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Peg Dingle
Played by Jeanne Hepple

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Appeared: 24 January 2002 - 19 July 2002
Name: Máiréad Dingle, known as Peg (note in previous scripts she had been referred to as Molly.)

Wife of Jedediah Dingle:

Mother of at least: Ezra, Albert, Caleb, Shadrach, Zak and some reports suggest Zebediah - and there are probably others.

She had been dumped at Zak's house by his cousins' Elvis and Marylin. It soon became apparent that she is not liked by her son. He tried to deposit her on other Dingles and even left her at 'Home Farm' with Charity and her husband Chris Tate. As Peg did not fit in with the Tate social circle, Chris agreed to pay Zak a weekly sum of money to take her back. However relations did not improve between mother and son.

After weeks of tensions things came to a head when Zak accused Peg of killing his father Jedediah. Zak had believed this for years and had hero-worshipped his Dad. It later transpired that Jedediah had in fact run out on his family.

In April 2002 Peg made a play for Alan Turner and moved into his B&B. She drove other guests away and made Alan's life a mysery. In the end he and Rodney pretended they were homosexual lovers and Peg fled back to Zak's in disgust.

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ACTOR: Jeanne Hepple

FIRST APP: 24 January 2002


CHILDREN: Ezra, Albert, Caleb, Shadrach and Zak.

Elderly woman but with no frailties. She’ll drink anything alcoholic, is stubborn and troublesome and enjoys to cause problems for the people around her, particularly Zak.


Peg arrives in the village as an unwelcome surprise when Zaks cousins, Elvis and Marilyn arrive with her. After tricking the Dingles they manage to escape, leaving Peg behind.

Relations with Zak are very fraught, Peg believes her youngest son is quite a waste of space and the lack of respect is mutual. It is clear from the start that she will prove to be quite a troublesome and expensive houseguest. She instantly takes over the house and drinks them dry and eats all the food. Soon they decide to move Peg to the old caravan outside and after a few renovations she is moved to her new home. But this is to be short lived freedom for the Dingles after a convenient accident means that the van is burnt down and Peg has to resume residence in the house.

During her short time with the family she has managed to sabotage the several scams Zak has had on the go.

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