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The Dingles of Emmerdale - Time-line History.

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Paul Loughran (Butch Dingle) and Kate McGregor (Emily Wylie) won the 1999 Inside Soap Award for the:

"Best Soap Couple"


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Dingle Time Line (story history).

Events From

From August, Ben and Butch Dingle marked the arrival of the Dingles to the series. The infamous Dingle family made their appearances in stages throughout the remainder of the year

August Ben Dingle died during a fight with Luke McAllister. Later it was discovered Ben died of a rare heart defect.


9th Aug 1994
Ben Dingle

The Death of Ben, started a family feud that went on until the death of a member of the rival family (a year later).

Ben died after he and his brother Butch provoked a fight with the local doctor's son, Luke at a Rave Party. It was thought for a while that Luke had given Ben a fatal punch. Luke was charged with murder, but the case was dropped when it was later proved that Ben had a heart defect. However the Dingles did not forgive and they certainly wouldn't forget.

Oct 1994 Zak Dingle's first episode.

December 1994 Tina Dingle's first episode.

As the year 1994 drew to a close:-

The Dingles continued to cause trouble for the McAllister family,

Events From

The Dingle/Mcallister feud had many twists and turns. Tina Dingle seemed to have fallen in love with Luke McAllister (the man her family held responsible for her brother Ben's death in August 1994).

Tina went against her family to move in with Luke and announced she was pregnant and soon they got engaged. For his part, he became besotted. She however, calculatingly caused Luke to drop out of school and then dumped him at the altar admitting that the whole affair had been her revenge for the death of her brother. Luke was devastated and could not accept the truth. He kidnapped Tina, then killed himself and nearly took her with him when Luke crashed his van into a wall on the 1st August, thus bringing an end to the Dingle and McAllister feud once and for all.

The Dingles were very active in 1995 - aside from the Tina storyline. Frank Tate tried to evict them, but surprisingly the whole village supported the Dingles and staged a siege. Many villagers were arrested, but the Dingles were evicted. They went and camped on the lawn at Home Farm and then moved into the village hall. Frank had to change his mind and let them move back to their original home - with a tenancy agreement.

Sam Dingle was released from a Youth Offenders Insititution and started working for Eric Pollard.

Nellie Dingle left to go and look after her father in Ireland (and she would not return).

The end of the year saw the arrival of Zak Dingle's niece, the infamous Mandy Dingle, to the village.

Key Date:-

January 24th Jan 1995: Nellie Dingle first appeared.


February 14th Feb 1995: Sam Dingle first appeared.


May On the 18th of May, Luke McAllister asked Tina Dingle to marry him.

Tina Dingle jilted Luke McAllister at the alter on 20 July.



On the 1st August, Luke in a fit of rage, bundled Tina into a van, drove off at speed and crashed into a wall. Luke died but Tina escaped.

Luke McAllister died possibly trying to kill himself and Tina Dingle - who had broken his heart.


October & November Frank Tate evicted the Dingles from their farm, where they lived rent free, he subsequently allowed them to return, but now charged them rent.


Events From

See 1996 Episode Guide for full details

The Dingles provided light relief as only they could in the early months of 1996.

Butch developed a long lasting crush on cousin Mandy, while she in turn developed an un-healthy crush for Dave Glover.

In the early part of the year one of the family's hair-brain ideas included turning their crying Elvis into a money-spinner. It failed as usual. The manicin had been stolen for Zak's brief love-interest Marilyn. Dim-witted Sam, one day thought he saw it crying. It turned out when it was near the heater, the glue ran from its eyes, giving the appearance of tears. Of course this did not stop the Dingles - egged on by Eric Pollard - who invited the media along to a Press Conference before being exposed for the crooks they were.

Marilyn aside, Zak spent the first half of the year missing Nellie after she announced she would not be returning from Ireland. Eric Pollard managed to get caught up in one of the Dingles schemes when Zak's brother Albert turned up with stolen goods and had the police and underworld villains hot on his tail. The Dingle house was nearly burnt down and a pig killed in the struggle that followed. Tina's life was placed in danger when she was kidnapped by the villains. A trade was eventually reached with a straight swap being done for Albert to the villains and the return of Tina to her family. This was mucked up when the police arrived in time to take Albert away. The villains fled and Tina was safe. During all of this, Tina stole £3000 from Eric after he had tried to buy Albert's stolen goods. Tina set up a secret bank account with Eric's money but was never found out and nothing more was said about it.

With Nellie gone and the family at a loss on how to make ends meet with nothing, the Dingles decided they must all get jobs. Mandy and Tina Dingle acted as escort girls for Eric on a couple of occasions at business meetings - much to Zak's disgust. So with the backing of Eric, Zak Dingle decided to go back into fighting to help keep his family. This came to an end after Mandy punched him by accident and it was quite clear he no longer had the stamina for boxing.

Tina Dingle was showing signs of getting dis-heartened with her lowly life and her disasterous family, as we head towards the summer of 1996. This is heigthened when after a slanging match with Kim, Tina finds herself a job as Frank Tate's housekeeper at Home Farm. Many would speculate on the nature of Frank and Tina's relationship. She made sure it remained profesional, however as the year progressed, it was quite clear that Frank wanted more. Beginning when he took her on a luxury holiday.

Zak eventually leaves for Ireland with the intention of bringing Nellie home. Instead the family are horrified when he turns up with a woman named Marilyn who he has fed some story about how rich he is to get her attention.

18 April 1996 It's the day of Frank and Tina's departure for the Caribbean and Zak still has extreme doubts about Frank's intentions.
25 April 1996 Zak's happiness soon turns to anger as the Dingle's discover Marilyn has done a runner with the van, the money, the stereo and who knows what else.
14 May 1996 After Frank's meeting with estranged wife Kim, Chris is desperate to find out if Frank is planning on having her back, but he's giving nothing away. Having found nothing out form Frank, Chris turns the full force of his wafer thin charm on Tina, warning her that his father has a problem with gold digging women, Tina doesn't waver.
5 June 1996 There's dissent at the Dingle's when Mandy stakes her claim on the new business [a caravan that she intends to turn into "Mandy's Munch Box"].
14 June 1996 Mandy's Munchbox hits the village.
16 July 1996 At the Dingles' Homestead, Big Mandy is hopping mad at being closed down by the Environmental Health Inspector but Tina advises caution about Mandy's mobile business.
18 July 1996 It's the day of the Emmerdale Village show and the Sudgens are mystified when their prize Friesian goes missing - young Robert Sudgen claims he saw the Dingles's skulking around just before it went missing.
23 July 1996

The course of unrequited love weaves its way through the village today, starting with Miss Amanda Dingle as she doesn't think Dave Glover would ever be interested in her.

Spending the night with old flame Terry seems to mean very little to Tina as she tries to explain this to Mandy [and turns Terry down for giving their relationship another go].

Tina is shocked at Frank's reaction to the news that she has a date [he clearly is jealous].

25 July 1996 The Dingles receive a surprise visit from Jack Sugden and son returning the pig Robert took hostage [in return for the Sugden cow] only to receive a strong warning from Zak.
13 August 1996 Lisa Clegg (later Dingle) makes her first appearance.
15 August 1996 After last nights 'Singles Evening' at the Wine Bar, it would appear that Zak Dingle has once again met the woman of his dreams, the prospect of which fills his family with dread.
3 October 1996 Sam goes on an unexpected trip [Tina and Zak arrange for Lisa to smuggle him to Ireland and to Nellie, and thus skip bail. This is the last we see of Sam for some time.
17 October 1996 Marlon Dingle's first episode
5 November 1996 The Dingle's hold their own special firework display.
14 November 1996 Tina (who has been having an affair with Steve Marchant) discovers Steve's latest money making scheme [that he has double-crossed Frank is only part of it].
21 November 1996 Frank grills Tina as he wonders about their relationship [and he makes it quite clear he is attracted to her].
26 November 1996 The Dingle's find a new centre for their latest festive money-making scheme,
17 December 1996 While Tina tells Steve exactly what she thinks of him.

19 December 1996

Tina gets a surprisingly generous present from Frank [an expensive car as a reward for her betrayel of Steve Marchant].

The Dingle's desert the Reverend Thomas, who's left to face the police alone.

24 December 1996

Tina Dingle confronts Frank with his feelings for her, and makes the toughest decision of her life. [She makes her decision to leave Emmerdale after Frank Tate tells her he loves her and he wants Tina to become his 3rd wfie. She flees in the car he bought her to the song playing on the radio "Moving on up, moving on out, moving on up, nothing can stop me." However she leaves with a parting shot to Frank..."Before you start looking for a new wife, start sorting out your old one. Dave Glover is on his way to Home Farm."]

Tina has been never seen again. The character was last mentioned on the 6th March 2002.

January Tina Dingle finds herself with the task of looking after the Dingle men, after her mother Nellie left for Ireland to nurse her sick father.


July Mandy's Munchbox begins trading.






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