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Christopher Francis Tate 2nd
AKA Noah Tate

18th July 2004 with Zoe

Played by:
Alfie Mortimer

Born 1st March 2004

posthumous son of Chris Tate by 3rd wife Charity (nee Dingle)

half-brother of Debbie Jones & Joseph Tate

1st cousin of Jean Tate

Zoe Tate with her nephew Noah - who she is adopting as her own son and renaming him Christopher.

At birth he was named "Noah" by his mother. However his paternal aunt Zoe Tate decided to legally adopte him and renamed him "Christopher Francis." The adoption process went on for some months with the blessing of Charity. However to the shock of both Zoe and Charity, Zoe's adoption plans were rejected by the court and Social Services on Sunday 18th July 2004.

baby Christopher AKA Noah with his two mothers' Zoe and Charity

On Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th July 2004 Charity and Tom took the decision to take baby Christopher in to save him going into foster care. Wednesday 21st July 2004 Baby Christopher became known as Noah again and moved in with his mother Charity and her fiancee Tom King.

Noah AKA Christopher with tom and Charity

The Sun 24th February 2004,,2004082504,00.html

Charity's giveaway

Emotional ... Charity, right, with baby Noah and Debbie

Emotional ... Charity, right, with baby Noah and Debbie

EMMERDALE’S Charity Dingle wills her premature son to live — while planning to give him away. She collapses in jail and gives birth three months early to the 1lb mite.

Charity — Emma Atkins — calls him Noah then tells daughter Debbie (Charley Webb) he will be adopted.

But three men — including her dead hubby Chris — could be the dad. A source said: “Fans are in for a treat.”

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To the Soaps - 29th February 2004,,2001330006-2004091133_3,00.html


Sun to Fri - ITV1

Emma Atkins publicity shot with Teddy

PREGNANT Charity collapses in prison and has to be rushed to hospital for an emergency caesarean. She gives birth three months early to a tiny baby boy who weighs just 2lbs 2oz.

"One minute she is talking to her solicitor about her appeal and the next minute she’s being raced into the operating theatre," says Emma Atkins, who plays Charity.

Debbie and Zak dash to the hospital to be told that the baby has breathing difficulties and is fighting for its life in an incubator.

"Charity desperately wants her baby to pull through," says Emma. "She knows it’s touch and go because he is so premature, but she’s praying that he survives."

His birth immediately raises the question of who the father is. Chris, Cain and Marlon are all possibilities.

And it’s not long before the news reaches Emmerdale. Zoe insists the baby can’t be Chris’s, and tells Scott she wants nothing to do with it, and Marlon assures Paddy that Cain is the father.

"Charity’s emotions are churning," says Emma. "If Chris is the father it could influence Zoe’s actions, but Charity is close to Cain so her feelings are divided. Marlon being the dad would be a nightmare scenario."

Zak demands that Charity takes a paternity test to find out once and for all who the dad is and he gets busy organising it. Zoe agrees to take part, to see if there is any Tate blood in the baby.

"Debbie is desperate for Cain to be told," says Emma, "but Charity insists they wait until the next day. She has a lot of thinking to do.

"Despite not having made up her mind, she tells Debbie that she’s going to put the baby up for adoption.

"Debbie is horrified at the news, but Charity tries to explain that she can’t bring up a child in prison. Her solicitor is not holding out much hope for her appeal."

Zak is appalled by Charity’s ‘decision’ and tells her not to give up a baby that could be Cain’s son and his grandson. Zak goes to prison to tell Cain about Charity’s plans.

At the hospital, Debbie hassles Charity to name her son. She decides to call him Noah, but is fighting hard not to bond with him.

ITV.COM Charity Delivers

Monday | 01.03.04

Emmerdale's pregnant jailbird Charity Tate goes into a premature labour.

The convicted murderess - who is innocent of the crime - is in a depressing appeal meeting with her pessimistic solicitor when contractions begin.

Poor Charity has become more and more desperate as she languishes in prison. After realising that few people believe her story that husband Chris Tate framed her for his murder, Charity is having to face up to a lifetime behind bars.

And when she goes into labour at such an early stage, Charity has to agree to have an emergency Caesarian birth - putting both herself and her unborn baby in danger.

Actress Emma Atkins explains, "Charity is so dazed and confused at this point that she doesn't really care about having a Caesarian.

"There's no other option, so she just deals with it. Afterwards the maternal instinct does kick in, and she feels concerned for her son. But not in an intimate way, just the way anybody would feel when they hear about a child that has been born prematurely and is fighting for its life."

Will the tiny boy survive?

The Sun Online 1st March 2004,,2004100413,00.html

What to watch tonight BEST SOAP: Emmerdale
(ITV1, 7pm)

Charity (Emma Atkins) collapses in prison and is rushed to hospital for an emergency Caesarean.

Her son is three months premature and weighs just 2lb 2oz. Soon Charity’s daughter Debbie and the rest of Emmerdale are wondering if the tot will survive – and if they’ll ever know who is the daddy.

Debbie's plea for baby brother
The prospect of losing her new-born brother prompts Charity Tate's teenage daughter Debbie to make a heartfelt plea for her mum to keep the tot.
Debbie is over the moon that she's got a new sibling, but her mum isn't so sure.
Emmerdale's Charity (Emma Atkins) has given birth by emergency Caesarean after collapsing in her prison cell where she's doing time for murdering hubby Chris, although she's determined to clear her name.
She's rushed to hospital where she's found to be suffering from pre-eclampsia - a potentially fatal condition that can affect mother and child.
Charity's son is delivered three months early, weighing just 2lbs 2oz and suffering from breathing problems. He's then rushed away for special treatment.
But the ordeal doesn't change the new mum's decision to give her baby up for adoption and daughter Debbie's heartfelt pleas for her mum to keep him fall on deaf ears.
Emma told Inside Soap magazine: "Charity finds Debbie very annoying at his point. Debbie's delighted, in the way that any big sister would be, and she just wants to take the baby home.
"But Charity's having none of it, and just wants to be left alone.
"They have rows about it and obviously Charity is affected by what Debbie says, but she isn't going to change her mind."

The Sun 15th March 2004 - Who's the daddy?,,2001320029-2004120990,00.html

Charity gets the test results - with Lisa, Marlon, Zak and Cain eager at her side to find them out too.

Test results ... Charity discovers the father of her child

THIS is the dramatic moment Charity Dingle finds out who fathered her baby.

Emmerdale’s minx gets the paternity test result as two of the suspects stake their claim during a hospital visit.

But cousins Cain and Marlon shut up when Lisa, Zak and Debbie arrive with the envelope in next Tuesday’s show and Charity (Emma Atkins) announces who it is.

A source said: “It’s the moment fans have waited for. The result causes a huge commotion and a lot more trouble for her.”

Charity — caged after hubby Chris Tate framed her for his murder — has told his sister Zoe that little Noah was his in a bid to go free.

But she also used the same line to keep Cain (Jeff Hordley) on side.

Marlon (Mark Charnock) tells her he hopes the tot IS his.


LONELY chef Marlon had a boozy one-night stand with Charity after wife Tricia left to become a Bollywood star.

ODDS: 6-1


HAD a last night of passion with his wife before killing himself. Sister Zoe would fight for Noah if he is Chris’s.

Picture: REX

ODDS: 6-1


LONG affair with Charity makes him No1 suspect. Fathered her daughter Debbie. Disaster for tot if both parents in jail.

ODDS: 4-1

Extract, so click here for full article from The Mirror's Weekly Soap Guide

After Charity's baby is given only a 50-50 chance of survival, she then finds out the name of the father

By Tony Stewart,

Emmerdale ITV1, Sun-Fri

Tomorrow is going to be the mother of all Mothering Sundays.

Charity's baby, Noah, faces a life or death situation. But then arriving in a murderous clan like the Dingles was always going to be risky. And any new-born who dared to cry when the midwife smacked its backside was quickly branded a bit of a wuss.

Three months premature, and barely 21 days old, the tiddler weighs little more than a bag of sugar. Now he has the chance to prove that, like the rest of them, he's as tough as old boots. For he's diagnosed with a deadly illness which, if he doesn't respond to medication, may require an operation with only a 50-50 chance of survival.

Charity finds out the results of the paternity test - to her left is Lisa, then going clockwise Marlon, Zak, prison officer and Cain
FROM HERE TO PATERNITY: The Dingles hear Charity's DNA news

That's the first bit of bad news. By Tuesday, there's worse.

His mother opens a letter that reveals a fate far worse than death. For it contains the name of the child's father and, from here on in, there are going to be Noah more secrets. And this is an ominous Dingle summit, matched only by a hanging judge gravely placing a black cap on his head as he passes sentence.

The former happy hooker has narrowed down the dad to just three likely suspects - her late husband Chris and cousins Marlon and Cain. Still, you can't help but suspect it's a shortlist based only on the names she could remember out of all the men she has bedded.

As his identity is classified information under Soapland's Official Secrets Act, you'll have to tune in to find out more.

But no matter who the father is, Charity has already decided to have her child adopted - and this is a fraught and overcrowded time.

The Prostitute Poisoner and jailbird Cain have a set of his and hers matching prison guards in the hospital, and grieving Marlon has brought along the ghost of his dead wife.

There's also an overdose of testosterone as the men get manly.

'What are you worried about?' Cain cruelly snaps. 'If the kid lives, yer gunna give 'im away to a total stranger. And if he snuffs it - end of problem. Can't lose, can yer?'

Marlon has also made a decision. 'If he pulls through,' he announces hesitantly, 'well, there's a better than even chance he's mine. I'm gunna adopt him.'

Then there's Charity's sister-in-law and former lesbian lover, Zoe, standing by with a bag of cash and a place on the board of Tate Haulage should Noah turn out to be her nephew.

'You know all about adoption,' Charity sneers, referring to the time Zoe almost gave up her own daughter, Jean. 'He's goin' to a loving family... Not a freak one like yours.'

Now the words 'pot', 'kettle' and 'black' really do apply here.

Extract From The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 22nd March 2004
Zoe, Charity and the baby


Sun to Fri - ITV1

After months of wondering, Charity finally finds out just who is the father of her baby as the result of the paternity test arrives.

That bombshell comes as Charity reels from the news that premature Noah is so ill his chances of survival are only 50/50 and that he might need surgery.

Zoe is sure that her late brother, Chris, is the dad, making Noah a Tate. Cain is convinced the test will prove he is the father, while grief-stricken Marlon worries it could be him.

"But Charity is more concerned with Noah's health," says Emma Atkins, who plays Chris's jailbird widow. "She's shocked when the doctors tell her Noah has necrotising entercolitis, a condition which can sometimes affect premature babies.

"Noah needs antibiotics and an X-ray, and Charity is distressed to hear they might have to operate, even though he is so tiny."

Charity is distraught, and the Dingles hold a family vigil at Noah's bedside. As if things weren't bad enough, Zoe racks up the tension when she arrives to visit the baby she says might be her nephew.

Zak tries to ring Cain to let him know what is happening, but he gets into trouble for using a mobile phone in the hospital.

"The nurse says they will have to operate if Noah doesn't improve soon," says Emma.

"The next day, the doctor says it looks as if there is no alternative to an operation and Charity wonders if it is worth putting Noah through such an ordeal. But the doctor insists there is still hope."

Back at the Dingles', the results of the paternity test arrive. Zak is about to rip the envelope open when Lisa tells him that Charity should be first to read it. While the Dingles are on their way over, Marlon arrives at the hospital to visit Noah, much to Charity's surprise.

"They are just talking when Cain is brought in, handcuffed to a guard," says Emma. "Typically, he starts a row with Marlon as soon as he arrives.

"Marlon says that if Noah is his, he'll adopt him. Cain then starts insisting that Noah is definitely his son and he's not going to let anyone adopt him. But then Lisa, Zak and Debbie arrive with the paternity test results. It's a major shock for everyone when they discover who Noah's dad really is."

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps - 28th March 2004


Sun to Fri - ITV1


THERE'S nothing Zoe Tate would like better than for her brother Chris’s widow Charity to rot in jail for the rest of her days.

They may still share the same surname but Zoe now hates her sister-in-law with a passion because of the way she treated Chris before his suicide.

But the DNA tests proving Chris is the father of Charity’s baby, Noah, have left Zoe in turmoil.

She knows she has to cut a deal with her arch-enemy, so she offers to change her evidence at Charity’s appeal in return for full custody of her nephew.

" Zoe hates the idea of Charity walking free, but feels she must care for her brother’s son," says Leah Bracknell, who plays the cold-hearted businesswoman.

Charity is thrilled, until Zoe insists she must also give up all claims on the Tate estate - and never see Noah again.

" Zoe is determined to bring Noah up where he belongs," says Leah. "It’s a tense negotiation. Zoe meets Charity at the hospital and offers her the papers to sign. Charity first tells her to go to hell, but then caves in. But Charity makes Zoe admit she knows Chris killed himself, and demands £10,000 before she signs.

" Zoe is delighted. Noah is a Tate and Zoe knows that this is what Chris would have wanted her to do," says Leah. "She wants Charity right out of Noah’s life. She intends to make sure that he never has anything to do with his wicked natural mother."

ITV.COM Back Behind Bars

Friday | 26.03.04

Emmerdale’s Charity Tate is on her way back to prison.

The convicted murderess has been allowed time out of her cell to watch over her newborn son Noah - who is very ill.

Thankfully for wrongly-imprisoned Charity, her tiny tot has pulled through a difficult operation. But his improvement means she will be back inside imminently.

After the shock of the revelation that late husband Chris fathered little Noah, Charity hopes the news will improve both her, and Noah’s, situation. But with no new evidence, a successful appeal looks an unlikely outcome.

Having gone through the emotional wringer this week, Charity is not strong enough to face the reality of her situation. Desperate to stay by her sick baby, Charity puts up a fight when officers arrive to collect her.

In true Dingle style, Charity has a screaming showdown with the law enforcers but her efforts are completely in vain.

Is there any hope for innocent Charity?

ITV.COM Baby Bargain

Monday | 29.03.04

Emmerdale’s Zoe Tate’s behaviour reaches a new low this week.

The volatile vet has transformed into a hard-nosed businesswoman since brother Chris’s untimely death, shocking those who know her to the core.

On discovering that Chris has fathered his jailbird wife Charity’s baby son Noah, Zoe is determined to bring the tot into the Tate empire - by buying him.

Knowing Charity can no longer bear the injustice of being convicted of a crime she didn’t commit, Zoe offers to change her damning evidence. But in exchange for Charity’s freedom, Zoe intends to take Noah and bring him up herself at Home Farm.

So it is with great shock that Zoe realises Charity cannot be bought quite so easily. Although she agreed to meet the cruel businesswoman, when Zoe arrives Charity tells her to stick the deal and insists her son means more to her than her freedom.

But when Zoe comes up with a new incentive of £10,000 plus her freedom to lure Charity into signing little Noah over, can the desperate Dingle resist the new offer?

This Episode also saw Christopher's Christening 9th June 2004

Ashley, Zoe, Chrisoppher, Jean, Joseph, Scott and Ethan

Donna, Ashley, Joseph, Christopher, Zoe, Jean, Scott & Ethan

Jean, Scott, Christopher & Zoe

Christopher & Zoe

18th July 2004

Zoe is heartbroken when she is denied custody of baby Christopher

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