Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002

#Episodes #3115-3124; 18 February - 1 March 2002

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Episode 3115

Monday 18 February 2002 at 7:00pm

Tonight's episode is a dramatic four-hander featuring Bernice, Ashley, Rodney and Diane...

After weeks of mental torture following the birth of her baby daughter, things finally come to a head for Bernice in dramatic fashion. Fraught and at the end of her tether, she finally throws the towel in and declares that she can't take motherhood a day longer. She pleads with her mother, Diane, to collect her belongings from the vicarage - but not baby Gabby.

But Diane has heard enough and tries to slap some sense into Bernice - literally. When this fails, Diane calls up Rodney and insists he comes over to try and help resolve the situation. Ashley follows suit and arrives as Rodney and Diane are giving Bernice a brutal tongue-lashing.

Ashley is still confused by his wife's actions and convinced that he is the one to blame, while Rodney and Diane start questioning why they hadn't spotted their daughter's problems earlier.

But will it all prove to be the undoing of Bernice or will the short sharp shock treatment have the desired effect?

Episode 3116

Tuesday 19 February 2002 at 7:00pm

Bernice and Ashley have a major battle on their hands if they are to save their troubled marriage. Ashley resolves to look after Gabby to take some of the pressure off his wife. He also enlists Edna's help in organising the village in bloom contest, so that Bernice has one less thing to deal with. Rodney is pleased when Bernice arrives to talk to him and Diane about her recent behaviour. Diane agrees to listen, but will they be able to patch up their own differences following their recent argument?

Paddy grows increasingly tired of Zoe's reluctance to pull her weight at the vets. He tries to discuss the subject with her, but she takes exception to what he says. Paddy discusses the problem with Emily and his mind begins to race when she comes up with a solution to their problems.

Lisa tries to get to the bottom of why Zak hates his mother so much. But her efforts are futile and he refuses to answer her questions. Her blood begins to boil when Zak refuses to collect his mother from Seth's house and she is left with the less than pleasant task of collecting the mother-in-law from hell!

Lisa encourages Cynthia to tell Terry how she feels about him. She resolves to give it a go, but is left frustrated when Terry fails to grasp what she is trying to say.

Robert turns detective in his hunt for the person who sent him his Valentine card. But who can the mysterious sender be?

Episode 3117

Wednesday 20 February 2002 at 7:00pm

The pressure of work is beginning to take its toll on Paddy. He decides to have another word with Zoe about her reluctance to pull her weight at the vets, but he becomes increasingly annoyed when she refuses to listen. As Paddy's anger grows, Zoe eventually sees the light and offers to cover his night shift.

Relieved to have an evening off, Paddy is treated to some more good news when he discovers that he has received a large sum of money from the sale of his mother's house. But his good mood is tested when Zoe calls and asks him to go and see a sick horse. Paddy refuses, and with no other choice Zoe is forced to attend instead - a decision she will live to regret.

Ollie is disappointed when Angie tells her that she can't afford to buy her some new clothes as she is absolutely broke. Len decides to treat his grand daughter, but Angie is not happy about his generosity as she can't help feeling that she is a charity case.

Cain is less than committed when Latisha tries to persuade him to take her out for the evening.

Andy seizes the opportunity to tease Robert about his attempts to chat up Lucy. Bernice and Ashley decide to see a marriage counsellor.

Episode 3118

Thursday 21 February 2002 at 7:00pm

Zoe's drink-drive nightmare begins to kick in and she finds the Emmerdale community less than sympathetic to her plight. She does find an unlikely ally in Paddy, however, who agrees to support her when she reveals that she is likely to face a driving ban. But Emily isn't happy about Paddy's choice as she knows it could well spell the end to their dream of him setting up in business alone.

Lisa continues to chip away at Zak and insists that he stay at home to look after Belle. But Zak has other ideas and tricks Cain into a spot of baby-sitting. But even he makes a sharp exit when Latisha arrives and she and Peg are left holding the baby. Lisa is outraged and wastes no time in laying into Zak upon his return. Never one to miss a chance, Peg joins in and an almighty Dingle-dong erupts.

Ashley continues to try and help Bernice through her darkest hour and looks after the baby at every opportunity. He realises that won't be enough, though, and makes an appointment for Bernice to see a counsellor.

Over at the village shop, Viv is dreaming up plans to make it big. She has decided that her backroom could be the key to prosperity.

Episode 3119

Friday 22 February 2002 at 7:00pm

Lisa has had more than she can take of Zak bemoaning his mother and is determined to discover the problem between the two of them. First she snaps with Peg and reveals that Zak is never home - because he hates his mum! And Lisa's mood is no better when Zak returns from the pub with Cain and she angrily confronts him about the bad blood between him and his mum. Zak finally explodes with rage and sends shockwaves through the Dingle household with an outrageous accusation.

Zoe faces the court and gets the comeuppance she deserves. She drowns her sorrows but things don't get much better when Viv lets slip that Paddy is planning to go it alone.

Things are looking up for Angie, though, and she is delighted when Len offers to invest in their future by using his money to save the family home.

Robert finally builds up the courage to face Lucy and is delighted when she agrees to go out with him. But things aren't quite so rosy for Andy when Katie reveals that she might be moving away.

Episode 3120

Monday 25 February 2002 at 7:00pm

Peg confronts Zak after his revelation that she killed his father. She tells him it is time that he accepts that his father abandoned him. It's all too much for Zak, who demands that Peg leave the house. He is hurt as it becomes clear that his only ally is Sam as neither Lisa, nor Cain, believe him. But Zak isn't about to roll over and swears to prove that he is telling the truth - whatever it takes.

Katie and Andy consider the bleak prospect of Katie having to move away. Things look up when Andy hears that there is a job going at Home Farm and Katie promises to suggest it to her father. Could this be the end to their problems or just a false dawn?

Len decides that Angie needs a boost and encourages her to try and find a new man.

Scott, meanwhile, has his own relationship worries and becomes increasingly convinced that Chloe may be using him.

Episode 3121

Tuesday 26 February 2002 at 7:00pm

Zak sneaks out at night determined to find proof about his dad's death. But he doesn't get far before Cain and Sam catch up with him and demand to know what he is up to. Zak explains that he believes he knows where his dad is buried and is determined to prove it. Armed with shovels, the Dingle trio set about digging for the truth - but they discover more than they bargained for!

Andy and Katie are excited about her dad's interest in the estate manager's job. Even more so when he lands an interview. They celebrate with a passionate kiss until Jack discovers themhorizontal.

Marlon is furious and thinks that Tricia is out of her tree when he hears that she has been splashing out their rent money on the garden. Meanwhile, Ray hints to Tricia that he may be able to help her out.

Scott becomes increasingly unnerved by Charity's influence on Chloe when it comes to men.

Episode 3122

Wednesday 27 February 2002 at 7:00pm

Diane tries to convince Jack to swallow his pride and apply for the job at Home Farm. He eventually gives in and goes for an interview. Things go surprisingly well thanks in no small part to a little encouragement from Charity. Jack is a happy man when he returns home and the kids are gob smacked when he tells them his good news.

Tricia decides that if you've got it - flaunt it. Anxious with money worries, she tries her hand at flirting herself into solvency.

Bernice is relaxed about their Marriage Counselling session tomorrow and is hopeful that it will make a difference to her relationship with Ashley.

Lisa is worried about Zak as he is still intent on discovering the truth about his father. She consoles him and he tells her that he is desperate to know the truth.

Katie is disappointed when her father fails to get the Home Farm Estate Manager job and it looks as though she might have to leave Emmerdale after all.

Episode 3123

Thursday 28 February 2002 at 7:00pm

Jack is upbeat about his new job. Meanwhile, Andy is gloomy that Katie's father didn't get the Estate Manager's job and she might have to move away. But Jack could hold the key to his son's happiness. He is told that he must find a new Home Farm gardener and Katie's dad immediately springs to mind.

Bernice and Ashley are nervous as they approach their first marriage counselling session. Will they unlock the door to their happiness or just reveal more skeletons in the closet?

Paddy takes pity on a homeless dog and decides to offer it a temporary home.

Zak is still intolerant of his mum and tells Peg that he will never forgive her for the years that he has spent without a father.

Episode 3124

Friday 1 March 2002 at 7:00pm

Ashley and Bernice enjoy the time they spend together. They are both happy that things are going well between them and the counselling seems to be working for them. Ashley feels touched with happiness and Bernice is convinced that their problems are coming to an end.

Paddy is becoming close to the sick dog. He secretly wonders if Edna would like to care for another pet. But he is clearly wide of the mark when she refuses to even listen to his suggestions. Edna is clearly moved, though, when Emily tells her the dog's sad story and Paddy wonders if it is only a matter of time before she will be ready to put Batley in the past and embrace another pet.

Tricia's idea of making a fast buck from tips comes to nothing and Louise is forced to offer her an advance to pay the rent. Tricia gladly accepts - not realising the trouble it is about to cause with Marlon, who is convinced that their money situation will now be even worse.

And Diane reacts no better when she learns of Louise's part in the advance, until she points out that Bernice has given her more responsibility.