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Episode 3090

Monday 14 January

Life as a single mother is taking its toll on Bernice and, unable to deal with the pressure, she takes her frustration out on everyone around her. The situation doesn't improve when the midwife arrives and suggests that a pub is not necessarily the best place for a baby. Ashley is worried when Bernice visits him and tells him of the midwife's concerns. Seizing the opportunity he suggests that they should move in to the vicarage. Viv discovers that the local MP is standing down and decides to run for office herself. Meanwhile Pollard visits Chris and asks him to support his campaign. Charity is pleased to hear of his visit and is convinced that it may be the ideal way to blackmail Pollard into helping her land the refuge contract. Paddy grows frustrated by his mother's attempts to contact him. After yet another phone call, he tells her not to ring again. Emily is surprised when Barbara calls her at work and tells her that she is ill. She relays their conversation to Paddy, but he refuses to believe his mother's story, convinced that she is crying wolf yet again. Background Tricia's hopes of entering the property market are dealt a blow when she discovers that she can't afford the house prices. And Betty becomes irritated by the amount of time Seth is spending on his computer.

Episode 3091

Tuesday 15 January

Ashley is excited that Bernice and their baby are moving back to the vicarage. But will he be able to forgive and forget her recent indiscretions? Diane isn't pleased to hear of her daughter's plans, but Bernice assures her that it is for the best. Ashley is thrilled to see Bernice, but she can't help feeling awkward at the situation she has got herself in. Her concerns about adjusting to motherhood grow when she sees how natural Ashley is with the baby. Charity's scheming finally pays off when she blackmails Pollard into helping her land the council's refuge contract for Tate Haulage. Chris is impressed to hear that she has managed to get one over the scheming councillor. Paddy and Emily reach the end of their tether when his mother continues to plague them with phone calls. Desperate to escape her clutches, the pair make final preparations for their holiday in Ireland. Tricia has a brain wave and suggests to Marlon that they should try and buy Kathy's cottage. But Marlon isn't convinced that they will get a mortgage.

Episode 3092

Wednesday 16 January

Motherhood is not agreeing with Bernice. Desperate to escape her new role, she offers to help in the Woolpack during the lunch time rush. But as the hours go by, Diane becomes convinced that Bernice does not want to return home. Diane asks her if things are working out with Ashley at the vicarage. But she is thrown when Bernice confesses that she is unable to cope with the baby and is convinced that it is more than post-natal depression. Paddy's life is becoming unbearable as Barbara continues to plague him with phone calls. Unable to deal with her constant attempts to contact him, he enlists Jason's help to vet his calls. Tricia comes up with a novel way of putting prospective buyers off Kathy's cottage - by telling them that the local prostitute lives next door! Donna is disappointed when she receives a rejection letter from the army. Bob offers to help her find an alternative career, but she is unimpressed when Viv suggests that she could work for the Post Office. Nicola is thrilled when Bernice invites her to her niece's christening. And Pollard tries to enlist Ray's support for his campaign to become an MP.

Episode 3093

Paddy and Emily try to push ahead with their holiday despite the unwanted attention of his mother, who is still plaguing him with phone-calls. As much as he tries to ignore her, guilt gets the better of Paddy who eventually decides to pop in and see her on the way to the airport. He is furious when he finds that she isn't home and is convinced it is just another of her games. But as he and Emily reach the airport, Paddy receives some devastating news about his mum from Jason. Marlon is anxious that the cottage must sell quickly because he knows that Kathy will need the money for her fresh start down under. He decides to drop in and see how Tricia is getting on showing prospective buyers around - but is outraged when he discovers her plan to put them off the house instead of encouraging them to buy it! Nicola is becoming increasingly annoyed as Maggie shines at the Holiday Village. Nicola isn't impressed by her idea for a website to promote the park - but Rodney thinks it is a winner. Viv starts to question why Donna was turned down for the army and has a theory that it may be down to more than just her involvement in the hit and run. And Chloe gets a surprise visit from the police investigating an allegation of prostitution.

Episode 3094

Friday 18 January

Paddy agonises over how he treated his mum before her death and is angry at himself for ignoring her pleas for help. Guilt eats away at him and, in his pain, he starts to blame Emily for what has happened. He later discovers that some pills were found and fears that his mum may have taken her own life. During a visit to his mother's house, Emily discovers a letter to Paddy but can't bring herself to reveal its contents to him. Marlon is still fuming at Tricia for her scheming over the cottage. Tricia stands firm, but the situation blows into a full-scale row and Marlon has to decide if he can take any more. Betty is becoming increasingly suspicious of Seth's odd behaviour. None more so than when he appears all dressed-up, but refuses to let on where is going. She wants some answers and calls in the help of Lucy, who discovers that he has been receiving emails from a mysterious woman. Betty is furious and becomes convinced that Seth has got a woman on-the-side. Fed-up of Maggie hogging the limelight at the Holiday Village, Nicola comes up with an idea to rival her website plan. She dreams up a marketing scheme that will see her become The Face of the park. And Bob finds himself piggy in the middle when Pollard reveals that he is going up against Viv as the local MP - and asks Bob to be his election agent.

Episode 3095

Monday 21 January

Emily agonises over whether she should give Paddy the letter that his mother wrote shortly before her death. Unable to decide what to do, she shows the letter to Jason. He admits that it sounds like a suicide note, and suggests that Paddy has a right to see it. Emily plucks up the courage to show Paddy the letter. But she has second thoughts when he reveals that the only thing holding him together is his belief that his mother didn't take her own life, because she would have left a suicide note. Marlon is furious to discover that Tricia has changed the locks on Kathy's house and is intending on claiming squatter's rights. Exasperated by her behaviour, he threatens to move out, but will the pair be able to resolve their differences before it is too late? Jason is left in a quandary when he is offered a new job in Leeds. Scott can't understand why he is so reluctant to take the job and is surprised when Jason explains that he doesn't want to leave Latisha and Kirk. Jason is concerned to hear that Latisha has racked up a huge bill with the catalogue company, and offers to pay her debts. Betty's suspicion that Seth is having an affair continues to eat away at her. She decides to follow him to his bowling match, and is left heartbroken by the scene that awaits her. Maggie sabotages Nicola's plans to become the face of the Holiday Village, by suggesting to Rodney that Chloe would be a better choice.

Episode 3096

Tuesday 22 January

Emily is at a loss as to what she should do with Barbara's letter. She considers giving it to Paddy, but has second thoughts. She then resolves to destroy it, but once again, changes her mind. Eventually, as Paddy tears himself apart worrying about what killed his mother, she hands him the letter - an act which threatens to destroy their relationship forever. Zak's pride takes a knock when he is unable to match the amount that Cain puts in to the housekeeping pot. He is impressed when Cain tells him that he has found work as a bouncer, and asks him if he could get him a job. However, Lisa is unimpressed by the idea. Tricia comes up with an ingenious way of solving her housing problems. She approaches Turner and asks him if he would buy Kathy's cottage and let it out to her. Scott is left puzzled when he sees Latisha and Cain deep in conversation. Jason is surprised to hear of Scott's suspicions and decides to have a word with Latisha. Jess and Nicola's mutual dislike of Maggie blossoms into friendship. And Betty and Seth have a heart to heart about the state of their relationship.

Episode 3097

Wednesday 23 January

Paddy is relieved when he receives a call from the coroner, informing him that his mother died from natural causes. The news sets him thinking and he soon realises that he needs to apologise to Emily for his recent behaviour. Like a knight in shining armour, Paddy rescues her from an argument with her furious driving instructor. The ice is broken and Paddy seizes the opportunity by asking Emily to marry him. Zak devises a get rich quick scheme which simply cannot fail - suing the council for compensation. He persuades Sam to take a dramatic fall down a pot hole in the hope that he might be injured. Unfortunately, their attempt is unsuccessful. Zak isn't finished yet and decides to go to extreme lengths to break Sam's arm. Robert's blood begins to boil when Jack announces that he is going to split the money from the sale of the farm land with him and Andy. Chloe advises Latisha to stop seeing Cain, but she ignores her advice and makes a date with the wayward Dingle regardless. Tricia and Marlon are thrilled to hear that Turner has put an offer in on Kathy's cottage.

Episode 3098

Thursday 24 January 2002 at 7:00pm

Peg Dingle arrives along with Elvis & Marilyn Dingle.

Zak is full of family pride - his son has broken his arm and it looks as though their scam to sue the council is going to pay off. But he is brought back down to earth with a bump, when cousins Elvis and Marilyn arrive, with his mother in tow. Zak is far from thrilled to see Peg, and even more horrified when his cousins do a bunk leaving her behind.

Emily is delighted when Paddy surprises her by proposing again, but this time on bended knee. Overjoyed by her news, Emily shows off her engagement ring to anyone who will see it.

Jason has a niggling feeling that Latisha may be lying to him about her feelings for Cain. She tries to put his fears at ease, but he refuses to listen.

Robert becomes increasingly infuriated by the attention that Andy is receiving from Jack. He confides to Donna that as far as he is concerned, Andy is not family and he does not deserve a share of the money from the sale of the farmland.

Charity comes up with a way of keeping Joseph out of her way - by off loading him on to Zoe.

Episode 3099

Friday 25 January 2002 at 7:00pm

Zak makes it clear that his mum is not welcome and is far from happy at the thought of her being in his home - let alone sleeping under the same roof. He goes to drastic lengths to make alternative arrangements for her and converts the Dingle van into a bedroom. After tempting Peg inside, Zak and his clan hotfoot it to the Woolpack for a swift pint. But as they return home under cover of darkness they are horrified to discover the van is ablaze.

More trouble is brewing between the Sugden boys as Robert continues to argue that Andy isn't entitled to any of the money from the sale of Jack's land. He lets nothing get in his way and takes great delight in forcing Katie to go home after barging in on her and Andy. Jack is concerned by the feud and desperate to resolve the situation.

Blissfully unaware of her relationship with Cain, Jason announces that he and Latisha are leaving for a fresh start in Leeds.

Chloe's warns Latisha to give Cain a wide berth but she is convinced that the friendship she has with Jason is an open one and refuses to heed her words.

And Pollard finds a monetary ally in his bid to become MP - in the form of Emmerdale's new Mr Big, Ray Mullen.

Episode 3100 - EXTRA EPISODE

Sunday 27 January 2002 at 7:00pm

It looked as though the Sugden's problems were finally behind them. But with Robert on the war path over Jack's decision to give Andy a share of his inheritance, anything could happen.

Robert approaches Chris who advises him that he should speak to a solicitor about his legal position. On returning home, an argument erupts, and in the heat of the moment, Robert admits that he is considering suing his father.

Charity basks in her role as a successful businesswoman, when she holds a press conference to announce the launch of Tate Trash. But her day takes a turn for the worse when Ray arrives at Home Farm to discuss the possibility of investing in their new venture. Charity tries to warn Chris that she doesn't trust Ray, but will he listen to her fears?

Jason excitedly tells anyone who will listen, about his plan to move to Leeds with Latisha. However, Latisha is somewhat subdued by the prospect of having to end her relationship with Cain.

Zak decides to takes Peg on a magical mystery tour - where the magic is that she will have disappeared on his return.

However Charity and Chris are not best pleased when they arrive home and discover that Zak has off loaded her onto them.

Episode 3101

Monday 28 January 2002 at 7:00pm

Robert and Andy are concerned that they have pushed Jack a little too far when he mysteriously vanishes into the night and fails to return home in the morning.

Diane is disturbed to hear of Jack's disappearance and tells the boys that they should be ashamed of themselves as their constant arguing undoubtedly drove Jack to disappear. Andy comes up with a brain wave and suggests that they should see if Jack has returned to the old farmhouse. However, they are disturbed by the scene that awaits them.

Bernice gets Jason thinking when she suggests that he should be careful as she thinks that Latisha may be using him. Her concerns seem justified, when Chloe comes across Latisha in a passionate clinch with Cain.

Peg overstays her welcome at Home Farm and Chris orders Terry to take her back to the Dingles'. Never to miss a golden opportunity, Zak agrees to take her back - but at a price.

And Zak decides there is no place like 'gnome' when he intercepts an order for Pollard's factory and decides to make a quick buck.

Diane is concerned that Bernice is neglecting her daughter. And Nicola is excited when Bernice asks her to be Gabrielle's Godmother.

Episode 3102

Tuesday 29 January 2002 at 7:00pm

Cynthia is tired of worrying about Latisha and her catalogue debts and drops in on her to demand she pay it off. But Latisha has news of her own for her mum - she is leaving for Leeds with Jason. Jason insists that he will pay off her debt despite Scott's warning that he is being used. His words of wisdom ring true when Jason spots Cain leaving Latisha's and unleashes a verbal assault on her. She apologises but Jason is in no mood for listening and their future together looks like it could be on the rocks.

Over at the holiday park, Nicola continues to meddle in Maggie's life and influences Jess. Phil insists that she is harmless but Maggie can see straight through her devious ways and gives Phil an earbashing when he takes a risk and joins Nicola and Jess for a drink.

Much to the delight of Marlon and Tricia, Kathy accepts Turner's offer on the cottage and the couple start making plans for their new home. It doesn't take long for Tricia to make her mark on the place and, much to Marlon's horror, sets about some garish decorating.

And Angie is preparing for a much welcomed return to work.

Episode 3103

Wednesday 30 January 2002 at 7:00pm

After discovering that Latisha has secretly being seeing Cain, Jason is convinced that he is doing the right thing by moving to Leeds for a fresh start on his own. Latisha is upset, but Scott has had enough of her and tells her to move out and back to her mum's.

Zoe coaxes Jason into attending his 'surprise' farewell knees-up at the Woolpack. Latisha arrives with the bash in full flow and is determined to clear the air with him before he leaves. But will he be in a forgiving mood or tell Latisha to swing her hook?

Nicola realises that her little mind games are getting to Maggie and she decides to turn up the heat. First she offers to let Jess stay with her whenever she wants and then lets air out of her own tyre so that Phil will come to her rescue. But she is at her most devious when she takes Phil's wallet from his jacket and plants the seed of doubt firmly in Maggie's mind.

Diane is thrilled to see that Bernice is seemingly starting to show real signs of caring for the baby. And she glows with pride when her daughter returns from a shopping trip with a beautiful christening gown.

Episode 3104

Thursday 31 January 2002 at 7:00pm

Jason Kirk leaves the village.

Trouble is brewing between Nicola and Maggie. Nicola is all ears when Jess tells her about how her dad and Maggie started their affair. Later that day, Nicola bumps in to Maggie and takes great pleasure in winding her up about her relationship with Phil. But the fun doesn't end there, and Nicola decides to put the next part of her plan in to action. She returns Phil's wallet just as he emerges from the shower. Maggie comes across the pair and is not best pleased to find Phil in a state of undress talking to her arch enemy. With blood pounding in her ears, Maggie warns Nicola to keep her hands off her man.

Ashley mistakenly assumes that Bernice feels that he is trying to take over looking after their baby. He apologises and tells her that he will give her more time with the baby. But little does he realise that Bernice was happy to escape from having to look after her daughter and the prospect of doing so, fills her with dread.

Jack decides it's time for a change of image and enlists Diane's to help him on a clothes shopping expedition.

Marc offers to help teach Gaz to read.

And Jason bids farewell to the village.

Episode 3105

Friday 1 February 2002 at 7:00pm

Nicola takes her vendetta against Maggie to new heights, but will Maggie be able to see through her scheming? Maggie is suspicious when Nicola tells her that she has bought some new earrings for a lunch date - but neglects to tell her it is with. When Nicola returns, Maggie notices that she has lost one of her earrings. With the seeds of doubt set firmly in Maggie's mind, Nicola sneaks in to her chalet, and plants her earring by Maggie and Phil's bed.

Ashley is pleased when Cynthia offers to look after Gabrielle, so that he can spend the evening with Bernice. The night goes well, but Bernice good mood is destroyed when they return home and Gabrielle begins to cry.

The Dingles sneak in to Pollard's factory to complete the 'gnome' order without his knowledge, so that they can pocket the proceeds for themselves.

Bob's plan to take Viv out for a meal to celebrate their anniversary, is ruined when he is forced to offer refunds after his dodgy perfume causes an allergic reaction.

And Ollie has a go at Viv and Betty for gossiping about her brother.