Created 4th November 2004
Updated 8th January 2005

Lilith Dingle

Lilith with childhood favourite cousin Marlon - 20th October 2004.
Played by
Amanda Hennessy

Appeared: two episodes to date: 20th October 2004, 21st November 2004,

Lilith was the very close to her cousin Marlon in the past. However when she arrived in Emmerdale in October 2004, they had not seen each other in 10 years. Lilith wasted no time in filling Marlon in on her aspirations to launch a music career but having children hampered her dreams.

Lilith has three sons and 1 daughter - Luke, Matthew, Mark and Jon. Luke is the eldest then come the twins Matthew and Mark. "Jon" is the youngest and she is a girl despite her name.

Lilith is proud her children all have different fathers. It seems that all the fathers walked out on her generally when they discovered she was pregnant. This doesn't seem to worry Lilith and the audence do not know the names of any of the fathers.

On the 21st October 2004, Marlon woke up to discover Lilith had left to pursue her dreams however she had left him with all four children. Marlon was left struggling to do his best by the children with a little help from Emily Kirk and Donna Windsor. Lilith suddenly returned unannounced to collect the children on the twins 8th birthday - 21st November 2004.

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