Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002

5 February - 15 February 2002

Updated 25 July 2004

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No Episode on Monday 4 February

Episode 3106

Tuesday 5 February 2002 at 7:00pm

Nicola's vendetta is beginning to take its toll on Maggie and, unable to take the pressure, she decides to take the day off work to recuperate. But Maggie cannot rest and her suspicions go into overdrive when she discovers a strange earring in her bedroom. On closer inspection she realises that it matches the one that Nicola lost. She promptly storms into the Woolpack and accuses Nicola of having an affair with Phil.

Ashley puts his foot down when Bernice asks him to look after Gabby. He explains that she will have to take responsibility for their child as he has a parish to run.

Zak is chuffed when he manages to re-negotiate the contract for supplying the local garden centre with gnomes. But the net begins to close in on Lisa and Sam, when Pollard discovers that a consignment of paint has gone missing.

Jess is pleased when Nicola agrees to let her move in with her.

And Bob surprises Viv with a belated anniversary meal.

Episode 3107

Wednesday 6 February 2002 at 7:00pm

There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel for troubled Bernice and Ashley. A call from a desperate parishioner leaves Ashley in a quandary because he is meant to be looking after baby Gabby. He goes in search of Bernice but becomes frustrated when he can't find her and is forced to leave the baby with Diane at the pub. The delay means that Ashley is too late to help his parishioner and he vents his fury at Bernice for letting both her daughter and him down.

Maggie reflects on the humiliation she brought on herself the previous evening and humbly apologises to Rodney for her behaviour. Rodney is intrigued by her accusations about Nicola but Maggie admits that she cannot substantiate her claims and offers to hand in her notice.

Marc is worried that fellow inmate Gaz is going to blow the whistle on him after discovering that his mum is a policewoman. As Gaz toys with him about Angie, Marc rises to the bait and he serves Gaz a sharp reminder about the reason he was banged-up in the first place. But will Gaz remain tight-lipped or is the clock ticking for Marc?

Episode 3108

Thursday 7 February 2002

FeIt's the day of Gabrielle's christening, but after all of Bernice and Ashley's recent problems, it will be a miracle if the day goes without a hitch. Rodney and Diane are concerned when he notices that Bernice is not as motherly towards Gabrielle as she could be. His worries are justified, when Bernice explains that she is living a lie, struggling to really care for her daughter and afraid to love her.

Zak's latest scam of selling Pollard's gnomes behind his back, hits a snag when the manager of the Garden Centre refuses to pay him in cash and instead, hands him a cheque made out to Eric Pollard.

Nicola basks in her new role as acting manager of the holiday village. When Maggie arrives to see Craig, Nicola takes the opportunity to twist the knife that little bit further.

Edna is distressed when Paddy gives her bad news about her dog.

And Cynthia is disappointed to hear how besotted Terry is with Louise.

Episode 3109

Friday 8 February 2002 at 7:00pm

Ashley is becoming increasingly scared that he is on the verge of losing Bernice and his daughter again. He admits to Zoe that he doesn't truly understand Bernice's vision of the future and he is scared to find out in case it doesn't feature him.

Upon his return home, Ashley fears the worst when Bernice decides to reveal her true feelings once and for all.

Pollard's blood begins to boil when he receives a phone call from the local garden centre querying a delivery of garden gnomes. The penny drops when the manager begins to describe the appearance of the employee he has been dealing with. Pollard storms round to the Dingles to demand some answers and he isn't in the mood for excuses.

Edna is concerned to hear that Batley's an exploratory operation.

And things don't look any better when Paddy calls later with the results.

Maggie decides to escape her problems in the village by going away with Lucy for a few days. She is please when Phil visits her and admits that he is missing her.

Episode 3110

Monday 11 February 2002 at 7:00pm

This episode is critically acclaimed and Batley won an award for Best Exit at the Soap Awards in May 2002.

It’s all or nothing as Bernice and Ashley are forced to face the future: Will she stay or will she go?

Edna faces a lonely future as Batley takes a turn for the worse.

Phil takes steps towards a reconcilliation with Maggie

[with special thanks to Karen Illingsworth
Duty Officer
Yorkshire Television ]

It's the day after the night before, and Ashley can't help thinking that just because he and Bernice slept together, it means that all their problems are behind them. Bernice tries to talk to Ashley, but he uses every opportunity to evade her for fear of what she might say. Bernice persists and eventually he is forced to listen as she tells him how she really feels about their relationship.

Paddy is subdued by the prospect of attending his mother's funeraland Emily tries to comfort him. Also he is concerned by Edna's refusal to accept his advice that it would be humane to put her dog to sleep. He approaches Len and asks him to have a word with Edna. Len approaches her, but will he manage to make her see sense?

Zak is furious to discover that Pollard has fired Lisa and Sam for their part in his gnome scam. He goes in search of the crooked businessman, and is pleasantly surprised to find him sweet talking a fellow councillor into supporting his campaign to become the local Mayor. Zak manages to get Pollard on his own and demands that he gives Lisa and Sam their jobs back or he will sabotage his meeting.

And Jess tries to persuade Phil into letting her go on a school skiing trip.



Bernice is in her and Ashley's bed at the vicarage. As she wakes she reaches across the bed but Ashley has gone. Gabrielle starts to cry Bernice goes to her; Lisa and Sam are in the Hope's shop buying biscuits for the factory. Emily tells them it is Mrs Kirk funeral today. Pollard enters and fires Sam and Lisa from the factory and tells them if Zak does not return the cheque to him today he will involve the police; Edna calls at the vet surgery and asks Paddy for some more antibiotics for Batley. She is convinced Batley will be well again. Paddy tells her that she must understand that the dog's condition is terminal and he is a lot of pain. Eventually Paddy agrees to give Batley some more painkillers to give Edna some more time to think about the diction she must make; Outside the surgery Edna rushes past Zoe. Ashley stops to talk to Zoe. He is out running. He tells he that he and Bernice slept together last night and he thinks their relationship may of turned a corner; Lisa and Sam arrive back at the Dingles and Lisa tells Zak that she and Sam have been sacked. Zak is furious. Sam tells Zak that Pollard wants his money back. Peg comments, Lisa blames Peg. Zak refuses to give the money back; In the chalet Jess asks Phil if he will lend her the money to go skiing with her friends. Craig tells Phil if Jess goes he wants to too. Phil refuses; In the vicarage Bernice is having no luck in breast feeding Gabrielle. Ashley returns from his run and refuses to talk about what happened between them last night; In the Woolpack Pollard is having a drink with a Councillor Ledbetter. Louise serves Pollard with flattery and a smile. Pollard asks the councillor for his support in his MP campaign. Alan asks Jack is he has found a buyer for the rest of his land? Pollard shouts to Jack and Alan in and over friendly manner. They are suspicious of him; Paddy calls at the garage and tells Len about Edna and her refusal to admit Batley is very ill. Len offers to have a word; In the Woolpack Phil asks Jess to make more of an effort with Maggie. Zak approaches Pollard and demands to talk to him. Zak promises to tell Pollards friend what sort of man he really is, if he doesn't give Sam and Lisa their jobs back.


In the Woolpack Zak continues to make demands from Pollard and asks him for the money from the job. Pollard tells Zak to wait outside for him. Councillor Ledbetter goes. Pollard gives Louise a £10 tip for her service; Len calls to see Edna at her cottage. She tells him that Batley is sleeping. Len tries to tells Edna it is not fair in letting the dog carry on; In the Dingles Lisa is making a shopping list with Sam and gets into an argument with Peg over her lack of financial contribution. Zak arrives home and tells Lisa he has got them their jobs back and £50 for the making of the gnomes; In Edna's cottage Len tries to talk to Edna about Batley's fate; In the vets cottage Paddy and Emily are getting ready to leave for Mrs Kirk's funeral. Paddy just wants to check the surgery one last time before they go to make sure Edna hasn't called in; In Edna's cottage, Edna tries to get Batley to eat, Batley refuses. Edna cries over the little dog and tells him she loves him; In the vicarage Ashley is still making excuses not to talk to Bernice about their relationship; Paddy and Emily are in the vet surgery and are about to leave for the funeral. Edna arrives with Batley and tells Paddy it is time; In the vicarage Ashley and Bernice decide to try and live happy ever after. They kiss; In the surgery Edna holds Batley whilst Paddy gives him an injection to put him to sleep. Paddy leaves Edna alone to say good bye to her little dog. Batley closes his eyes.

Episode 3111

Tuesday 12 February 2002 at 7:00pm

Edna is still overcome with grief, but is grateful when Len and Ashley offer to lighten her load. Bernice may be having problems adjusting to motherhood, but her marriage seems to have improved no end since her daughter's birth. Diane is pleased when Bernice tells her that her relationship with Ashley seems to be back on track. Things go from strength to strength when Bernice asks Ashley if he would like to go for a walk with her and Gabby, and he enthusiastically accepts the invitation. Zak's hopes of suing the council for damages are dealt a massive blow when Peg lets slip to the solicitor that Sam didn't fall down a hole in the street - he fell down the stairs at home. Jack is relieved when Cynthia offers to baby sit Victoria for him while he attends a job interview. However, Chris is not best pleased when he returns home and catches Cynthia looking after Victoria. Maggie puts on a brave face when Rodney tells her to enjoy the rest of her break, as Dale Park is in very safe hands - Nicola's.

Episode 3112

Wednesday 13 February 2002 at 7:00pm

Relations in the Calder/Weston house reach an all time low when Maggie tells Jess that she is not allowed to go on a skiing trip with her friends. Their argument takes on a venomous edge when Jess mentions the strange earring, which was found under Maggie's bed. Maggie accuses Jess of planting the earring in an attempt to break her and Phil up. Unable to take their bickering any longer, Phil storms out, much to their amazement. Jack swallows his pride and approaches Chris to see if he is interested in buying his land. Chris takes the opportunity to wind Jack up for coming to him cap in hand. But the pair manage to put their past disagreements behind them and strike a deal. Bernice is pleased when Diane offers to baby sit Gabby on Valentines Night, so that she and Ashley can spend the evening together. Lisa plays matchmaker and suggests that Cynthia should try and impress Terry by serenading him at the Woolpack karaoke night. And still grieving, Edna is exploited by Pollard, much to Len's fury.

Episode 3113

Thursday 14 February 2002 at 7:00pm

It may be Valentine's Day, but while some people are celebrating the occasion, for others the day is destined to end in heartbreak. Ashley and Bernice are surprised when Diane and Rodney arrive at the vicarage laden down with champagne and a romantic meal for them.

During the meal, Ashley is puzzled when Bernice begins to question who she is, and his concerns grow when she admits that she is having trouble adjusting to parenthood. But as the night goes on, they begin to grow closer and as their evening draws to a close, they end up in a passionate embrace.

At the Karaoke night in the Woolpack, Cynthia is upset when Terry fails to notice her attempts to impress him. But, Terry is also left deflated when he misreads signals from the opposite sex.

Diane is amused when Rodney starts to reminisce about their relationship, and attempts to get amorous with her.

Edna is puzzled when she receives an unmarked envelope containing her mother's engagement ring and can't work out where it's come from.

Phil tries to repair his relationship with Maggie by suggesting that it might be a good idea if Jess went away on the skiing trip to give them some space. But he is left exasperated when Maggie complains that it sounds too much like a reward.

Episode 3114

Friday 15 February 2002 at 7:00pm

The baby blues have been taking their toll on Bernice recently, but any hopes of adjusting to motherhood are dealt a massive blow when she is left to look after Gabby on her own. Her daughter's constant crying begins to drive Bernice to distraction.

Ashley returns home at lunchtime to find the place in chaos and Bernice plainly not coping - but worse is yet to come.

Andy and Robert tease Jack when Cynthia invites him out to the cinema as a thank you for baby sitting Kirk.

Jess packs her bags for her ski trip, but before she leaves, she promises Phil that she will try to be better to Maggie when she gets back.

Emily is annoyed when her night is ruined when Zoe asks Paddy to cover the evening surgery for her.

And Andy is worried to hear that Katie's dad is looking for a new job and they might have to move.