Created 21st June 2005

"baby Sarah"
(surname not yet confirmed in the scripts)

Appeared: 6th June 2005 -

Played by Lucy Warren/Lilly-May Bartley


Sarah was born to 15 year old Debbie Dingle (father Andy Sugden) in the Monday 6th June 2005 episode. (Be warned this episode was originally supposed to air on Sunday 5th so this may affect when her birthday is celebrated in later years).

Sarah is named for Andy's adoptive mother Sarah Sugden. She is Zak's first great-grandchild.



Paternal Biological Grandfather: Billy Hopwood
Paternal Biological Grandmother: not known

Paternal Adoptive Grandfather: Jack Sugden
Paternal Adoptive Grandmother: Sarah Sugden

Paternal Maternal Grandfather: Cain Dingle
Paternal Maternal Grandmother: Charity Tate

Paternal Great-Grandfather: Zak Dingle
Paternal Great-Grandmother: Faith Dingle

Father: Andy Sugden
Mother: Debbie Dingle

Other Significan relatives :-

Daz Eden & Noah Tate,

Lisa Dingle,

Belle Dingle

Shadrach Dingle

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