Emmerdale Episode Guide For The Year 2002

Updated 25th July 2004

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Episode 3081

New Year's Day

Marc is on edge ahead of his court appearance the following day and he wallows in his room, as if it is the last time he'll be able to.

Sean becomes concerned and asks Tara if she would mind playing second fiddle on this occasion. She seems happy enough until he seemingly stands her up later in the day and Andrew takes delight in rubbing Tara's nose in it.

Angie feels pushed out when Ollie joins Marc and Sean for a walk, but Sean drops a bombshell and tells them it is time he moved on from the village. Marc is stunned, but Ollie intimates that she would like to go with him.

Nicola takes great delight in watching Maggie row with Phil and Jess when they return to the holiday park. Jess finds herself defending her mum to Maggie before finding an unlikely ally in Lucy.

Ashley's New Year is made all the better for being able to spend it with Bernice and the baby. He offers to look after the baby to give Bernice a break - but she seems unnaturally keen to get back to work. Diane isn't too taken with the name Bernice has chosen for the baby and tries to put her off the idea. They later have a heart to heart and Bernice reveals that she won't be going back to the Vicarage.

Episode 3082

Wednesday 2 January

"The sentence of this court is......."

The events of September 10th have had a marked effect on Marc's life and he is terrified as he prepares for his day in court for the death of Miss Strickland. Donna ignores Viv's warning to stay away from him and gives Marc a lucky charm before he heads off to the courthouse. It seems it could have the desired effect when Marc learns that one of the more lenient judges is sitting. But it is not to be Marc's day as the judge hands down 12 months.

Andrew continues to bait Tara about Sean losing interest in her. The remarks hit home and decides to move her horses out of the Stud Farm and leave Emmerdale as soon as possible. Zoe is happy to see the stallions go but Andrew wonders if he hasn't shot himself in the foot.

Jess and Maggie are still at each other's throats and Phil finds himself caught in the crossfire. After yet another row, Phil drinks one too many and opens up to Nicola. Maggie isn't impressed as she watches Nicola getting closer to her man.

Eve takes her frustration out on Edna's dog and gives Batley a good kick - but Betty witnesses the attack and tells all to a disbelieving Edna.

Episode 3083

Thursday 3 January

Marc tries to adjust to life behind bars and makes friends with a fellow inmate. But life without him at home is tough for the Reynolds.

Charity gives Sean the day off but he confesses that he needs a lifetime away from the village. Chris offers to buy Sean's half of the haulage business for Charity and he gladly accepts. He announces to locals that he is leaving and Terry lets slip that Tara is on her way too. Sean visits her to ask her to leave with him but is angered when she refuses to commit herself. And things don't get any better for Sean when he ends up rowing with Angie after Ollie announces she is leaving with him.

Batley's welfare gives Edna cause for concern. She takes him to the vets where Paddy explains he has taken a sharp blow to the stomach. Edna confronts Eve and can't believe what she is hearing when Eve confesses to the attack on Batley and comes out with some more hard-hitting home truths. Edna demands that she leaves, but Eve has her over a barrel by reminding her that she must serve her community service.

Robert puts more pressure on Andy by telling him that he spent the entire day with Katie.

Episode 3084

Friday 4 January

Marc is stunned when he receives a visit from Sean and Ollie to tell him they are leaving the village for good. He accuses Ollie of being selfish and begs her not to leave. His words hit home and, much to Angie's joy, she decides not to leave. Sean pushes ahead with his plans, though, and says his farewells in the Woolpack. But he is stunned by the upper-class hitch-hiker he spots as he drives away from the village.

Lady Tara declares that she is leaving with him and he is only too happy to have her join him to make a new start together.

Jack is troubled by what the future holds for him and Seth assures him that he has made the right decision selling the farm.

Katie is fast becoming bored of Andy's jealousy and Robert's mind games. She throws Robert by announcing that she has decided to not skip reparation as planned, but Robert has the last laugh when Andy says he will be skipping it - unaware of the change of plan.

Eve is convinced that she has Edna wrapped round her little finger - but Edna has ideas of her own. She packs Eve's belongings into a suitcase and stuns her by announcing that she is shipping her out to live with her mother's sister in York - and she's leaving at once!

Episode 3085

Sunday 6th. January*

Andy finds himself in hot water when Jack discovers that he failed to turn up for his community service. But it's only the start of his problems, as Robert is desperate to make his life a living hell. As the gulf grows between Andy and Katie, Robert seizes the opportunity to make a less than subtle pass at Katie. But the brothers get physical when Andy discovers what has happened and confronts Robert.

Latisha regrets her rash spending when she receives a huge bill from the catalogue company. But Chloe's suggestion that she needs to get her spending under control, isn't what she wants to hear.

With rubbish building up outside Pollard's factory, Zak sees the chance to make a fast buck and persuades Sam to injure himself so that they can sue Pollard for damages. Meanwhile Charity has her own idea as to how she can benefit from the refuse strike, realising that where there's muck there's brass.

Marc struggles behind bars and doesn't think much of the employment officer's suggestion that he trains as a mechanic.

And Len is distressed when he discovers that he has been burgled.

Monday 7 January

No Emmerdale due to a One-Hour-Special Coronation Street at 7pm

Episode 3086

Tuesday 8 January

It's the end of an era for the Sugden family, as Emmerdale Farm goes under the hammer at auction. But Jack's hopes of escaping from his financial nightmare are dealt a blow when Chris tells him that he has no intention of bidding for the farm. Jack is distressed when the land fails to reach its reserved price and is withdrawn from the auction. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and a bidding war begins between Chris and Ray for the farmhouse.

Latisha confides in Jason that she is sick of her mother treating her like a child. She is excited when he suggests that she could move in with him, but there is one stumbling block - Scott.

Robert and Andy's battle for Katie reaches new heights, when Robert tells her that Andy was responsible for killing his mother. But his plan backfires when Katie rushes off to find Andy to hear his side of the story.

Charity is determined to land the refuse contract for the village and enlists the Dingles help to clear the rubbish from the streets, much to Pollard's annoyance.

Reeling from the burglary at his home, Len is pleased when Angie and Ollie suggest that he should continue living with them.

Episode 3087

Wednesday 9 January

Sparks begin to fly when Paddy receives a visit from his mother. Her attempts to repair her relationship with her son are dealt a massive blow when she starts to criticise his new choice of partner - Emily. Fed up with her attitude, Paddy stuns his mother when he demands that she leave immediately. Background Life as a single mother is taking its toll on Bernice. She agrees to let Ashley take the baby off her hands for the night, so that she can get a good night's sleep. But Diane is upset by the arrangements and enquires as to why Bernice didn't ask her first. Jack is in an emotional state as he moves out of Emmerdale Farm. Pollard takes advantage of the situation, and buys some china from him at a fraction of its value. Things are starting to look up for Latisha when she manages to get a job in Pollard's factory. Meanwhile, Scott begins to regret his decision to let Latisha and her baby move in to his house.Background And Len announces to Angie that he has put his house up for sale and plans to move into the village permanently.


Episode 3088

Thursday 10 January

Latisha has Cain very much on her mind and is delighted when he offers her a lift to Hotten, but Cynthia isn't taken by the idea of her daughter spending so much time with the wayward Dingle. Cain isn't happy when Latisha brings baby Kirk along and makes his excuses before disappearing. But he is soon back on the scene when a thief pounces and tries to steal Latisha's bag. The thief hadn't reckoned on Cain's intervention and he is soon sent packing. Jason isn't happy when Latisha announces that she is dropping some beer off to Cain as a thank you. And his concerns prove valid when beer leads to the bedroom! Diane fusses over the baby and suggests names that Bernice quickly rejects. Ashley and Diane love having the baby around - but Bernice is struggling to share their enthusiasm. Charity forges ahead with her attempts to land the refuse business, but Zoe isn't pleased that Charity is using Tate wagons. She thinks that Charity has ideas above her station, while Zak comes up with a master plan to tip the balance in Charity's favour. Paddy and Emily have had just about as much as they can take from his interfering mother. And despite Barbara's last ditch efforts to turn the situation around, Emily and Paddy decide enough is enough and start to stand up to her.

Episode 3089

Friday 11 January

After their night of passion Latisha tries to ignore Cain's advances. But even though she realises that she shouldn't have anything to do with him, she can't help but be attracted to him. Jason offers to baby sit for her, so that she can enjoy a night out with the girls - unaware that she plans to seize the opportunity to visit Cain instead! Ashley is upset when he spots Marlon walking his daughter. He visits Bernice and explains that he is worried that he will miss out on seeing her grow up. But will they be able to come to a happy compromise? Charity and Zak come up with an ingenious plan to persuade Pollard to give them the local refuse contract - sabotage! Tricia is excited when Marlon tells her that it is time that they started looking for a place of their own. Nicola is thrilled when Rodney takes her shopping. But her excitement is short lived when she discovers they are buying clothes for Bernice's baby. And Jack is forced to tell his kids that after paying off his debts, he will not have enough money to take them on holiday.