Updated 23rd October 2002

Geuseppe Dinglé

One of the Venetian Dingles who appeared in Don't Look Now - The Dingles In Venice!

His Name is said Dinglae and spelt Dinglé

He showed a picture of his great-grandfather and it was the spitting image of Albert Dingle.

Geuseppe himself, had no living immediate family.

Venetian Dingles:

One of them appeared in the video DON'T LOOK NOW - The Dingles in Venice (1999). The Italian family members are surnamed D'Inglesi. In this video we meet Geuseppe D'Inglesi.

A blissfully happy Mandy and Paddy gently glide along the picturesque canals of Venice as they explore their romantic honeymoon destination. Unfortunately, back at Emmerdale, Butch and Zak are frantic!. It's only a routine visit, the police are checking Mandy's at home and not breaching her bail conditions but nobody knows where she and Paddy have gone. The Dingle boys soon find themselves desperately seeking Mandy and, with a reluctant Marlon in tow, they are suddenly winging their way across Europe to save the day ...learn more

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