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Debbie Jones

Appeared: 24 December - 30 December 2002,
16 Juanuary 2003 -

Played by: Charley Webb

YTV Publicity shot of Debbie circa 2003

Debbie was Born: 26th October 1989

The natural daughter of Charity Tate (nee Dingle) and Cain Dingle (see below for more info on Debbie's birth parents)

Granddaughter of Zak Dingle

Debbie has a half-brother Noah Tate (born 1st March 2004 - and now known as Christopher Francis Tate)

Stepbrother: Joseph Tate (born to Chris Tate and Rachel Hughes 8th June 1995)

Debbie was given up for adoption and raised by Pat Jones (who was a friend of Charity's father and nursed Charity through her pregnancy). On Debbie's birth certifcate it states that her mother is Pat Jones and her father unknown. Even though Debbie didn't know who her real parents were, she always knew she was adopted.

On the 24th December 2002 Debbie Jones arrived in Emmerdale as the foster daughter of Paddy and Emily Kirk after her adoptive mother became ill. Debbie returned to Pat but when Pat Jones eventually died Debbie returned to Emmerdale and soon tracked down her real parents. Up until that point Cain didn't even know he had a daughter.

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YTV Publicity shot of Debbie circa 2003


publicity shot of Charity and daughter Debbie

In February 2003 Charity is confronted by her sectret daughter Debbie

Debbie with her mother and her 1 day old brother -2nd March 2004

During the week beginning 14th October 2002 Charity revealed to her sister-in-law Zoe that she had a child some years ago that she had given up for adoption. Three months later it would be revealed that Charity had the child when she was thirteen, 13 years before and the father was none other than her cousin Cain Dingle.

Charity, Debbie (played by Charley Webb) and Cain

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