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Marlon Sebastian Dingle
17th October 1996 -

Played by: Mark Charnock

(c)  Yorkshire Television - official press picture of Marlon Dingle.  Reprinted with kind permision.

Father: Albert Dingle (Brother of Zak)

Born: 23 March 1974

Job: Found his vocation as a chef at Eric Pollard's wine bar. Ran Chez Marlon restaurant until he quit recently.

Finally married long-term partner Tricia Stokes on the 14th February 2003.

Tricia and Marlon finally get married

In May 2002 he won £15,000 on a lottery scratch card but by October 2002 it seems to have all but gone.

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Wedding picture of Marlon and Tricia February 2003

original fan card circa 1996-1999

Marlon publicity picture