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Debbie Jones

Debbie Jones fan card

Debbie Jones
Played by Charley Webb

Appearances to date :-

24 December - 30 December 2002,
16 Juanuary 2003 -

Charley Webb won "Best Young Actor of 2003 at the Inside Soap Awards (voted for by the general public) on the 29th September 2003

She is also nominated for "Best Newcomer of 2003" at the "National Television Awards" to be held in October 2003


In February 2003 Charity is confronted by her sectret daughter Debbie

Charity's secret daughter -
Debbie Jones?
Charity, Debbie (played by Charley Webb) and Cain

During the week beginning 14th October 2002 Charity Tate (nee Dingle) revealed to her sister-in-law Zoe Tate that she had a child some years ago that she had given up for adoption.

Three months later it would be revealed that Charity had the child when she was thirteen, 13 years ago. The father of the baby being her cousin Cain Dingle

The girl, turned out to be called Debbie Jones and first showed up in Emmerdale on Christmas Eve 2002 as a foster daughter for Emily and Paddy Kirk for a few days. No one then knew of her true identity.

When Debbie re-appeared in January 2003, she revealed to Cain Dingle that she was adopted and showed him a photo. Over time the whole sorry story has come out.

Debbie 30th December 2002Debbie 30th December 2002

The Sun's Guide To the Soaps Week Beginning 3rd February 2003


Weekdays ITV1

CHARITY is shocked when Cain confronts her with proof that Debbie is her long-lost daughter.

He forces Charity to return the deeds to the Dingles’ home after showing her Debbie’s precious photo of her. Charity hopes this means Chris will never discover her dark secret, but Debbie wants to meet her mother and the truth comes out anyway.

“Charity is stunned when she sees herself aged 13,” says Emma Atkins, who plays the reluctant mother. “It brings it all back and she knows that Cain has won this battle.

“She insists to Chris that everything is all right after Cain leaves but she’s shattered.

“Charity admits to Zoe that Debbie really is her daughter and she recalls the agony of giving birth at 13. Her friend Pat came to her rescue and registered the baby in her name.”

Charity realises that she has to give the deeds back to an overwhelmed Lisa who is delighted that Charity has seen sense.

“But then she has to tell Chris what she has done,” says Emma. “He’s furious but she explains that Cain was spreading rumours about her.

“She has to admit to Chris that Cain is saying Debbie is her daughter but she insists it’s not true, which surprises Zoe.”

Chris visits the Dingles’ and orders Cain to keep his lies to himself. But Charity’s torment it not over. Debbie turns up at Home Farm.

“Charity is totally speechless at first,” says Emma. “Then she tries to tell Debbie that Cain is lying and she is not her mother.

“Chris backs her up, but Zoe can’t stand what she is hearing and explains to Debbie that Charity really is her mother.

“Chris sees from the look on Charity’s face that it’s true. He’s devastated and so is Charity. She thinks this could be the end.”

Chris angrily turns on Charity and demands to know if Debbie’s father was one of her ‘clients’. She pleads with him that she was only 13 when it happened.

But Chris feels betrayed. He can’t believe that Charity was such a convincing liar and wonders what else she’s lied about.

“Charity tells Debbie that she was forced to give her up because she was so young,” says Emma. “She insists Debbie’s father is dead.

“Debbie is desperate to tell foster parents Paddy and Emily that she has found her mother, but Charity tries to explain to her daughter that they have to keep it a secret.

“Charity warns Debbie that Pat might get into trouble with the authorities if the truth comes out.

“Charity simply refuses to let herself become emotional. She doesn’t want Debbie in her life and she takes her home and coldly tells Chris that Debbie won’t trouble the Tates.”

But Debbie is determined to bond with her mother and skips school to spend time with her even though Charity refuses to respond.

News comes through that Pat has taken a turn for the worse in hospital and Emily takes Debbie off to see her.

“Charity is very shaken by Debbie’s arrival,” says Emma. “But she refuses to show any of her feelings.

“She can’t turn the clock back and she loves the life she has now as the lady of Home Farm. Charity doesn’t want anything to take that away from her, not even a daughter.” Charity's Adoption Turmoil

Thursday | 06.03.03

Charity and Debbie aren't the happiest mother and daughter on-screen.

Unable to cope with the guilt of her decision to have the youngster adopted, Charity is pushing her distraught daughter further away.

Actress Emma Atkins, who plays the confused Charity, hopes that the way Emmerdale has tackled the storyline reflects the experiences of those who've really been through it.

She says, "It is an all too real storyline for some people who have given their children up for adoption, only for them to then want to get in touch.

"Mothers who give up their children for adoption do it for a variety of reasons and I wouldn't ever sit in judgement on the rights and wrongs of doing that.

"One of the reasons that this particular storyline has worked well is the amazing performance of Charley Webb, who plays Debbie. She has been amazing, simply stunning and I have grown very close to her, she's a great actor and a lovely girl."


Click here to see a larger version of this publiciy still of Charity and DebbieClick here to see a larger undistorted version of this picture of Charity and Debbie

From Pure soap news 21 March 2003

Emmerdale's Cain Dingle is set to sink to new depths

Cain Dingle played by Jeff Hordley

The lout, played by Jeff Hordley, will tell his own daughter that her mother was a prostitute.

Cain makes the revelation to devastated Debbie Jones (Charley Webb) on Mother's Day just after she discovers her real mother is Charity Tate, wife of disabled businessman Chris Tate.

Cain tells the secret after a plan to blackmail his cousin Charity (Emma Atkins) backfires, according to the Daily Star.

But Charity hits back with her own revelation, that he's the father of schoolgirl Debbie.
An Emmerdale insider told the paper: "Only Cain could pick such a special day to tell a young girl the mum she has only just found was a hooker. Debbie so wants to be part of Charity's life and this knocks her sideways.

" She is left wondering if her father was one of Charity's punters. The crushing irony is her father is the person who is pouring the poison. Cain doesn't yet know the truth, but soon will when Charity hears what he's done."

Charity's life has been transformed ever since Debbie arrived in Emmerdale as the foster child of vet Paddy Kirk and his wife Emily.

An old photo in Debbie's purse led to the discovery she was the child Charity, then just 13, gave up at birth for adoption.

Emma told the paper that she loves playing Charity: "Just when you think that it can't get any worse for her, it does.

" Every few months her husband Chris says, `So you lied to me again!' as more skeletons fall out of the closet.

" Now she's going to be a reluctant mother and I'm enjoying the challenge."

The Sun 24th March 2003


DEBBIE gets a shock this week when Cain callously reveals her mother Charity was a prostitute. But the lonely teenager still surprises her mum with a Mother’s Day card and bouquet.

Debbie tells a stunned Charity what she’s learnt. And as mum and daughter talk, foster mother Emily is left desperately worried that Debbie might go back to her real mum.

"The Dingles invite Debbie for a meal," says Charley Webb, who plays the troubled teen.

"Lisa wants to tell her all about the family. But when she visits again and asks about her mum, Cain tells her Charity turned to prostitution after she had her.

"Debbie is upset, but as Emily explains how difficult it must have been for Charity, she understands why she was given away."

Debbie calls at Home Farm, and although Charity is not there, she has a friendly chat with Chris.

"Emily and Paddy do all they can for Debbie," says Charley.

"But she still wants to get to know her real mother. She later gives Charity a Mother’s Day card and flowers, and Chris suggests they go for a walk together."

Emily looks on, deflated and concerned. When mother and daughter are finally alone, Debbie reveals she now knows Charity was a prostitute.

"Charity is very surprised," says Charley. "But it seems to bring them closer together. Debbie is determined to have her real mum back one day." Cain betrays Charity

Tuesday | 25.03.03

Cain & Charity

Cain is ready to sink low to hurt cousin Charity.
The Emmerdale badboy will reveal Charity's past as a prostitute to her daughter Debbie, straining relations between the pair to breaking point.

Debbie has been struggling to win Charity's affections and finally they are starting to accept each other. But jealous Cain can't control his bitter feelings towards his cousin and decides to stick the knife into both her and Debbie with his revelation.

To make matters worse he chooses Mother's Day to spill the beans.

But the brooding Dingle better be prepared because Charity has her own secret to tell.

An Emmerdale insider feels sorry for poor Debbie who is caught in this vicious crossfire. "Only Cain could pick such a special day to tell a young girl the mum she has only just found was a hooker. Debbie so wants to be part of Charity's life and this knocks her sideways."

And all this trouble mongering is bound to bring Cain's day of reckoning even closer: "Debbie is left wondering if her father was one of Charity's punters. The crushing irony is her father is the person who is pouring the poison. Cain doesn't know the truth, but soon will when Charity hears what he's done." Envious Emily

Friday | 28.03.03

Foster mother Emily Kirk has a bad case of jealousy.

Growing gap between Emily & Debbie

She has become very attached to her foster daughter Debbie but is feeling increasingly marginalised as she bonds with real mum Charity.

At first Emily had a hard time convincing Charity to face up to her responsibilities to her daughter. And now that the pair are becoming close the kindly shop worker is regretting that she ever pushed them together.

And considering the incredible wealth afforded to Charity - who is married to rich businessman Chris Tate - it is becoming clear that she can offer the youngster the sort of treats that Emily can't compete with.

However, Emma Atkins - who plays the reluctant mum - is convinced her actions aren't designed to push Emily out of the picture.

She says, "Charity has set out to steal Debbie from Emily. It's nobody's fault. All along, Debbie has only been interested in her real mum. It didn't matter how cold and hard Charity was, Debbie was determined to win her over and she has."


Charity and Debbie


Weekdays ITV1

TROUBLED teen Debbie faces yet another problem this week when an older boy comes on strong after she sneaks out to a party at the Marsdens’.

Cain comes to the rescue and takes her home, only for the youngster to be caught in the growing feud between foster mother Emily and Charity, her real mum.

“It’s no wonder Debbie’s confused,” says Charley Webb, who plays the 14-year-old. “Emily is thoughtful and kind, but Charity is glamorous and rich and seems more exciting.”

Debbie is desperate to go to the Marsden kids’ party.
While Emily says she is too young, Charity admits she would let her go.

“Debbie sneaks out of the house and goes anyway,” says Charley.

“The party is really rocking but an older boy starts coming on to her and she doesn’t know how to handle it. She yells and Cain comes out of nowhere and drags the lad off her. Debbie is scared and she’s really grateful. Then Cain takes her home and Emily is furious.”

Emily tells Debbie that she is grounded, but Charity is more sympathetic and advises her on how to handle men who won’t take no for an answer.

Later, a row breaks out when Emily says Debbie can’t go on a trip to Leeds with Charity.

Debbie rushes to her room in tears but Emily is even more upset and tells Paddy it would be better if Debbie left the village and is cared for by another family.

Pure Soap 12th April 2003

Charity begins at home'


Emmerdale's Charity Tate will show she has a heart of gold when she decides to give her daughter Debbie a home.

Debbie (Charley Webb) is distraught when her foster mum Emily Kirk says she can't look after her any more.
Her real mother Charity (Emma Atkins) gave Debbie away as a baby. But Charity can't stand by and watch Debbie head for a children's home.
Emma told the Sun's TVmag: "Charity can't believe that Emily has sent her daughter Debbie packing. She demands to know what is going on and has a row with Emily for giving up on Debbie."
But Emily (Kate McGregor) believes she can't look after Debbie properly with her real mother interfering.
Emma added: "Charity just blurts out that Debbie should stay with her. I think she's surprised to hear herself saying it."
Luckily, Charity's husband Chris (Peter Amory) really likes Debbie and her arrival brings out a softer side in the hard-nosed businessman.
Emma added: "Charity is delighted when Debbie moves in. She goes to great lengths to make her daughter feel happy."
Charity also encourages Debbie to make up with Emily. However, nothing can hide Emily's sense of desolation.


Charity’s Crisis

Tuesday | 15.04.03


Charity Tate has to face up to her parental responsibilities.
The reluctant mum has begun to enjoy spending time with daughter Debbie Jones – but now the youngster is going back into care.

Foster parents Paddy and Emily Kirk have decided they can no longer cope with the heartbreak and jealousy caused by the renewed relationship between the pair. When Charity discovers their decision she goes ballistic and has a furious row with the couple.

However, only Charity herself can mend the situation – but will she decide that it is time to welcome Debbie into Home Farm?

Emma Atkins – who plays Charity – is convinced she will do the right thing.

She says, “At first Charity found the prospect of being a mother very daunting. She just wanted Debbie out of her life. But now there is a bond growing between them, and Charity is taking responsibility for her actions at last.”


Debbie Moves In

Wednesday | 16.04.03

Emmerdale youngster Debbie Jones finds herself a posh new home.
The teenager, who was in foster care, can't believe that she will now be living at Home Farm with real mum Charity.

Charity was furious when she found out that Paddy and Emily put Debbie back into care. And she decided to take matters into her own hands.

However, her decision to offer her daughter a home could cause shock waves through the village.

Emma Atkins, who plays the feisty Tate, says, "It's an impulsive response. She's not actually weighed up the pros and cons. But that's Charity all over.

"She thinks husband Chris may be angry with her for making a decision without consulting him first. But Charity is adamant that her husband will be fine with it.

"And her sister-in-law Zoe, wonders if it really is the best thing for everybody."

Will the duo – separated for so long - now be able to play happy families?

ITV.COM Cain plays dad

Tuesday | 20.05.03

Cain, Charity and Debbie

Emmerdale bad boy Cain Dingle is playing at being dad.
Roguish Cain has delighted at the news he is the father of Charity Tate’s daughter Debbie as he can now make mischief.

Debbie is delighted that her real dad is taking such an interest in her. The young girl has spent years feeling isolated from her real family and now she lives in the splendour of Tate Farm and is in regular contact with Cain.

But Charity is convinced that her former lover is only interested in making life as difficult for her and her husband Chris. So she decides to encourage the strengthening bond between the pair – in the hope Cain will get bored of his new parental responsibilities.

However, Debbie seems to be responsible for thawing the ice-cold hearts of both her Dingle parents. Cain shows no signs of being fed up with having his daughter around.

Has Charity misread the situation entirely?

BBC Pure Soap 21st May 2003

Raising Cain at Home Farm

Cain Dingle sows the seeds of discontent in the Tate household in Emmerdale by manipulating his daughter Debbie.

Debbie goes for her first official access visit to her father much to the distress of Charity.
And Cain, played by Jeff Hordley, does his best to worsen the domestic disharmony.
First he grills Debbie about life at Home Farm and can't hide his delight when she tells him of the tension he is causing between Charity and Chris.

Then he deliberately keeps Debbie late and forces Charity to come and collect her. As a result Chris is late for an important business dinner.

There's a furious row and Debbie is ordered to bed. Eventually Debbie apologises and promises to come home on time in future. Calmness seems to be returning to Home Farm - then Cain turns up.

" Cain learns about Debbie being scolded and is furious that Chris has that kind of power over his daughter," Jeff told the TV Times.

" He turns up at Home Farm and lectures Chris and Charity. Then he makes a jibe which casts aspersions on Chris's manhood.

" Chris explodes and demands Terry turf Cain out. As far as he's concerned, Debbie's father or not, Cain will never set foot in his house again."

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 28th May 2003

Confrontation time between Cain, Charity and Chris while Debbie looks on


Weekdays ITV1

HAPPY Families is one game that’s definitely off the agenda at Home Farm as Cain makes the most of his relationship with Debbie to cause trouble between Chris and Charity.

The conniving Dingle uses his daughter’s first official visit to upset the Tates’ social plans.

“Chris hated him long before he found out Cain was Debbie’s father,” says Peter Amory, who plays the crippled businessman.

“He thinks Cain is a low-life waster, and Chris is still struggling to accept that Cain and Charity were lovers.”

At their first proper meeting as father and daughter, Cain teaches Debbie the guitar and is delighted to find that he has caused serious friction at Home Farm.

Cain deliberately plans a late tea so that when Charity arrives to collect Debbie, she’s not ready. A furious Chris ends up having to go to a business dinner on his own.

Later, Debbie hears Chris and Charity arguing and tells her father. Cain goes to Home Farm to lecture the stunned Tates about how to behave in front of his daughter.

“Chris is livid,” says Peter. “He is frustrated that he can’t give Cain a good thrashing, and he has to call for Terry to throw him out.

“He insists that Cain will never set foot inside his house again.

Tate trauma

Thursday | 29.05.03

Debbie walks away from her fighting parents

Cain Dingle is making live at Tate Farm very hard.
Cain is delighted that daughter Debbie has taken such a shine to him because it gives him an excuse to make trouble.

And Debbie's mother Charity and her husband Chris are just about at the end of their tethers with the local bad boy.

Keeping things civil between the three adults has been a struggle, but Debbie's devotion to all three has led them to try and be reasonable. But Cain is determined to push the pair as far as he can by undermining their authority.

Tonight, Charity reluctantly allows Debbie to spend the afternoon with Cain, only for him to bring her back hours late. The disruption affects an important business dinner and soon the Tates are at loggerheads.

Emma Atkins, who plays Charity, explains, "Cain is just a troublemaker and he's got it in for Charity because of their past - he torments her and Chris in so many ways.

"He even has the cheek to lecture them about arguing in front of Debbie! It really is a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but Cain doesn't care, he will say anything to try and make Debbie turn her back on Chris and Charity."


ITV.COM Cain Clouts Charity

Friday | 30.05.03

Cain and Debbie

Cain Dingle goes too far in a fight with Charity.

The Emmerdale rogue gets into a slanging match with his one time lover over their daughter Debbie and it ends in tears.

Charity is getting sick of having to include Cain as part of her plans for her daughter’s life. His unreasonable attitude and desire to cause a rift between her and husband Chris Tate is getting too much for her to bear.

So she decides to get legal help to keep him away. Unfortunately, as far as the law is concerned Cain is totally within his rights to be close to Debbie.

Frustrated Charity starts a row with Cain and all sorts of home truths come out. And before long so do Cain’s fists. Much to the distress of Debbie, who has witnessed the whole thing.

Actress Emma Atkins – who plays Charity – says, "All Debbie has ever dreamed of is having a secure family. But what she has got is two parents who act like children – bickering, screaming and constantly fighting over her and she absolutely hates it."

Is this the end of Debbie’s relationship with them both?

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 31st May 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Charity and Cain fight and Debbie tries to split them up

EVENTS at Home Farm threaten to spiral out of control as Cain slaps Charity in a furious row over Debbie.

The poor girl is so traumatised by her parents’ bitter battles that she runs in front of Cain’s car to try to end it all.

Cain and Charity realise they have to call a truce or lose their daughter altogether. But that shatters Chris, who becomes convinced Charity is using him.

"It’s a living nightmare," says Emma Atkins, who plays Charity Tate. "Cain knows how to cause trouble, but when he slaps her it sparks a terrible chain of events. Charity lashes back and a fight breaks out. But in their fury they forget about Debbie and they’re horrified to see her rush off in tears."

Cain and Charity drive around searching desperately for Debbie, and they have to brake hard to avoid hitting her when she dashes out in front of the car. She tells Cain she wishes she were dead and runs off again.

"Cain and Charity catch up with her eventually," says Emma. "She sobs that she hates them both and wants to go back into care. They both realise then that the aggro between them has to stop."

But Chris later sees the mark on Charity’s face and reports Cain to the police. He is arrested for assault and Chris is delighted.

"Chris quickly tells Debbie and she is really upset again," says Emma. "As Debbie’s welfare is the most important thing to her, Charity drops the charges against Cain, even though she knows this will anger Chris.

"Later, Cain apologises and he and Charity reach an uneasy truce in the best interests of their daughter. Charity knows Chris is jealous and angry but she just can’t please everyone."

Chris smoulders with a cold fury and reveals to Terry that he would like to kill Cain if he thought he could get away with it, and that Charity never told him she loved him on their wedding day. Chris becomes increasingly convinced that Charity is using him.

ITV.COM Distraught Debbie

Tuesday | 03.06.03

Debbie, Chris and Charity

Debbie Jones is in a state of emotional turmoil tonight.

The schoolgirl is reeling after witnessing a violent row between parent’s Cain Dingle and Charity Tate – and she’s blames them both.

Debbie has been struggling to cope ever since it was revealed that Cain was her father. She tried to bond with both her mum and dad – but their mutual hatred has put a strain on her.

After reluctantly returning to Home Farm following a dramatic showdown with her parents, Debbie can take no more heartache.

However, Charity needs to hold her relationship with furious husband Chris Tate together. She decided to report Cain for assaulting her and now she is dreading the task of telling Debbie he was arrested.

And she was right to worry. Chris gleefully tells Debbie that Cain is behind bars and provokes a fiery reaction from her.

She rushes to confront her mother and they have the worst row of their entire relationship.

Can they ever be close again?

BBC Pure Soap 18th June 2003

Mark of Cain on Debbie


Bad boy Cain Dingle is the source of more trouble in Emmerdale.
Charity Tate, played by Emma Atkins, receives a letter from Debbie's school and is shocked to discover the wayward teenager hasn't been in class for two weeks.

She suspects - quite rightly as it turns out - that Cain (Jeff Hordley) has something to do with it and storms around to confront him.

Sure enough she finds that Debbie, who should be at school, is bunking off around at Cain's place.
Determined to sort out Debbie's schooling once and for all, Charity organises a meeting with the head teacher.

But when Cain gets wind that Debbie's future is being discussed he insists on making an appearance too.
Cain's presence at the school causes a furious bust up and Charity's husband Chris eventually demands that Cain leaves.

Cain retaliates by pointing out he is Debbie's natural father and if anyone has a right to be present when her future is being decided it is him.

The head teacher reluctantly agrees and poor Chris gets thrown out of the meeting. He is left fuming as he is forced to wait outside and wonders whether Debbie - and Cain - will eventually force him and Charity apart.


Debbie flees the scene

Debbie: Tug of love

Teen tears for Debbie, cruel catcalls for Charley
by Derek Robins
Emmerdale youngster Charley Webb, who plays tug-of-love teenager Debbie, hopes she has helped people with the hard-hitting adoption plot in the soap.

Debbie is currently trying to come to terms with having Cain Dingle and Charity Tate for parents and the 15-year-old actress tells TV Plus: "I think maybe it's helped as I've had letters from people who have been adopted and they can relate to the storylines. It happens to a lot of people in real life."

Charley has been transformed from Manchester schoolgirl to soap heroine since joining the show in November. But there is a downside to fame and she is angry about fans who've made nasty remarks to her in the street.

"I get recognised quite a lot — most people are nice but some nasty ones referring to Debbie's mum say: 'Your mum's a prostitute.' That's pathetic."

Because of her age, she has to combine filming and lessons with a tutor. She says: "This time last year I was in school hanging out with my friends. Now I've got a contract with the soap till the end of the year with an option for longer. I'm happy with what I'm doing — but I have got my GCSEs next year."

Charley is full of praise for her screen parents Emma Atkins and Jeff Hordley. "They're brilliant — they are like an older sister and brother to me. They have taught me loads and we go out together for pizzas. Maybe we can all out go out clubbing when I'm old enough in a few years time."

She says she has sometimes found it hard to cope with emotional scenes. "Probably my favourite was when Debbie confronted her real mum. The lead up was quite worrying as I had to cry in the scene, but once I'd filmed it I was fine.

"I am quite critical of my acting and I watch myself a lot to see if I can improve my performance."

Charley isn't the only member of her family to enjoy soap success. Her brother Jamie, who's in his 20s, has played policemen in both Corrie and Brookside and is currently on a drama course in Canada.

Charley says: "I got into acting before him. I started when I was about eight and I appeared in Bugsy Malone on stage in Manchester."

She says her soap fame hasn't gone to her head. "My parents are really proud of me but they keep my feet on the ground. My friends are great too and aren't jealous of me.

"Ideally I want to stay in the show for quite a while as there is so much more that can be explored with my character. And I have some big storylines coming up in July, so expect more tears all round."

RECEIVED: 19/06/2003 10:23:34

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 28th June 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Cain causes trouble for Charity and Chris when he gets involved in a heated row over Debbie playing truant from school.

Chris is seething when Cain and Charity talk over Debbie’s problems with her headteacher. And he’s more upset when Debbie demands a day out with just Cain and Charity before she’ll agree to toe the line.

The week opens with Charity receiving a phone call from the school about Debbie’s skiving.

“Charity finds Debbie at the Dingles’ house when she should be at school,” says Emma Atkins, who plays the mixed-up mum.

“And she has a real go at Cain. But when Charity and Chris go in to see the head, Cain turns up and Chris gets pushed out.

“It’s a nightmare situation but Charity wants to do the best by her daughter, and she seems to be tearing herself in two trying to keep everyone happy.

“She can see Chris is getting more upset by the situation, but there’s nothing she can do.”

Debbie’s day trip deal is accepted, but Chris tries to persuade Charity and Debbie to go to EuroDisney instead of to the Yorkshire Moors with Cain.

“It’s unfair of Chris,” says Emma, “trying to force Debbie to choose.”

Click to see much larger image of Cain with his cousin Charity and their daughter Debbie in July 2003

The Sun 5th July 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Chris is angry and jealous when Charity’s day out with Debbie and Cain turns into an overnight stay.

Charity makes it clear to Cain they will not sleep together but Chris is still bitterly suspicious.

Rows escalate at Home Farm, but there’s a shock for everyone when baby Jean is badly injured after being hit by a falling iron.

"It’s a bad end to a disastrous week in Chris’s eyes," says Peter Amory, who plays the harassed head of the household. "He feels as if he is losing Charity and there’s nothing he can do."

Charity and Cain do start to bond with Debbie on their day out. When Cain shows Charity their initials still carved on a rock, she admits she loved him back when they were teenagers.

Debbie is delighted her plan to get her parents back together is working but when they get to the car, Cain ‘discovers’ he has lost his keys.

"Chris is just admitting his doubts to Terry when she rings to say they’re stranded on the Moors," reveals Peter. "When they get back, he accuses Charity of having an affair with Cain.

"He gets drunk and admits to his wife that he is scared of losing her."


Family at war

Wednesday | 16.07.03

Emmerdale youngster Debbie Jones feels isolated in her own home.

The schoolgirl is sick of being the recipient of step-father Chris Tate's fury as the accusations fly over who hurt baby Jean.

Despite having the full support of mum Charity, Debbie is distraught that Chris could even think that she could have done anything to hurt his tiny niece.

Predictably, Debbie runs to her erstwhile father, Cain Dingle, as the bad atmosphere gets too much for her. Cain is stunned that Debbie wants to get away from her life of luxury at Tate Farm and demands to know what is wrong.

And as soon as he discovers the truth, Cain marches round to confront his nemesis.

Debbie – who already worships her father – is delighted at how quickly Cain has jumped in to protect her. It sets her thinking that perhaps life with her mum and Chris is not what she really wants.

Will Debbie ever find her way to a quiet life?


Debbie Does Callous

Tuesday | 22.07.03

Cain, Charity and Debbie

Emmerdale’s Debbie Jones decides it’s time to leave Tate Farm.
The insecure school girl is sick of being the target of stepfather Chris Tate’s rage as the situation at home gets worse.

Much to mum Charity’s distress, Debbie has chosen to move in with her father Cain Dingle - a decision likely to cause even more conflict.

Desperate Charity will do anything to keep her daughter close to her but when she appeals to her wealthy husband for help, he shoots her down.

Charity knows that allowing Debbie to live with Cain will force her to be around her former lover much more. With the reawakened feelings between them, Charity is struggling to stop herself from falling into Cain’s arms again.

But despite his own fears about the developing relationship between his glamorous wife and his nemesis Cain, Chris is consumed by trying to exact his revenge on Scott Windsor.

Has Chris just made the mistake which will ruin his marriage?


THE SUN 26th July 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Cain and Charity kiss while unknown to them Debbie watches

JEALOUS husband Chris pushes Charity into the arms of her former lover Cain. The pair kiss - and their delighted daughter Debbie sees them!

Charity can’t believe it when Terry reveals that Chris intends to have Cain beaten up. She rushes to warn Cain and the two share an impulsive kiss as she struggles to convince him to take the threat seriously.

“She regrets it as soon as it happens,” says Emma Atkins, who plays the tempestuous Mrs Tate.

Fearing Debbie could get caught up in the violence, Charity begs Chris to call off his heavies. She tells him that she loves him and says if he loved her, he would do as she asks. He reluctantly agrees.

“But then Charity gets another surprise when Debbie reveals she saw the kiss,” says Emma. “Charity is horrified, and she makes her daughter promise to keep it a secret. Charity knows that Chris would go off the deep end if he found out.

“Poor Debbie thinks her parents are going to get back together. Charity assures her this will never happen, but she’s not quite as certain about that as she sounds.”



Debt to Debbie

Debbie and Charity

Wednesday | 17.09.03

Emmerdale's Charity Tate finds a friend in daughter Debbie Jones.

The troubled schoolgirl has been desperately worried about her mum ever since she split from husband Chris Tate after cheating with Cain.

Although Debbie dreamed about seeing her mum and dad reunited, Cain's erratic behaviour has led her to conclude that Charity may be better off with her wealthy spouse after all.

When Charity is invited to Home Farm for a drink, she is determined to look her best in an effort to win Chris' heart again. But money is a bit short for the onetime call girl, as her vengeful husband has emptied her healthy bank accounts and maxed out her credit cards.

Lamenting that she needs to improve her image to stand a chance at rekindling her romance with Chris, Charity is stunned when Debbie clears out her own bank account to help her wayward mum.

But little do they know that while they are excitedly planning Charity's new haircut, Chris is formulating his own itinery for events.

Extract The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 8th February 2004,,2001330006-2004052146_3,00.html


Sun to Fri - ITV1


POOR Debbie is having a torrid time at the moment.
She only found out that Charity and Cain were her real parents last year, and now they’re both in prison when she was really hoping to be living as part of a family.

In desperation, she turns to the church for help but finds her problems get even worse.

She is devastated when her dad, Cain, is not released from prison as expected. The welcome-home party is cancelled because he’s to be held for another month, for fighting.

Debbie is suspended from school after pushing over a bully who torments her about Charity and Cain being behind bars.

Then, in her despair, she goes into the church, where clueless curate Ethan wrongly accuses her of trying to steal from the collection box.

"Life seems to be one long nightmare at the moment," says Charley Webb, who plays Debbie.

After school, Debbie confides in friend Donna that she has been suspended for lashing out at one of the school bullies.

Then, on the bus home, Debbie receives more abuse and attacks another bully. The driver stops the bus and orders Debbie and Donna off.

Donna goes home, but Debbie goes to church. "She is feeling sad and alone," says Charley.

"She finds 50p in her pocket and puts it into the collection box before sitting down. Then Ethan comes up and accuses her of trying to steal from the collection box.

"Debbie throws the box on the floor and runs out. Ethan apologises later, but Debbie feels as if the whole world is against her."

ITV.COM Banged Up

Thursday | 12.02.04

Emmerdale's Cain Dingle is due home from prison any day.

The village bad boy has been languishing in jail for a month following his furious outburst at cousin Charity Tate's murder trial.

Times have been hard for the Dingle family since the tense court case. Poor Charity - who is pregnant - was found guilty of murdering husband Chris Tate, leaving daughter Debbie without both her parents.

Charity was entirely innocent of the crime and the knowledge that both her and Debbie's dad Cain remain behind bars has taken its toll on the troubled youngster.

But Cain's imminent release has acted as a glimmer of hope for Debbie. Although Cain is a violent and bad tempered criminal, he loves his daughter to distraction and she craves the security of having him around.

However, poor Debbie gets some more terrible news this week when it emerges that Cain hasn't been behaving himself in jail. The hot-headed villager has been exchanging punches with his fellow inmates and earned himself an extended sentence.

With both her parents locked up and family problems at home, can young Debbie cope on her own?

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To the Soaps - 29th February 2004,,2001330006-2004091133_3,00.html


Sun to Fri - ITV1

Emma Atkins publicity shot with Teddy

PREGNANT Charity collapses in prison and has to be rushed to hospital for an emergency caesarean. She gives birth three months early to a tiny baby boy who weighs just 2lbs 2oz.

"One minute she is talking to her solicitor about her appeal and the next minute she’s being raced into the operating theatre," says Emma Atkins, who plays Charity.

Debbie and Zak dash to the hospital to be told that the baby has breathing difficulties and is fighting for its life in an incubator.

"Charity desperately wants her baby to pull through," says Emma. "She knows it’s touch and go because he is so premature, but she’s praying that he survives."

His birth immediately raises the question of who the father is. Chris, Cain and Marlon are all possibilities.

And it’s not long before the news reaches Emmerdale. Zoe insists the baby can’t be Chris’s, and tells Scott she wants nothing to do with it, and Marlon assures Paddy that Cain is the father.

"Charity’s emotions are churning," says Emma. "If Chris is the father it could influence Zoe’s actions, but Charity is close to Cain so her feelings are divided. Marlon being the dad would be a nightmare scenario."

Zak demands that Charity takes a paternity test to find out once and for all who the dad is and he gets busy organising it. Zoe agrees to take part, to see if there is any Tate blood in the baby.

"Debbie is desperate for Cain to be told," says Emma, "but Charity insists they wait until the next day. She has a lot of thinking to do.

"Despite not having made up her mind, she tells Debbie that she’s going to put the baby up for adoption.

"Debbie is horrified at the news, but Charity tries to explain that she can’t bring up a child in prison. Her solicitor is not holding out much hope for her appeal."

Zak is appalled by Charity’s ‘decision’ and tells her not to give up a baby that could be Cain’s son and his grandson. Zak goes to prison to tell Cain about Charity’s plans.

At the hospital, Debbie hassles Charity to name her son. She decides to call him Noah, but is fighting hard not to bond with him.

BBC Pure Soap 1st March 2004

Debbie's plea for baby brother

Debbie's plea for baby brother
The prospect of losing her new-born brother prompts Charity Tate's teenage daughter Debbie to make a heartfelt plea for her mum to keep the tot.
Debbie is over the moon that she's got a new sibling, but her mum isn't so sure.
Emmerdale's Charity (Emma Atkins) has given birth by emergency Caesarean after collapsing in her prison cell where she's doing time for murdering hubby Chris, although she's determined to clear her name.
She's rushed to hospital where she's found to be suffering from pre-eclampsia - a potentially fatal condition that can affect mother and child.
Charity's son is delivered three months early, weighing just 2lbs 2oz and suffering from breathing problems. He's then rushed away for special treatment.
But the ordeal doesn't change the new mum's decision to give her baby up for adoption and daughter Debbie's heartfelt pleas for her mum to keep him fall on deaf ears.
Emma told Inside Soap magazine: "Charity finds Debbie very annoying at his point. Debbie's delighted, in the way that any big sister would be, and she just wants to take the baby home.
"But Charity's having none of it, and just wants to be left alone.
"They have rows about it and obviously Charity is affected by what Debbie says, but she isn't going to change her mind."

ITV.COM Ignored

Friday | 25.03.04

Emmerdale youngster Debbie Jones is being neglected by her family.

The troubled teenager has faded into the background as her mum Charity Tate struggles with ailing newborn son Noah while in prison.

But not everyone has forgotten that Debbie is going through a terrible time at home - kindly local curate Ethan Blake is very concerned about her.

Having finally forged a relationship with her mum and roguish dad Cain Dingle, Debbie thought she had found a stable life until Charity was sent down for life for the murder of husband Chris.

Since then, Debbie has pleaded with her jailbird mum to give newborn son Noah a chance to enjoy the childhood she missed out on - in the bosom of his family.

But Charity is dead set on giving Noah up and once again Debbie’s concerns are taking second place to the drama surrounding her parents. So when Ethan approaches Emily Kirk to discuss Debbie’s welfare, he is not satisfied to hear the family can look after the pretty girl on their own.

Later Ethan finds Debbie at the cafe and extends the hand of friendship to her - will Debbie take up the chance to spend time with the kindly clergyman?

Screen Captures from 30th December 2002 of Debbie

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