Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002
Episodes #3125-3124; 4 March - 14 March 2002

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Episode 3125

Monday 4 March 2002 at 7pm

Peg continues to rile Zak and his annoyance deepens further when Peg takes a racing tip from Seth that was meant for him - and lands a small fortune. Tired of Zak's constant moaning, Peg decides it is high time that her son knew the truth once and for all about his father. But Zak isn't prepared for what comes next and Peg's stunning confession leaves Zak horrified and Tricia with a new house-guest!

Things are looking up for Tootsie the dog as her health steadily improves. However, another problem arises when Mrs Roe admits that she doesn't want Tootsie, leaving Paddy trying to find the dog a new home. Convinced that Edna needs a new dog to replace Batley, Paddy tells Edna about Tootsie, but she shows little interest. But when Cynthia and Jack step in to offer the dog a home, Edna voices concerns. Could it be that Edna cares more for the dog than she is willing to admit?

Meanwhile, Maggie prepares to return to work determined not to let Nicola get the better of her.

Episode 3126

Tuesday 5 March 2002 at 7pm

There is much discussion following the previous night's shocking confession from Peg and Betty catches wind of the gossip - much to her delight! But Peg is forced into a ruthless heart-to-heart with her son and retracts her confession.Zak is shaken to hear the real truth and is left with no option other than to face up to the facts about his father and admit that he has been wrong all along.

Jack is delighted that Victoria has taken to Tootsie, but Edna is horrified to see her walking the ribbon-clad dog through the village. She is desperate to voice her concerns to Paddy but is forced to bite her tongue because of her stubbornness when Paddy first offered her the dog.

Bernice is looking forward to returning to work and realises just how much the Woolpack means to her. However, Ashley and Bernice are now left with the difficult task of finding a suitable childminder for Gabby and both are worried that they won't find anyone who meets their high standards.

Episode 3127

Wednesday 6 March 2002 at 7pm

Zak is eager to learn more about his dad and decides to invite Shadrach over for a chat, leaving Cain feeling decidedly uneasy. Shadrach initially sticks to the story that Jed was murdered but, realising that Zak now knows the truth, he reveals that he saw Zak's dad only 12 months ago - and living locally. Finally armed with the information that he has been waiting for all his life - Zak can't quite decide what he wants to do with it.

Paddy tells Edna that the Sugdens are definitely interested in Tootsie. Despite her reluctance to care for the dog herself, she is critical of the new choice of owner. Edna's fears are confirmed when she sees Robert and Lucy having a row over Tootsie and the frightened dog runs off. Edna later emerges with Tootsie and tells Paddy that the Sugdens aren't suitable. Paddy worries that she may be right.

Bernice is delighted to be back at work, but her nose is soon put out of joint when a promotional letter is addressed to Diane, not Bernice. Diane is determined to prove to Rodney that she still has a social life and suggests that she and Bernice go clubbing in Leeds on Friday night.

Episode 3128

Thursday 7 March 2002 at 7pm

Jack has decided that it isn't fair to keep Tootsie the dog but dreads breaking the news to Victoria. Much to his surprise, however, she takes the news well and with Paddy's agreement they take Tootsie to a dog shelter. Edna hears the news and harangues Paddy for letting it happen. She then sets off in hot pursuit to rescue the poor pooch - much to the amusement of Len and the delight of Paddy.

Bernice and Diane continue to plan for their girls' night out but Bernice puts her foot in it when she decides to invite Nicola along. Diane and Tricia try desperately to put her off the idea but Bernice sticks to her guns when Louise reveals that she has invited Angie.

Viv is excited about her plans for the cafe and sets about measuring up to refit some of the kitchen. Bob doesn't share her enthusiasm, however, and warns Viv that her venture could be costly. Viv carries on regardless and tries to woo Pollard into helping smooth the way for her plans. But Pollard is left feeling puzzled when Bob also tries to have a quiet word - in an attempt to scupper his wife's dream.

Episode 3129

Friday 8 March 2002 at 7pm

Bob offers his services at the Woolpack as the girls prepare for a night out on the town, but he keeps his plans secret from Viv and asks Donna to keep her out of the pub for the evening. Bob is a smash hit and even persuades Betty to try one of his fancy cocktails.

Tricia, Louise, Nicola, Diane, Bernice, Angie and Zoe head for Leeds and much to their delight, Ray suggests they pop into one of his clubs. Once in the club, Diane and Louise enjoy being chatted up by two men - unfortunately though, they both fancy the same man! Diane's attention soon turns to Bernice who has spent all night talking to a man named Ian and seems to be enjoying every minute of it. Diane feels uncomfortable as she watches them. The drunken ladies stagger to the pub to continue with their partying, waking a jealous Viv en-route.

Lisa is happy that Zak and Peg are seemingly getting on better. Little does she realise that they are about to fall out again when Peg mocks Zak's testicular cancer and he is reminded why he hates her so much.

Episode 3130

Monday 11 March 2002 at 7pm

There is friction in the Woolpack between Bernice and Diane when Diane praises Bob's performance behind the bar and offers him more work without consulting her daughter. Things go from bad to worse when Bernice finds herself covering for Diane, who is suffering from a hangover. Tension mounts and Bernice is forced to remind her mother that it's her name over the door and she's in charge.

Charity and Chris try to undermine Scott at every opportunity and have a dig at his status as a small businessman. Chloe is amused but she can see that Scott is clearly offended. She tries to placate him but manages only in making him feel patronised.

Viv overhears Diane praising Bob's bar skills but, still unaware that he has even worked at the Woolpack, she immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion and assumes that she is flirting with him. Viv challenges Bob over the intimate tête-à-tête but Bob dismisses her concerns. She remains unconvinced and serves him a warning to steer clear of Diane.

Edna, meanwhile, stocks up on every available variety of dog food to try a taste test on Tootsie and discover his favourite flavour.

Episode 3131

Tuesday 12 March 2002 at 7pm

Scott tries to get his relationship with Chloe back on an even keel and apologises for not being more supportive, suggesting that a break would do her good. She is concerned that he can't afford a holiday, but he insists that he can and starts making humble plans. But Charity gets wind of their plans and steps in with an offer of giving them some money to make it a luxury getaway. Chloe is delighted but Scott is convinced that Charity has intentionally stolen his thunder.

Diane has taken Bernice's words to heart and deliberately dodges responsibility at the pub. Bernice arrives to find the Woolpack in chaos and berates her mum until she reminds her that it is Bernice's pub. After a heart-to-heart with Rodney, Diane makes a conciliatory approach to Bernice and is relieved to meet halfway. Mum and daughter agree that they should reach a compromise and Diane suggests that she becomes joint licensee. But things are still a little rocky at home for Bernice and Ashley is upset when he hears that Bernice spent most of her night out chatting with a stranger.

Despite Bob's reservations, Viv is forging ahead with her plans for the café and sets out on a shopping expedition. Bob warns her that she hasn't yet been granted planning permission and warns her not to go splashing out. But his words fall on deaf ears and he is furious when she returns home armed with furniture.

Cain is surprised but eager when Ray asks him to pick-up and deliver a car to a garage in Hotten. But the car is pranged by Emily en-route and, in sheer panic, Cain asks Scott to repair it. Cain is forced to cover his tracks when Ray catches up with him and asks him if the delivery went smoothly.

Hindered by her drink-drive ban, Zoe is on the look-out for a driver and agrees that she could do worse when Charity suggests Craig.

Episode 3132

Wednesday 13 March 2002 at 7pm

Ray is not a happy man when he overhears Emily telling Cain that she intends to pay for the damage to the car he was delivering. Scott, meanwhile, is stunned to discover that the chassis number has been filed off the car. When Ray calls round to ask after the car, Scott promises to repair it quickly and with discretion. Ray is impressed and assures Scott that he will be paid well for the work.

Scott is delighted and offers to take Chloe for an expensive meal, safe in the knowledge that it won't eat into their holiday fund. Charity snipes that she eats at the restaurant all the time, but Scott is feeling bolstered and enjoys needling Charity in return.

Bob is surprised to see that Viv is still making café plans, and thought they'd agreed they couldn't afford it. But Bob is stunned when she reveals that she has solved their problem - by provisionally agreeing to re-mortgage the house. Bob is outraged and forced to look for a way to raise more money. He is delighted when Diane says he can have more work at the pub, but is fearful of Viv.

Jack invites Katie to stay for tea but doesn't count on her dad's reaction. Brian is furious when she doesn't come home and makes it clear to Andy that he is concerned about their relationship.

Ashley is angry with Bernice for not mentioning the man in the night-club and suggests that she is hiding something. She points out that he's got to learn to trust her again and their marriage will only work if they are completely honest with each other.

Episode 3133

Thursday 14 March 2002 at 7pm

There is conflict in the village over food and beverage sales as Diane winds Viv up about her plans for a more extensive menu, telling her she will be the joint licensee of the Woolpack. Viv complains that Diane is trying to undermine her café plans with the competition. Viv is furious when Bob tells her of his plans to be working in the rivalry Woolpack. Bob tries to justify himself and starts to explain that he is concerned over the cost of the café. Viv seems to be getting Diane back for bickering about menu plans by keeping Bob chatting at the bar not allowing him to serve customers. Diane is becoming increasingly irate.

Andy and Katie seize the opportunity to snuggle up together at Katie's house as Brian is working late. Donna makes herself unwelcome as she decides that she will stay with them for the evening. Andy is frustrated when he later arrives home and complains to Jack about not being left alone with Katie.

Zoe is feeling guilty about putting her foot in it with Ashley and Bernice. Angie reassures Zoe she did the right thing as they have a heart to heart in the pub. They make arrangements to meet up the following day. Zoe is pleased that she is making a new companion.

Episode 3134

Friday 15 March 2002 at 7pm

Diane is unhinged to see Viv following Bob into the Woolpack as he is due to start work. As Diane protests Viv replies that it is a public bar and she can come and go as she pleases. As Diane offers to show Bob how to change a barrel Viv follows as she is suspicious of why Bob has left the bar with Diane. Diane blows a fuse when she sees Viv behind the bar in a non-public area, although Viv claims she was looking for the toilet.

Viv goes on to cause more problems by accusing Bob of flirting with Angie. Diane finally blows a fuse and bars Viv from the pub for good. On Bob's return from work he finds the door locked. As Viv appears she explains, in spite, that if she is barred from the pub he is barred from their home.

Cynthia calls round to take Jack to the pub. Jack, seeing Andy moping about, suggests they invite Brian out. Andy 's chuffed to see that Jack has done him a favour as Katie will be alone. He makes his way over. Andy and Katie make the most of their time together, sprawled on the settee kissing passionately.

Pollard is stuck for a partner to take to the Business Awards. Keen to raise his public profile Pollard agrees that the 'confirmed bachelor' image isn't what he should be promoting.

Zoe and Angie have their arranged drink in the Woolpack. The evening goes well until Zoe tries to make a drunken pass at Angie. Angie rebuffs her. Zoe, not prepared to take no for an answer, moves in to kiss Angie. Angie insists firmly that she is not interested and leaves Zoe in the Woolpack. Zoe is stunned to see that the whole pub has witnessed her pass.