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The Dingles of Emmerdale
BenThe Original Dingles - Zak, Tina, Sam Butch & Nellie
The Original Family

Adam Dingle "Uncle Bert" Dingle Charity


Elvis & Marilyn

Gwen Dingle

Isaac Dingle



Nathaniel Dingle

Venetian Dingles

Albert Ezekiel Dingle

Bob Dingle

Charlene Dingle

Chasity Dingle


Jedediah ("Jed") Dingle
Mantha Dingle


"Smudge" Dingle

Vera-Lynn Dingle


Australian Dingles Butch
Crocodile Dingle
Ezra Dingle

Job Dingle

Josiah Dingle

Obadiah Dingle
Southampton Dingles
Wendy Dingle
Belle Cain
Delilah Dingle



"Auntie Maud" Dingle
Tallulah Dingle
Ben Caleb Dingle
Ebenezer Dingle
Geuseppe Dinglé
Lulu Dingle
Nathan Dingle
Zebediah Dingle

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Profiles of Every Dingle

Adam Dingle:
Referred to in February 1995, when Nellie won a free meal at the Woolpack.
"Uncle Bert" Dingle
Referred to in February 1995, when Nellie won a free meal at the Woolpack.
Bob Dingle:
see Zebediah
Charlene Dingle:

In the 9 May 1995 episode, Zak made reference to "our Charlene" and said that he wished she would divorce "Fat Nigel."

Also Zak referred to her as either:-

Ebenezer Dingle:
Zak's great-great-great-great-grandfather.
Ezra Dingle:
Played by John Henshaw
Ezra has appeared a couple of times and has a wife called Gwen, a son and daughter who didn't speak because they were extras! He possibly has as many as four children.
Gwen Dingle:
married to Ezra.
Hamish Dingle:
Mentioned in passing in 1995
Isaac Dingle:
Zak's great-grandfather
Jedediah ("Jed") Dingle:
Played by Richard Mayes

Thought to be the deceased Father of Zak, in fact he hd walked out on his family when Zak was only 8 years old - this was revealed in March 2002. He had been married to Peg with whom he has at least five sons - probably more.

Jed appeared in Emmerdale on the 17th December 2002 on his death bed and revealed to Zak that he had a lost fortune in Chile. This will lead to Zak's exit storyline.

Zak visits his dying father Jed

Job Dingle:
see Zebediah
Josiah Dingle:

Zak and Nellie referred to hin in the episode of 25 May 1995. It seems he is one of the few Dingles who has actually worked for a living. However he got fired from his job after stealing from his workplace's kitchen bins.

He was referred to again in October 1995. At some point he had been sentenced to ten years in prison after stealing a car along with its caravan.

Lulu Dingle:
Played by Dee Quemby

Appeared: 10 September 1997 at a family wedding. See Tallulah Dingle

Mantha Dingle:

see Zebediah

"Auntie Maud" Dingle:
Referred to in February 1995, when Nellie won a free meal at the Woolpack.
Nathaniel Dingle:
Ebenezer's brother
Obadiah Dingle:

Thought to be the father of Charity Dingle

Cousin of Zak Dingle

Skipdale Dingles:

Referred to in July 1995 and periodocally throughout that year. The Emmerdale Dingles do not speak to them.

Sam spent time in prison with Donald while on remand in 1995 (a member of the Skipdale Dingles) and said how he had worked in the kitchens with him. Zak warned his family to stay clear of the Skipdale branch of the family.

"Smudge" Dingle:
In the 9 May 1995 episode, Zak made reference to "our Smudge" and said that he regretted that they hadn't spoken in ten years.
Tallulah Dingle:
Played by Dee Quemby
Seen at a family wedding on 10 September 1997. She is also known as LuLu (see above)
Zebediah Dingle:
From the pieces I can gather from various sources, Zebediah is the youngest brother of Zak and is head of "The Southampton Dingles" and has a son called Job. The family also include a Bob and Mantha.