HopeÕs shop and tells Emily and Diane their plan has worked; Viv is trying to break out of Pear Tree cottage. Bob and Viv continue to bicker about their relationship. Bob tells Viv he misses her.


In the Woolpack Nicola tells Jess she has told the travel agents to arrive on Thursday instead of Friday at the Holiday Park. Jess tells her that her mother is coming to stay. Nicola tells Jess she is welcome to stay at the cottage. Ray arrives and he and Louise have small talk. Ray asks Louise out this evening. Louise tells him she will think about it; Bob and Viv are still locked in Pear Tree cottage Bob tells Viv they have to try harder with their marriage. Viv softens for a moment; Danny arrives with Kirk at the village hall. Ollie, Donna, Robert and Lucy are there. They joke about coming out of the closet; In the Woolpack Diane and Louise talk about romantic movies and the course of true love. Ray asks Louise about this evening. She agrees to the date; In Pear Tree cottage Bob is reading the divorce papers to Viv and tells her he has never looked at another woman. Bob shows Viv the list that he and Terry made in the pub: In the Woolpack backroom Diane asks Bernice how she is?; In Pear Tree cottage Viv is going through Bob's list. Bob tells her there is only one reason he married her. He loves her. Viv tells him to forget about the divorce. They kiss; Katie is in the kitchen at Home Farm. Andy arrives looking for his dad. They talk about their relationship. They hear a door and Katie pushes Andy out of the back door. Brain enters; Bob is chasing Viv around Pear Tree cottage; They kiss on the sofa. Donna and Ollie bang on the window trying to work out what is going on.

Episode 3147

Tuesday 2 April 2002 at 7:00pm

Nicola's nose is put out of joint when Rodney gives Maggie a present as a token of appreciation for her hard work. But the arrival of Jess' mum, Anne Marie, gives her the perfect opportunity for yet more scheming. Anne Marie's presence causes friction and Nicola feigns kindness and understanding towards Maggie in a bid to sew seeds for future plotting.

Cynthia is concerned to hear that gossip is being spread about Danny's sexuality. Latisha suggests that they talk it through with him, safe in the knowledge that she is behind the whispers. But Danny is disappointed that Ollie could believe the stories.

Zoe is starting to show signs of strain at work and even struggles to deal with a sick animal that needs putting down. Paddy is concerned, especially when Zoe reveals that she intends to have a night in with just a bottle for company.

Viv and Bob, meanwhile, are thrilled to be back together and are trying to make their marriage work. But it is clear that Viv is still holding a grudge against Diane, who assures her that the feeling is mutual.

Katie and Andy try to meet up without Brian's knowledge, while Louise is upset when Ray is cool towards her.

Episode 3148

Thursday 4 April 2002 at 7:00pm

Maggie is confused when a group of travel agents arrive at the holiday village a day earlier - not realising that Nicola has been scheming again. Nicola can't resist the chance to drop Maggie in it and calls Rodney and Chris to let them know of the 'mistake' Maggie has made. The penny finally drops with Maggie when first she sees Nicola being friendly towards Anne Marie and then her delight when Chris and Rodney arrive in a rage. Quickly realising that she has been taken for a ride, Maggie sees red and attacks Nicola. But she makes more of a splash than she had intended!

Paddy confides in Ashley that he is concerned about Zoe's behaviour. Ashley agrees to call round but is shocked to discover her drinking so early in the day Zoe has clearly drunk too much and when Ashley tries to talk to her, she makes it clear that she wants more than talk. Ashley is taken aback, particularly when Zoe starts attacking Ashley and Bernice's marriage.

Chris is frustrated when he finds that he is short of staff for a rubbish truck. Charity suggests Zak and Chris is forced to admit that he could do worse. But Zak is no push over and starts negotiating more money and a job for Sam.

And Bob is delighted when Viv makes a real effort to rekindle their romance.

Episode 3149

Friday 5 April 2002 at 7:00pm

Following the dramatic events at the holiday village, Maggie is petrified that she is set to get the sack from Rodney for his daughter's dunking. Nicola, meanwhile, is looking forward to Maggie being fired so that she can run the holiday village all by herself.

The moment arrives for Rodney to confront Maggie, but she refuses to roll over and decides to let Rodney know all about his scheming daughter. Rodney can't believe what he is hearing and asks Nicola for her side of events. Nicola remains smug and denies everything. But Rodney soon sees through her and sides with Maggie. Nicola is stunned - but there is worse to come!

When Zoe calls in sick for work, Paddy and Ashley share their concerns. Ashley lets Paddy in on Zoe's behaviour the previous night and they both fear that drink is making her behave irrationally. But when he tries to tackle the subject with her, Zoe throws his offer of help back in his face.

And any concerns that Ollie may have had about Danny's sexuality are put firmly to bed!

Episode 3150

Monday 8 April 2002 at 7:00pm

Nicola is left shell shocked by Rodney's actions in sacking her. Anne Marie questions Maggie's relationship with Rodney implying that she saved her job lying on her back. Nicola revolts the idea, devastated that her plans have backfired on her. Once again Nicola reveals her true colours by burning her bridges with Jess as well. Promising that she has now been sober for months, Anne Marie makes an emotional plea asking Jess to come home.

Meanwhile at the Holiday Village, Maggie is on tender-hooks until Rodney delivers the good news as he asks her to continue her role as Holiday Park Manager. To cover his shame in his daughter's actions Rodney finds himself bending the truth about Nicola's dismissal.

Jerry and Syd have been lynched, as they turn up for work only to find they are minus their tools. Viv suggests that the might have been Dingled!

Angie is over the moon as she receives the phone call she has been waiting for. She feels she is finally routed back where she belongs.

For the Reynolds Marc's early release date is the icing on the cake - finally things appear to coming together.

Over at the Woolpack Phil and Maggie celebrate her re-instated job security. Maggie wallows in self-content as her findings have finally been recognised. The celebrations are short lived as Jess arrives to confront Maggie and Phil on her plans for the future.

Noticing Zoe is down, Paddy assumes she is upset by her 'row' with Ashley and suggests that she try to make amends. Zoe is despondent knowing the real reason for their row.

Episode 3151

Tuesday 9 April 2002 at 7:00pm

Gloria is intent on moulding Pollard into the perfect mayor, much to Pollard's distaste as a small child throws up on him!

At the Reynolds' Marc is causing a fluster of activity as Len questions why Angie is tidying Marc's room for the fouth time. Marc's release from the young offenders institution is in jeopardy as he is unwillingly caught up in a drug scam. Torn between friends or freedom Marc is under pressure from Gaz not to reveal the real source of the drugs. Meanwhile the guard collars Marc and he is forced to make the decision whether to 'grass' on Gaz.

In the Woolpack Gloria sets Pollard a virtually impossible charm challenge to get Edna to buy him a drink. Pollard gamely accepts the daunting task and wades in with his first tactics. Gloria is happily left to work her magic with Councillor Ledbetter, inviting him round for dinner.

Resenting being skint all the time Latisha complains to Cynthia about her current none existent bank balance. Cynthia, recognising the frequent hints about being penny-less, suggests she should be satisfied with what she has got. Latisha is forced to take her pleas elsewhere, seeing Cain as her next target. A few tears are shed as Jess is packed off to live with her real mother.

Episode 3152

Wednesday 10 April 2002 at 7:00pm

Gloria is pleased when Pollard starts to turn on the charm with Ledbetter. But when Pollard broaches the subject of becoming mayor, Ledbetter quickly sees through Pollard's scheming and is furious that he is being used. It's time for Plan B. The gloves are off and Gloria suggests that it's time for a dirty tricks campaign. She has heard that Ledbetter has a secret teenage lover and encourages Pollard to try his hand at blackmail!

Latisha is struggling for cash and goes cap in hand to Gloria for a wage advance, but Gloria is unsympathetic But Cain insists that Gloria can help - even if she doesn't realise. Much to the horror - and excitement - of Latisha, he swipes Gloria's credit card and takes Latisha on a spending spree before asking Latisha to lose the card.

Bernice is finding life at the pub with Gabby very difficult. Diane and Louise joke about how often Gabby wakes - but Bernice isn't laughing. Diane suggests that maybe they should rent out rooms at the pub and rent themselves a cottage with the proceeds.

Marc is faced with the dilemma of whether or not to tell the truth about Gaz and the drugs or lie and put his release in jeopardy. Will he look after number one?

Episode 3153

Thursday 11 April 2002 at 7:00pm

Flushed with the success of their shopping expedition courtesy of Gloria's stolen credit card, Cain warns Latisha that she must stay tight-lipped over their crime if they are to get away with it. But he is furious when he discovers that Latisha is strictly in the amateur league and hasn't dumped the credit card and is naively hoping to slip it back into Gloria's bag without her noticing. Latisha starts to panic and gets increasingly worried about being involved, but Cain enjoys teasing her about being attracted to a life of danger. Gloria, meanwhile, is set to discover that her card is missing - but will she realise that the thief is right under her nose?

It's official - Diane is now joint licensee at the Woolpack with daughter Bernice. Bernice suggests that they should throw a party to let everyone know that both their names are above the door and even contemplates reverting back to her maiden name.

Viv is looking forward to the grand opening of the cafe and proudly invites Reverend Ashley along to do the honours. He politely accepts as Viv - tactful as always - explains the he needn't worry about Bernice and Diane showing up as they are due to go out with her builders!

Episode 3154

Friday 12 April 2002 at 7:00pm

Ashley is beginning to feel manipulated by Bernice as his child raising duties are ever increasing and second to Bernice's needs. However Bernice is troubled and uses Nicola's assault on her in the Woolpack to obtain the attention she needs from Ashley. Ashley once again is drawn in by Bernice's emotional plea.

Viv, is losing her grip, as she tries to exercise her authority over the builders without much avail, they ignore her orders and disappear into the Woolpack.

It appears that Louise has taken a shine to Ray, as she volunteers to accompany him on any future lonely and boring business trips he may have lined up. Rays seems quite taken by Louise's offer to relieve his tedium.

Suspicions are raised as Angie confronts Latisha about the whereabouts of Gloria's credit card. Latisha denies all knowledge to Angie after a firm warning about getting involved with Cain.