Created around 23rd October 2002
Updated 4th November 2004

Elvis & Marilyn & Brando Dingle

Elvis Dingle Martin Walsh 

 24 January 2002, 17-22 July 2002,
18th October 2004, 19th october 2004, 20th October 2004,

Marilyn Dingle Morag Siller 24th January 2002, 18th October 2004, 19th October 2004, 20th October 2004,
  Brando Dingle Jack Bodiemead Born 31st May 2004 to Elvis & Marilyn
Appeared to date in one episode - 19th October 2004,

1st Appeared 24 January 2002

Arrived in caravan with Peg and then did a runner leaving Zak with his mother.

They are Zak's cousins (both Dingles) who are married to one another.

Elvis re-appeared to take Peg away in the episodes between 17-22 July 2002. Elvis was referred to as being a grandson of Peg - which would make him Zak's nephew. Therefore the script has changed this

A telephone conversation to Lisa revealed that Marilyn had given birth to a son Brando on the 31st May 2004 off-screen.

The Whole family were last seen in Emmerdale in October 2004.


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