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Nathan Dingle
Never Seen

Played by: N/A

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It should be noted that from May 1995-September 2004 Emmerdale/Yorkshire Television and its Parent company ITV have continually denied all existence of Nathan Dingle. Referring in many scripts to Zak and Nellie Dingle only have "four children."

Nathan isn't mentioned in any scripts, no official books or official family trees acknowledge him. As a result believe that he was only referred to once in a script on or around 23 May 1995 and then the story makers decided to change their minds.

Son of Zak and his 1st wife Nellie.

parents Zak & Nellie

Going on the few facts we have about Nathan and the ages of Butch and Ben, it sounds like Nathan is Zak & Nellie's eldest son.

Nahan ran off and married in circa 1989. So he must have been at least 16, but more likely 17 or 18.

From grave stones we know that Butch was born in 1972 and Ben in 1974.

Tina made a reference to a brother Nathan who lived in Londan and the family hadn't spoken to him in about six years in the 23rd May 1995 episode

They fell out at his wedding following a family row.

"She loves a wedding though, me Mam, there hasn't been one in our family since Nathan's about six years back. [Jessica] Nathan? [Tina] me brother that lives in London. Stuck up git! We haven't spoken to him since [Nick] why not? [Tina] Summit and nothing really, it were 'er side's fault...our Butch had too much to drink and did his white-eared elephant trick, her mother fainted and her Dad...there was a bit of a brawl.


It would appear until 27th September 2004 the Emmerdale scriptwriters had forgotten all about Nathan. A throw away comment made by Tina Dingle (played by Jacqueline Pirie) in May 1995 seemed all Dingle followers had anything to go on.

Just as quicly as Nathan had appeared in a script as another child of Zak and Nellie, he was as quickly denied, forgotten etc. Indeed only weeks after mention of him, Zak and Nellie were making it quite clear they only had four children in more than one script.

Zak & Nellie's four children - Ben, Butch, Tina and Sam - have since become the only children the scriptwriters, the producers, the official books and even fans acknowledge. However is this all about to change?

On Monday 27th/Tuesday 28th September 2004 the official ITV Soap web ran a feature on the Dingles. It included the following paragraph :-

"...First appearing in 1994, Zak Dingle is a old rogue with a heart of gold. His marriage to first wife Nellie spawned five children - Butch, Ben, Sam, Tina and Nathan - but ended in divorce. "

Perhaps just another throw a comment, perhaps the information has been taken from this site or perhaps plans are afoot to introduce him into scripts and ultimately introduce him.

So Dingle fans keep listening to those scrips and watch this space as we will keep you up to date.

siblings: Butch (dead), Ben (dead) Tina and Sam,

Half-Siblings Belle (who Nathan probably doesn't know about) Cain (who he will think is his first couslin)

Sam, Tina & Butch - children of Zak & Nellie

Dingle Family Tree by Chris Ward

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