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Emily Kirk (previouslyDingle)
Nee Wylie

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First Appearance: 5 May 1999

Born: 1978

FAMILY: The daughter of JOHN WYLIE. Her mother died when Emily was two years old.

Maried Butch Dingle on his death-bed in 24 March 2000.

Married 2nd 17th October 2002 to long time fiancee Paddy Kirk.

Best friend: Nicola Blackstock (who everyone else hates).

Paddy and Emily began fostering in late 2002, first a boy called Jacob, then sisters Chantelle and Carly and finally Debbie Jones (who they became very attached to).


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Kate McGregor

When Kate first joined Emmerdale as simpleton Emily, her character was a source of gentle comedy but her recent traumatic scenes have been more demanding as Emily became strong in the face of adversity.
'I've found it challenging, but emotionally draining,' admits Kate. 'When I finish work, I have a laugh with my mates and boyfriend to get it out of my system.'
Kate often finds people that recognise her away from the set of Emmerdale and laughs at their surprise when she speaks - 'I always leave Emily's little voice behind at the studios!' she says.

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March 2000
Saw the death of Butch when he was in the bus crash on his way to ask Emily’s dad for her hand in marriage. Whilst on his death bed in hospital Butch and Emily married. He died shortly afterwards.

In March Emily starts her relationship with Ed, a young man that has recently arrived in the village and is working at Home Farm.  The relationship causes many problems with the Dingles as Zak and Cain feel she is dishonouring the memory of Butch by seeing Ed.  Lisa however is supportive of her and Emily refuses to back down to the stubborn will of Zak and even moves out of the Dingle homestead and stays at Paddy’s for a while.  Although Emily enjoys Ed’s company the relationship is to be brief.  As this relationship starts to falter Emily finds herself turning to Paddy for support and friendship and it is not long before she and Paddy recognise their true feelings for one another.  Emily breaks off her relationship with Ed and in September says goodbye to him when he leaves the village.

Previously Emily moved in with Nicola Blackstock, who she has formed a close friendship. When Nicola’s wedding to Carlos comes to an abrupt end when his affair with Bernice is revealed, Nicola was a great source of support for Nicola.

Soon after Emily moved in with Paddy their happiness was threatened by Mandy Dingle who returned to the village to try and make amends with her estranged husband Paddy after he filed for divorce.  Although Mandy seduced Paddy, Paddy is now sure of his love for Emily and as she was able to forgive him they are once again happy together.


ITV.com Envious Emily

Friday | 28.03.03

Foster mother Emily Kirk has a bad case of jealousy.

Growing gap between Emily & Debbie

She has become very attached to her foster daughter Debbie but is feeling increasingly marginalised as she bonds with real mum Charity.

At first Emily had a hard time convincing Charity to face up to her responsibilities to her daughter. And now that the pair are becoming close the kindly shop worker is regretting that she ever pushed them together.

And considering the incredible wealth afforded to Charity - who is married to rich businessman Chris Tate - it is becoming clear that she can offer the youngster the sort of treats that Emily can't compete with.

However, Emma Atkins - who plays the reluctant mum - is convinced her actions aren't designed to push Emily out of the picture.

She says, "Charity has set out to steal Debbie from Emily. It's nobody's fault. All along, Debbie has only been interested in her real mum. It didn't matter how cold and hard Charity was, Debbie was determined to win her over and she has."

The Sun 14th April 2003


Weekdays ITV

CHARITY begins at Home Farm this week when Mrs Tate takes the surprising decision to give her daughter Debbie a home.

Foster mum Emily says she can’t look after Debbie any more, and the youngster is devastated. Her birth mother, Charity, has preferred a more distant relationship with the child she gave away as a baby, but she can’t bear the thought of Debbie in a children’s home.

“Charity can’t believe that Emily has sent her daughter Debbie packing,” says Emma Atkins, who plays Charity.
“She demands to know what is going on and has a row with Emily for giving up on Debbie.”

Emily insists she can’t look after Debbie properly
with her real mum interfering all the time. She says
she only sent the troubled teenager back to social services because the situation had become unbearable.

“Charity just blurts out that Debbie should stay with her,” says Emma. “I think she’s surprised to hear herself saying it.

“Fortunately, Chris really likes Debbie and he’s delighted. It makes them more of a family and Charity is pleased
to see a gentler side to her husband.”

Emily tries to put a brave face on Debbie’s departure, but she is very hurt and upset at the prospect of bumping in to her former foster child around the village.

“Charity is delighted when Debbie moves in,” says Emma. “She goes to great lengths to make her daughter feel happy.

“And Charity encourages Debbie to make up with Emily.

“Debbie thanks Emily and Paddy for having her and promises to visit in the future.”

But Emily knows that Debbie is only saying what Charity told her to say and feels all the more desolate.


Charity’s Crisis

Tuesday | 15.04.03


Charity Tate has to face up to her parental responsibilities.
The reluctant mum has begun to enjoy spending time with daughter Debbie Jones – but now the youngster is going back into care.

Foster parents Paddy and Emily Kirk have decided they can no longer cope with the heartbreak and jealousy caused by the renewed relationship between the pair. When Charity discovers their decision she goes ballistic and has a furious row with the couple.

However, only Charity herself can mend the situation – but will she decide that it is time to welcome Debbie into Home Farm?

Emma Atkins – who plays Charity – is convinced she will do the right thing.

She says, “At first Charity found the prospect of being a mother very daunting. She just wanted Debbie out of her life. But now there is a bond growing between them, and Charity is taking responsibility for her actions at last.”


Debbie Moves In

Wednesday | 16.04.03

Emmerdale youngster Debbie Jones finds herself a posh new home.
The teenager, who was in foster care, can't believe that she will now be living at Home Farm with real mum Charity.

Charity was furious when she found out that Paddy and Emily put Debbie back into care. And she decided to take matters into her own hands.

However, her decision to offer her daughter a home could cause shock waves through the village.

Emma Atkins, who plays the feisty Tate, says, "It's an impulsive response. She's not actually weighed up the pros and cons. But that's Charity all over.

"She thinks husband Chris may be angry with her for making a decision without consulting him first. But Charity is adamant that her husband will be fine with it.

"And her sister-in-law Zoe, wonders if it really is the best thing for everybody."

Will the duo – separated for so long - now be able to play happy families?

Carl King

Under Tom's Thumb

Friday | 19.03.04

Emmerdale newcomer Tom King makes his mark on the Dales.

The powerful businessman is looking to buy Holdgate Farm from rival Zoe Tate but is furious discover grieving Marlon Dingle squatting there.

Tom has already made enemies in the village by sending in his son Carl as a spy to steal a lucrative contract from the Tates. And his uncaring attitude towards heartbroken Marlon is sure to convince viewers he is one tough cookie.

Poor Marlon is clearly a man in emotional turmoil. The death of his wife Tricia at Christmas left Marlon shattered and his volatile mental state has caused his family much worry.

So close pal Emily Kirk is disgusted when she appeals to Tom to give Marlon some time to get himself together, and the hard-hearted entrepreneur tells her Marlon has one day to get out of the property.

Will Marlon be forced to face up to his life without Tricia?

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide to the Soaps 11th April 2004


Sun to Fri - ITV1


MARLON has been through Hell since wife Tricia’s death.

But now he feels he has something to cling to in life following his encounter with Carrie - the girl who received Tricia’s heart in a transplant.

A concerned Emily tries to warn him off, but his growing fascination with Carrie lands Marlon in hot water with the police before the week is out.

"Marlon doesn’t mean any harm," says Mark Charnock, who plays the weeping widower. "But he frightens poor Carrie terribly as his behaviour around her gets weirder and weirder."

Ignoring Emily’s words of caution, dishevelled Marlon cleans himself up and goes to Carrie’s house to introduce himself properly.

"She’s shocked by his unexpected arrival and slams the door in his face," says Mark. "But later, she notices him standing across the road from her home and goes over to talk to him."

Marlon feels comforted by this new relationship, but Carrie doesn’t. She is worried that he is totally unbalanced.

"He goes back the next day with a bunch of flowers and she tries to put him off," says Mark. "He promises Emily he’ll leave Carrie alone, but he can’t. He writes a poem and puts it through her door."

Carrie is distressed by Marlon’s constant attention and she gets really upset when he turns up yet again, bearing more poetry.

"He takes along photos of Tricia to show Carrie," says Mark. "But his behaviour frightens her and she throws him out.

"Marlon goes to Carrie’s again and she gets so scared that she calls the police.

"He can’t understand what’s going on and desperately wants to talk it over with her, but he is taken away in a police car."

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