Created 12th October 2004
Updated & Finished (for now) 4th November 2004

Solomon Dingle

Played by: Paul Shane
Appeared: 19th October 2004, 20th October 2004, 21st October 2004, 22nd October 2004, 25th October 2004, 26th October 2004, 27th October 2004,
(began filming week beginning 13th September 2004).

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ITV.COM Hi-De-Hi Paul!

Thursday | 09.09.04

Former Hi-De-Hi legend Paul Shane is joining Emmerdale.

The veteran comic - who won a place in the nation's hearts as dodgy compere Ted Bovis - will play a Dingle.

And, true to Dingle form, his character Solomon was cause huge problems for the clan when he arrives. Rumour has it he will soon be embroiled in a bitter feud with patriarch Zak Dingle.

Paul will be filming his first scenes next week and viewers can enjoy the comedy hi-jinks from October onwards.

An Emmerdale spokesperson confirms, "Paul will appear for a few weeks.

'He will play Solomon Dingle who turns up in a camper van for a really big family party."

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ITV.COM King Solomon

Tues, 7.00pm | Oct 19th

Emmerdale's Zak Dingle faces his arch rival - cousin Solomon!

The proud patriarch is hosting a huge Dingle party and is horrified when Solomon arrives just in time to claim all the attention.

Poor Zak has put everything he's got into throwing the best bash possible. So when Solomon arrives and is greeted with such admiration by their relatives, Zak's furious.

And to make matters worse, Solomon is the current holder of the title 'King Dingle', an accolade Zak is desperate to have himself.

Sensing he can cause some mischief, sneaky Solomon challenges Zak to a contest for the title saying they must compete in five challenges to determine the best man.

Against wife Lisa's wishes, Zak jumps at the chance to wipe the smile of smug Solomon's face but regrets his haste when his conniving cousin insists the Dingle homestead is offered as a prize to whoever wins.


ITV.COM Dingle Despair

Wed, 7.00pm | Oct 20th

Emmerdale Zak Dingle faces ruin thanks to scheming cousin Solomon.

The two men are battling it out for the title of 'King Dingle' with the main prize being ownership of Zak's village homestead.

Although Zak should never have been stupid enough to accept Solomon's challenge, the proud patriarch couldn't lost face in front of his entire family.

But as sly Solomon takes an early lead in the first quiz contest, Zak begins to realise he may have jeopardised his whole future.

Luckily for Zak, his wife Lisa soon realises Solomon's victory has not been won by fair play. Like most Dingles, the trampy traveller doesn't play by the rules and Zak realises he will also need to bend them to claim victory.

While the two men battle it out in the arm wrestling round, Lisa slips to the Supermarket to guarantee her husband's performance in the fishing contest is the best.

However, while Zak is revelling in his victory, Solomon spots a label on the fish and demands he is stripped of the title immediately.

Realising he's sunk, humiliated Zak is forced to hand over his house to his conniving cousin and Solomon immediately makes himself at home.

Will Zak be forced to live in Solomon's grotty campervan forever?


ITV.COM So Long Solomon

Wed, 7.00pm | Oct 27th

Emmerdale rogue Solomon Dingle finally makes his exit.

The mean-spirited relative has descended on the Dingles determined to cause chaos for patriarch Zak and his wife Lisa.

Having beaten Zak in their contest last week, sly Solomon has got his feet firmly under the table at their homestead. Meanwhile Zak, Lisa and little Belle are forced to live in his squalid caravan.

But this week the crafty clan hit upon a new idea of how to oust Solomon from the village. Knowing the tattooed troublemaker just loves to cause chaos for those around him, the family decide they must put on a fašade of happiness to drive him out.

With even Shadrach on his best behaviour, the Dingles set about trying to convince miserable Solomon they are the richest people in the world thanks to the love they have for each other.

Will Solomon be able to stomach such devotion when all he wants to create is discord?

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