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News Stories about Emmerdale's Charity Dingle/Tate
30th March 2000 -

Played by: Emma Atkins

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In February 2003 Charity is confronted by her sectret daughter Debbie

BBC Puresoap 30th December 2002

Charity to give fake alibi

Emma Atkins who plays Charity

Emmerdale's Charity is to give barmaid Louise Appleton a fake alibi to cover the night on which she accidentally killed her stalker boyfriend Ray Mullan.

Charity (Emma Atkins) believe she is helping Louise (Emily Symons) in her bid to avoid a murder charge, but detectives see through the tale and charge Louise, according to the Daily Star.

" Perhaps Louise should have just told police the truth instead of covering up what happened and trying to make the death look accidental," an Emmerdale insider told the newspaper.

" She would probably have been able to plead self-defence given the ordeal Ray put her through. Now it doesn't look good at all for her."

Louise also has to face Ray's criminal friends who arrive in Emmerdale wanting answers as to how he died.

" They make it a frightening time," the insider added.


Charity's secret daughter -
Debbie Jones?
Charity, Debbie (played by Charley Webb) and Cain

During the week beginning 14th October 2002 Charity revealed to her sister-in-law Zoe that she had a child some years ago that she had given up for adoption. Three months later it would be revealed that Charity had the child when she was thirteen, 13 years ago. The father being her cousin Cain Dingle Cain does not know he is the father at this present time.

The girl, turned out to be called Debbie Jones and first showed up in Emmerdale on Christmas Eve 2002 as a foster daughter for Emily and Paddy Kirk for a few days. No one then knew of her true identity.

When Debbie re-appeared in January 2003, she revealed to Cain Dingle that she was adopted and showed him a photo. Over time the whole sorry story has come out.

The Sun's Guide To the Soaps Week Beginning 3rd February 2003


Weekdays ITV1

CHARITY is shocked when Cain confronts her with proof that Debbie is her long-lost daughter.

He forces Charity to return the deeds to the Dingles’ home after showing her Debbie’s precious photo of her. Charity hopes this means Chris will never discover her dark secret, but Debbie wants to meet her mother and the truth comes out anyway.

“Charity is stunned when she sees herself aged 13,” says Emma Atkins, who plays the reluctant mother. “It brings it all back and she knows that Cain has won this battle.

“She insists to Chris that everything is all right after Cain leaves but she’s shattered.

“Charity admits to Zoe that Debbie really is her daughter and she recalls the agony of giving birth at 13. Her friend Pat came to her rescue and registered the baby in her name.”

Charity realises that she has to give the deeds back to an overwhelmed Lisa who is delighted that Charity has seen sense.

“But then she has to tell Chris what she has done,” says Emma. “He’s furious but she explains that Cain was spreading rumours about her.

“She has to admit to Chris that Cain is saying Debbie is her daughter but she insists it’s not true, which surprises Zoe.”

Chris visits the Dingles’ and orders Cain to keep his lies to himself. But Charity’s torment it not over. Debbie turns up at Home Farm.

“Charity is totally speechless at first,” says Emma. “Then she tries to tell Debbie that Cain is lying and she is not her mother.

“Chris backs her up, but Zoe can’t stand what she is hearing and explains to Debbie that Charity really is her mother.

“Chris sees from the look on Charity’s face that it’s true. He’s devastated and so is Charity. She thinks this could be the end.”

Chris angrily turns on Charity and demands to know if Debbie’s father was one of her ‘clients’. She pleads with him that she was only 13 when it happened.

But Chris feels betrayed. He can’t believe that Charity was such a convincing liar and wonders what else she’s lied about.

“Charity tells Debbie that she was forced to give her up because she was so young,” says Emma. “She insists Debbie’s father is dead.

“Debbie is desperate to tell foster parents Paddy and Emily that she has found her mother, but Charity tries to explain to her daughter that they have to keep it a secret.

“Charity warns Debbie that Pat might get into trouble with the authorities if the truth comes out.

“Charity simply refuses to let herself become emotional. She doesn’t want Debbie in her life and she takes her home and coldly tells Chris that Debbie won’t trouble the Tates.”

But Debbie is determined to bond with her mother and skips school to spend time with her even though Charity refuses to respond.

News comes through that Pat has taken a turn for the worse in hospital and Emily takes Debbie off to see her.

“Charity is very shaken by Debbie’s arrival,” says Emma. “But she refuses to show any of her feelings.

“She can’t turn the clock back and she loves the life she has now as the lady of Home Farm. Charity doesn’t want anything to take that away from her, not even a daughter.” Charity's Adoption Turmoil

Thursday | 06.03.03

Charity and Debbie aren't the happiest mother and daughter on-screen.

Unable to cope with the guilt of her decision to have the youngster adopted, Charity is pushing her distraught daughter further away.

Actress Emma Atkins, who plays the confused Charity, hopes that the way Emmerdale has tackled the storyline reflects the experiences of those who've really been through it.

She says, "It is an all too real storyline for some people who have given their children up for adoption, only for them to then want to get in touch.

"Mothers who give up their children for adoption do it for a variety of reasons and I wouldn't ever sit in judgement on the rights and wrongs of doing that.

"One of the reasons that this particular storyline has worked well is the amazing performance of Charley Webb, who plays Debbie. She has been amazing, simply stunning and I have grown very close to her, she's a great actor and a lovely girl." Cain betrays Charity

Tuesday | 25.03.03

Cain & Charity

Cain is ready to sink low to hurt cousin Charity.
The Emmerdale badboy will reveal Charity's past as a prostitute to her daughter Debbie, straining relations between the pair to breaking point.

Debbie has been struggling to win Charity's affections and finally they are starting to accept each other. But jealous Cain can't control his bitter feelings towards his cousin and decides to stick the knife into both her and Debbie with his revelation.

To make matters worse he chooses Mother's Day to spill the beans.

But the brooding Dingle better be prepared because Charity has her own secret to tell.

An Emmerdale insider feels sorry for poor Debbie who is caught in this vicious crossfire. "Only Cain could pick such a special day to tell a young girl the mum she has only just found was a hooker. Debbie so wants to be part of Charity's life and this knocks her sideways."

And all this trouble mongering is bound to bring Cain's day of reckoning even closer: "Debbie is left wondering if her father was one of Charity's punters. The crushing irony is her father is the person who is pouring the poison. Cain doesn't know the truth, but soon will when Charity hears what he's done." Chris' love declaration

Thursday | 27.03.03


Chris Tate reveals his deep love for wife Charity tonight.
The hard-nosed businessman has always been smitten with strong-willed Charity but was aware from the start that she didn't love him back.

However, as their marriage has progressed the pair have become very close and Chris has stood by Charity through crisis after crisis. And now he wants her to know how much she means to him.

However, reeling from her confused feelings for daughter Debbie, is Charity in the right mood to reciprocate his heartfelt declaration?

Actress Emma Atkins, who plays the brassy bombshell, predicts rocky times ahead for the pair.

She says, "Don't forget, Cain has yet to find out that he's Debbie's real dad. That's going to cause real ructions. Poor Chris, he's always saying to Charity, "Is there anything else?" and there always is. There's lots more to come and I'm really looking forward to it."


Charity and Debbie


Weekdays ITV1

TROUBLED teen Debbie faces yet another problem this week when an older boy comes on strong after she sneaks out to a party at the Marsdens’.

Cain comes to the rescue and takes her home, only for the youngster to be caught in the growing feud between foster mother Emily and Charity, her real mum.

“It’s no wonder Debbie’s confused,” says Charley Webb, who plays the 14-year-old. “Emily is thoughtful and kind, but Charity is glamorous and rich and seems more exciting.”

Debbie is desperate to go to the Marsden kids’ party.
While Emily says she is too young, Charity admits she would let her go.

“Debbie sneaks out of the house and goes anyway,” says Charley.

“The party is really rocking but an older boy starts coming on to her and she doesn’t know how to handle it. She yells and Cain comes out of nowhere and drags the lad off her. Debbie is scared and she’s really grateful. Then Cain takes her home and Emily is furious.”

Emily tells Debbie that she is grounded, but Charity is more sympathetic and advises her on how to handle men who won’t take no for an answer.

Later, a row breaks out when Emily says Debbie can’t go on a trip to Leeds with Charity.

Debbie rushes to her room in tears but Emily is even more upset and tells Paddy it would be better if Debbie left the village and is cared for by another family.

Chris Tate

Tate Tangles

Tuesday | 11.03.03

Chris Tate is struggling to hold his troubled marriage together.
Rocked by the revelation that wife Charity has a secret daughter, the disabled businessman is trying to support her through the ordeal.

However, their relationship is suffering as Charity tries to come to terms with the reappearance of daughter Debbie and is shutting Chris out.

And with Charity hiding the fact Caine Dingle is Debbie's real father, actor Peter Amory - who plays the hard-nosed Tate - thinks that things can only get worse between them.

He says, "If he is struggling with the fact she has a daughter, God only knows how he will react when he finds out who the father is!

"Things are rocky right now, but the weeks ahead are going to prove even harder. Chris has always wondered whether or not Charity really cares for him and I think he is about to find out."

Pure Soap 12th April 2003

Charity begins at home'


Emmerdale's Charity Tate will show she has a heart of gold when she decides to give her daughter Debbie a home.

Debbie (Charley Webb) is distraught when her foster mum Emily Kirk says she can't look after her any more.
Her real mother Charity (Emma Atkins) gave Debbie away as a baby. But Charity can't stand by and watch Debbie head for a children's home.
Emma told the Sun's TVmag: "Charity can't believe that Emily has sent her daughter Debbie packing. She demands to know what is going on and has a row with Emily for giving up on Debbie."
But Emily (Kate McGregor) believes she can't look after Debbie properly with her real mother interfering.
Emma added: "Charity just blurts out that Debbie should stay with her. I think she's surprised to hear herself saying it."
Luckily, Charity's husband Chris (Peter Amory) really likes Debbie and her arrival brings out a softer side in the hard-nosed businessman.
Emma added: "Charity is delighted when Debbie moves in. She goes to great lengths to make her daughter feel happy."
Charity also encourages Debbie to make up with Emily. However, nothing can hide Emily's sense of desolation.

The Sun 14th April 2003


Weekdays ITV

CHARITY begins at Home Farm this week when Mrs Tate takes the surprising decision to give her daughter Debbie a home.

Foster mum Emily says she can’t look after Debbie any more, and the youngster is devastated. Her birth mother, Charity, has preferred a more distant relationship with the child she gave away as a baby, but she can’t bear the thought of Debbie in a children’s home.

“Charity can’t believe that Emily has sent her daughter Debbie packing,” says Emma Atkins, who plays Charity.
“She demands to know what is going on and has a row with Emily for giving up on Debbie.”

Emily insists she can’t look after Debbie properly
with her real mum interfering all the time. She says
she only sent the troubled teenager back to social services because the situation had become unbearable.

“Charity just blurts out that Debbie should stay with her,” says Emma. “I think she’s surprised to hear herself saying it.

“Fortunately, Chris really likes Debbie and he’s delighted. It makes them more of a family and Charity is pleased
to see a gentler side to her husband.”

Emily tries to put a brave face on Debbie’s departure, but she is very hurt and upset at the prospect of bumping in to her former foster child around the village.

“Charity is delighted when Debbie moves in,” says Emma. “She goes to great lengths to make her daughter feel happy.

“And Charity encourages Debbie to make up with Emily.

“Debbie thanks Emily and Paddy for having her and promises to visit in the future.”

But Emily knows that Debbie is only saying what Charity told her to say and feels all the more desolate.


Charity’s Crisis

Tuesday | 15.04.03


Charity Tate has to face up to her parental responsibilities.
The reluctant mum has begun to enjoy spending time with daughter Debbie Jones – but now the youngster is going back into care.

Foster parents Paddy and Emily Kirk have decided they can no longer cope with the heartbreak and jealousy caused by the renewed relationship between the pair. When Charity discovers their decision she goes ballistic and has a furious row with the couple.

However, only Charity herself can mend the situation – but will she decide that it is time to welcome Debbie into Home Farm?

Emma Atkins – who plays Charity – is convinced she will do the right thing.

She says, “At first Charity found the prospect of being a mother very daunting. She just wanted Debbie out of her life. But now there is a bond growing between them, and Charity is taking responsibility for her actions at last.”


Debbie Moves In

Wednesday | 16.04.03

Emmerdale youngster Debbie Jones finds herself a posh new home.
The teenager, who was in foster care, can't believe that she will now be living at Home Farm with real mum Charity.

Charity was furious when she found out that Paddy and Emily put Debbie back into care. And she decided to take matters into her own hands.

However, her decision to offer her daughter a home could cause shock waves through the village.

Emma Atkins, who plays the feisty Tate, says, "It's an impulsive response. She's not actually weighed up the pros and cons. But that's Charity all over.

"She thinks husband Chris may be angry with her for making a decision without consulting him first. But Charity is adamant that her husband will be fine with it.

"And her sister-in-law Zoe, wonders if it really is the best thing for everybody."

Will the duo – separated for so long - now be able to play happy families?

ITV.COM Cain plays dad

Tuesday | 20.05.03

Cain, Charity and Debbie

Emmerdale bad boy Cain Dingle is playing at being dad.
Roguish Cain has delighted at the news he is the father of Charity Tate’s daughter Debbie as he can now make mischief.

Debbie is delighted that her real dad is taking such an interest in her. The young girl has spent years feeling isolated from her real family and now she lives in the splendour of Tate Farm and is in regular contact with Cain.

But Charity is convinced that her former lover is only interested in making life as difficult for her and her husband Chris. So she decides to encourage the strengthening bond between the pair – in the hope Cain will get bored of his new parental responsibilities.

However, Debbie seems to be responsible for thawing the ice-cold hearts of both her Dingle parents. Cain shows no signs of being fed up with having his daughter around.

Has Charity misread the situation entirely?

BBC Pure Soap 21st May 2003

Raising Cain at Home Farm

Cain Dingle sows the seeds of discontent in the Tate household in Emmerdale by manipulating his daughter Debbie.

Debbie goes for her first official access visit to her father much to the distress of Charity.
And Cain, played by Jeff Hordley, does his best to worsen the domestic disharmony.
First he grills Debbie about life at Home Farm and can't hide his delight when she tells him of the tension he is causing between Charity and Chris.

Then he deliberately keeps Debbie late and forces Charity to come and collect her. As a result Chris is late for an important business dinner.

There's a furious row and Debbie is ordered to bed. Eventually Debbie apologises and promises to come home on time in future. Calmness seems to be returning to Home Farm - then Cain turns up.

" Cain learns about Debbie being scolded and is furious that Chris has that kind of power over his daughter," Jeff told the TV Times.

" He turns up at Home Farm and lectures Chris and Charity. Then he makes a jibe which casts aspersions on Chris's manhood.

" Chris explodes and demands Terry turf Cain out. As far as he's concerned, Debbie's father or not, Cain will never set foot in his house again."

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 28th May 2003

Confrontation time between Cain, Charity and Chris while Debbie looks on


Weekdays ITV1

HAPPY Families is one game that’s definitely off the agenda at Home Farm as Cain makes the most of his relationship with Debbie to cause trouble between Chris and Charity.

The conniving Dingle uses his daughter’s first official visit to upset the Tates’ social plans.

“Chris hated him long before he found out Cain was Debbie’s father,” says Peter Amory, who plays the crippled businessman.

“He thinks Cain is a low-life waster, and Chris is still struggling to accept that Cain and Charity were lovers.”

At their first proper meeting as father and daughter, Cain teaches Debbie the guitar and is delighted to find that he has caused serious friction at Home Farm.

Cain deliberately plans a late tea so that when Charity arrives to collect Debbie, she’s not ready. A furious Chris ends up having to go to a business dinner on his own.

Later, Debbie hears Chris and Charity arguing and tells her father. Cain goes to Home Farm to lecture the stunned Tates about how to behave in front of his daughter.

“Chris is livid,” says Peter. “He is frustrated that he can’t give Cain a good thrashing, and he has to call for Terry to throw him out.

“He insists that Cain will never set foot inside his house again.”

Tate trauma

Thursday | 29.05.03

Debbie walks away from her fighting parents

Cain Dingle is making live at Tate Farm very hard.
Cain is delighted that daughter Debbie has taken such a shine to him because it gives him an excuse to make trouble.

And Debbie's mother Charity and her husband Chris are just about at the end of their tethers with the local bad boy.

Keeping things civil between the three adults has been a struggle, but Debbie's devotion to all three has led them to try and be reasonable. But Cain is determined to push the pair as far as he can by undermining their authority.

Tonight, Charity reluctantly allows Debbie to spend the afternoon with Cain, only for him to bring her back hours late. The disruption affects an important business dinner and soon the Tates are at loggerheads.

Emma Atkins, who plays Charity, explains, "Cain is just a troublemaker and he's got it in for Charity because of their past - he torments her and Chris in so many ways.

"He even has the cheek to lecture them about arguing in front of Debbie! It really is a case of the pot calling the kettle black, but Cain doesn't care, he will say anything to try and make Debbie turn her back on Chris and Charity."

ITV.COM Cain Clouts Charity

Friday | 30.05.03

Cain and Debbie

Cain Dingle goes too far in a fight with Charity.

The Emmerdale rogue gets into a slanging match with his one time lover over their daughter Debbie and it ends in tears.

Charity is getting sick of having to include Cain as part of her plans for her daughter’s life. His unreasonable attitude and desire to cause a rift between her and husband Chris Tate is getting too much for her to bear.

So she decides to get legal help to keep him away. Unfortunately, as far as the law is concerned Cain is totally within his rights to be close to Debbie.

Frustrated Charity starts a row with Cain and all sorts of home truths come out. And before long so do Cain’s fists. Much to the distress of Debbie, who has witnessed the whole thing.

Actress Emma Atkins – who plays Charity – says, "All Debbie has ever dreamed of is having a secure family. But what she has got is two parents who act like children – bickering, screaming and constantly fighting over her and she absolutely hates it."

Is this the end of Debbie’s relationship with them both?

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 31st May 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Charity and Cain fight and Debbie tries to split them up

EVENTS at Home Farm threaten to spiral out of control as Cain slaps Charity in a furious row over Debbie.

The poor girl is so traumatised by her parents’ bitter battles that she runs in front of Cain’s car to try to end it all.

Cain and Charity realise they have to call a truce or lose their daughter altogether. But that shatters Chris, who becomes convinced Charity is using him.

"It’s a living nightmare," says Emma Atkins, who plays Charity Tate. "Cain knows how to cause trouble, but when he slaps her it sparks a terrible chain of events. Charity lashes back and a fight breaks out. But in their fury they forget about Debbie and they’re horrified to see her rush off in tears."

Cain and Charity drive around searching desperately for Debbie, and they have to brake hard to avoid hitting her when she dashes out in front of the car. She tells Cain she wishes she were dead and runs off again.

"Cain and Charity catch up with her eventually," says Emma. "She sobs that she hates them both and wants to go back into care. They both realise then that the aggro between them has to stop."

But Chris later sees the mark on Charity’s face and reports Cain to the police. He is arrested for assault and Chris is delighted.

"Chris quickly tells Debbie and she is really upset again," says Emma. "As Debbie’s welfare is the most important thing to her, Charity drops the charges against Cain, even though she knows this will anger Chris.

"Later, Cain apologises and he and Charity reach an uneasy truce in the best interests of their daughter. Charity knows Chris is jealous and angry but she just can’t please everyone."

Chris smoulders with a cold fury and reveals to Terry that he would like to kill Cain if he thought he could get away with it, and that Charity never told him she loved him on their wedding day. Chris becomes increasingly convinced that Charity is using him.


ITV.COM Distraught Debbie

Tuesday | 03.06.03

Debbie, Chris and Charity

Debbie Jones is in a state of emotional turmoil tonight.

The schoolgirl is reeling after witnessing a violent row between parent’s Cain Dingle and Charity Tate – and she’s blames them both.

Debbie has been struggling to cope ever since it was revealed that Cain was her father. She tried to bond with both her mum and dad – but their mutual hatred has put a strain on her.

After reluctantly returning to Home Farm following a dramatic showdown with her parents, Debbie can take no more heartache.

However, Charity needs to hold her relationship with furious husband Chris Tate together. She decided to report Cain for assaulting her and now she is dreading the task of telling Debbie he was arrested.

And she was right to worry. Chris gleefully tells Debbie that Cain is behind bars and provokes a fiery reaction from her.

She rushes to confront her mother and they have the worst row of their entire relationship.

Can they ever be close again?

Tate and Bile

Wednesday | 04.06.03

Emmerdale tycoon Chris Tate has doubts about his wife Charity.

Relations between them are getting worse by the day and Chris wonders if all Charity wants is his money, home and status.

Chris has felt insecure in the relationship ever since he married the former call girl. The day of their wedding, Charity told Chris she didn't love him but insisted he was the one for her.

But this is not enough for Chris. He is devoted to his flighty spouse and has proved his love by welcoming her daughter Debbie into their family. But after Charity drops the criminal charges against Debbie's dad Cain, Chris fears the worst.

Devoid of any real friends in the village, Chris turns to chauffeur Terry Woods for some advice. Terry is shocked by the confessional nature of their conversation.

He is equally astounded when Chris tells him the truth about Charity's lack of love for him. In the heat of the moment Chris tells Terry that the only thing stopping him getting rid of Cain for good is the threat of prison.

Will Tate tensions boil over?

The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 28th June 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Cain causes trouble for Charity and Chris when he gets involved in a heated row over Debbie playing truant from school.

Chris is seething when Cain and Charity talk over Debbie’s problems with her headteacher. And he’s more upset when Debbie demands a day out with just Cain and Charity before she’ll agree to toe the line.

The week opens with Charity receiving a phone call from the school about Debbie’s skiving.

“Charity finds Debbie at the Dingles’ house when she should be at school,” says Emma Atkins, who plays the mixed-up mum.

“And she has a real go at Cain. But when Charity and Chris go in to see the head, Cain turns up and Chris gets pushed out.

“It’s a nightmare situation but Charity wants to do the best by her daughter, and she seems to be tearing herself in two trying to keep everyone happy.

“She can see Chris is getting more upset by the situation, but there’s nothing she can do.”

Debbie’s day trip deal is accepted, but Chris tries to persuade Charity and Debbie to go to EuroDisney instead of to the Yorkshire Moors with Cain.

“It’s unfair of Chris,” says Emma, “trying to force Debbie to choose.”

Click to see much larger image of Cain with his cousin Charity and their daughter Debbie in July 2003

ITV.COM House of Cain

Friday | 04.07.03

Debbie, Charity and Cain

Emmerdale rogue Cain Dingle has a plan up his sleeve.

The scheming bad boy has decided to stage a family outing with ex-love Charity and daughter Debbie at a very special spot.

The move comes after weeks of plotting by Cain in an effort to infuriate Charity and her rich husband Chris.

Cain is furious that Charity kept the secret of daughter Debbie’s existence from him for all these years and is determined to make her life as difficult as possible. And his strange choice of location for the get together horrifies Charity.

Crafty Cain has picked the secluded spot where he and Charity lost their virginity to each other – knowing the effect it will have on his lost love.

And despite her apparent hatred for hunky Cain, actress Emma Atkins – who plays Charity – is convinced that some deep feelings remain between the pair.

She confides, “There is definitely a sexual chemistry between them. Cain does it to get a rise out of Charity, which infuriates her.

“The place brings back a lot of memories for her, but she just wants to move on with her life. The trip is just about Cain playing games with her feelings.”

The Sun 5th July 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Chris is angry and jealous when Charity’s day out with Debbie and Cain turns into an overnight stay.

Charity makes it clear to Cain they will not sleep together but Chris is still bitterly suspicious.

Rows escalate at Home Farm, but there’s a shock for everyone when baby Jean is badly injured after being hit by a falling iron.

"It’s a bad end to a disastrous week in Chris’s eyes," says Peter Amory, who plays the harassed head of the household. "He feels as if he is losing Charity and there’s nothing he can do."

Charity and Cain do start to bond with Debbie on their day out. When Cain shows Charity their initials still carved on a rock, she admits she loved him back when they were teenagers.

Debbie is delighted her plan to get her parents back together is working but when they get to the car, Cain ‘discovers’ he has lost his keys.

"Chris is just admitting his doubts to Terry when she rings to say they’re stranded on the Moors," reveals Peter. "When they get back, he accuses Charity of having an affair with Cain.

"He gets drunk and admits to his wife that he is scared of losing her."


Tate & Bile

Tuesday 08.07.03

Emmerdale minx Charity Tate is in hot water at

The confused businesswoman made a huge error by
bedding her ex, Cain Dingle, in a moment of
madness and is feeling guilty.

And to make matters worse, the fact Charity has
stayed the night on the moors with Cain and their
daughter Debbie has inflamed her husband Chris’

Tonight Charity has to do some quick thinking
to avoid a nasty confrontation with her suspicious
spouse. And enlists the help of chauffeur Terry.

But with Chris’ imagination running wild and
Cain’s evil streak, surely it can’t be too long
before the explosive secret ruins the volatile

Actress Emma Atkins won’t reveal what the
future has in store for the warring Tates, but she
is as excited as anyone about co-star Peter
Amory’s departure from the show later this year.

She admits, “It’s going to be an amazing exit
for Peter – spectacular. I can’t say anymore but
I’m very excited about it.”

Debbie Does Callous

Tuesday | 22.07.03

Cain, Charity and Debbie

Emmerdale’s Debbie Jones decides it’s time to leave Tate Farm.
The insecure school girl is sick of being the target of stepfather Chris Tate’s rage as the situation at home gets worse.

Much to mum Charity’s distress, Debbie has chosen to move in with her father Cain Dingle - a decision likely to cause even more conflict.

Desperate Charity will do anything to keep her daughter close to her but when she appeals to her wealthy husband for help, he shoots her down.

Charity knows that allowing Debbie to live with Cain will force her to be around her former lover much more. With the reawakened feelings between them, Charity is struggling to stop herself from falling into Cain’s arms again.

But despite his own fears about the developing relationship between his glamorous wife and his nemesis Cain, Chris is consumed by trying to exact his revenge on Scott Windsor.

Has Chris just made the mistake which will ruin his marriage?

THE SUN 26th July 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Cain and Charity kiss while unknown to them Debbie watches

JEALOUS husband Chris pushes Charity into the arms of her former lover Cain. The pair kiss - and their delighted daughter Debbie sees them!

Charity can’t believe it when Terry reveals that Chris intends to have Cain beaten up. She rushes to warn Cain and the two share an impulsive kiss as she struggles to convince him to take the threat seriously.

“She regrets it as soon as it happens,” says Emma Atkins, who plays the tempestuous Mrs Tate.

Fearing Debbie could get caught up in the violence, Charity begs Chris to call off his heavies. She tells him that she loves him and says if he loved her, he would do as she asks. He reluctantly agrees.

“But then Charity gets another surprise when Debbie reveals she saw the kiss,” says Emma. “Charity is horrified, and she makes her daughter promise to keep it a secret. Charity knows that Chris would go off the deep end if he found out.

“Poor Debbie thinks her parents are going to get back together. Charity assures her this will never happen, but she’s not quite as certain about that as she sounds.”


Family at war

Wednesday | 16.07.03

Emmerdale youngster Debbie Jones feels isolated in her own home.

The schoolgirl is sick of being the recipient of step-father Chris Tate's fury as the accusations fly over who hurt baby Jean.

Despite having the full support of mum Charity, Debbie is distraught that Chris could even think that she could have done anything to hurt his tiny niece.

Predictably, Debbie runs to her erstwhile father, Cain Dingle, as the bad atmosphere gets too much for her. Cain is stunned that Debbie wants to get away from her life of luxury at Tate Farm and demands to know what is wrong.

And as soon as he discovers the truth, Cain marches round to confront his nemesis.

Debbie – who already worships her father – is delighted at how quickly Cain has jumped in to protect her. It sets her thinking that perhaps life with her mum and Chris is not what she really wants.

Will Debbie ever find her way to a quiet life?


Tate & Rile

Thursday | 24.07.03

Emmerdale rascal Cain Dingle is enjoying winding up Chris Tate.

Cain is luring Chris’ wife - and his former lover - Charity closer using their daughter Debbie as bait, and his plan is working.

But Cain’s smugness could be his downfall as he continues to aggravate the village businessman tonight.

Having witnessed Charity in an (innocent) embrace with Cain, Chris is already convinced something is going on.

He confronts his sexy spouse and tells her in no uncertain terms to avoid Cain at all costs.

And proud Chris has no intention of allowing Charity to make a fool of him so he instructs employee Terry Woods to follow her at all times and report back what he sees.

And much to Chris’ fury, poor Terry has no choice but to reveal that Charity has been at the Dingles visiting Debbie - and Cain was there.

Is Charity’s defiance the last straw for Chris?


Stolen Kisses

Monday | 28.07.03

Charity and Cain are about to take their relationship further.

The former lovers have been growing steadily closer as they both try to forge a new bond with young daughter Debbie Jones.

Ever since they both arrived in the village, Charity and Cain have made their distaste for each other abundantly clear. But there’s a fine line between love and hate - and it looks like the Dingle cousins are about to cross it.

Tonight, Charity is shocked to learn that wealthy husband Chris has ordered his employee Terry Woods to beat up Cain. Realising her spouse’s spiralling jealousy could have a devastating effect on her schoolgirl daughter, Charity frantically searches for the pair to prevent the incident.

When she finds them, Cain ridicules her concern and a furious argument erupts, which ends in a passionate kiss.

Emma Atkins, who plays Charity, explains, “She is so confused, she wants to hate Cain but the old feelings are still there - and they end up kissing.

“Debbie, whose witnessed the kiss, is delighted to see her mum and dad together, but Charity begs the girl not to tell anyone else. Debbie agrees, but deep down she hopes her parents will be reunited.”

Will the youngster get her wish?

The Sun 9th August 2003


Weekdays ITV1

SCOTT's life goes from bed to worse as he sleeps with exotic lapdancer Yolanda and then gets arrested for rape!

“It’s a total nightmare,” says Ben Freeman, who plays shell-shocked Scott. “Yolanda makes all the running and then he’s accused of attacking her.

“Scott starts the week asking for contact with his daughter Jean and ends it with a threat to his liberty.”

Zoe sends Scott away when he insists he plans to apply for access to Jean. He’s feeling low so is pleased when sexy Yolanda turns up at his garage.

“She asks Scott to give her a call,” says Ben. “Later, he gets upset when he sees ex-girlfriend Chloe in The Woolpack with Syd, so he calls Yolanda and they arrange a date for the next night.

“They go down to the pub and Scott is delighted to show his new woman off. Even better, back at his house, Yolanda gets passionate.”
Afterwards, Yolanda makes a hasty exit.

“Scott is surprised at her behaviour, but he’s even more shocked when the police arrive in the middle of the night and accuse him of rape,” adds Ben.

“Then he sees Yolanda leaving the station with a black eye, and realises he has been set up. He’s sure Chris Tate is behind it but the police don’t listen and he is locked up.”

Scott gets bail on Friday just as the allegations reach the local newspaper. Crippled millionaire Chris Tate goes for a brain scan amid fears he could be dying.

However, despite suffering agonising headaches, he doesn’t tell wife Charity - as he thinks she is cheating on him.

“Chris is becoming increasingly convinced that Charity is having an affair with Cain,” says Peter Amory, who plays the troubled Mr Tate.

“Chris wants Charity’s love not her pity. So he doesn’t tell her the truth about the scan and pretends he is going to Leeds on business.”

He eventually tells Terry the real reason for their trip, but insists he keep it to himself. Meanwhile, Charity is fighting her growing feelings for Cain, after their stolen kiss.

But Cain is confident. He says it’s only a matter of time before they get back together.

The Sun 16th August 2003

Cain and  Charity sleep together

Weekdays ITV1

PASSIONS rise to boiling point as headstrong Charity plunges into a torrid affair with childhood sweetheart Cain.

She feels rejected by husband Chris, who is reeling from the traumatic news that he has a brain tumour.

Chris has been in Leeds for a brain scan, but even when he gets the results and finds out he has the tumour and needs a biopsy, he still can’t come clean to his wife.

He tells Charity he will be remaining in the city "on business", without knowing that this rejection is the spark for his beautiful wife to fling herself into the arms of another man.

"Feelings between Charity and Cain have been building for weeks," says Emma Atkins, who plays the feisty Mrs Tate.

"She calls Chris and pleads with him to pay her some attention, but he just says he has to stay in Leeds for business. That’s it for Charity and she rushes round and jumps into bed with Cain.

"She knows it’s wrong but she is hurt and lonely and she fancies Cain. He makes her feel young again."

In Leeds, Terry struggles to comfort a devastated Chris, who faces the further tests totally unaware that, back at home, he has just triggered his own worst nightmare.

"Charity just can’t get enough of Cain," says Emma. "I think the affair comes as a sort of release for her and she abandons herself to her emotions. She is hurt when Cain reminds her of the time when men paid her for sex, but she’s soon back in his arms."

Chris returns to Emmerdale and at the end of the week he gets the results of the biopsy - and the news that he has only a few months to live.

"Charity hasn’t got any idea what Chris has been going through," says Emma. "She is wrapped up in her own little world right now.

"When Charity finally does meet up with Chris again, she has had far too much to drink and she is much too interested in covering her own tracks to notice there is anything wrong with her husband."

ITV.COM Over Before It's Begun?

Tuesday | 19.08.03

Cain and Charity get passionate

Emmerdale lovers Charity and Cain Dingle have reignited their passion.

The kissing cousins are back in the throws of a torrid affair after finally confessing their true feelings for each other yesterday.

Tragically, Charity - who has jumped into Cain's arms after feeling rejected by husband Chris - has no idea that while she is in bed with Cain, ailing Chris is undergoing life-saving surgery.

The jealous businessman has discovered he has a brain tumour and that it could be fatal. However, despite the looming disaster of Chris' medical woes, the temperamental twosome are already facing a crisis in their rekindled romance after Cain makes a rude comment to his belle.

Emma Atkins - who plays confused Charity - explains, "They're in bed when Cain makes a jibe about paying for her services. She's absolutely furious because she's finally let her guard down, and then Cain hits her where it really hurts. Before he can apologise she's straight out of the door."

ITV.COM Dangerous Liaisons

Tuesday | 25.08.03

Emmerdale lovers Cain and Charity Dingle are playing with fire.

The lusty twosome are continuing their torrid love affair with little discretion and people are starting to notice the bond between them.

Charity's terminally ill husband Chris Tate already suspects that the relationship between his wife and Cain has become sexual. At present, Charity and people around him are brushing off his fears as paranoia.

But despite her insistence that nothing is going on, Charity keeps playing dangerous games by entertaining Cain at Home Farm. The secret couple are nearly caught in the act when during a raunchy encounter, a surveyor turns up for a meeting with the blonde businesswoman early.

As if their near miss wasn't bad enough, others close to them have their theories on why the former enemies are now getting along.

Cain's step mum Lisa Dingle arrives back from holiday with their daughter Debbie and immediately wonders why the atmosphere has thawed between them.

Will the duo be able to keep their lust underwraps?

The Sun 30th August 2003


Weekdays  ITV1

DOOMED Chris finally learns the shocking truth about Charity’s affair with Cain. And in a fit of blind rage, he plans a horrific revenge - ordering a hitman to get rid of Cain for good.

Also, as Charity tries to convince her husband she has made a mistake and that their future lies together, Chris secretly makes arrangements with his solicitor to leave her penniless.

" It’s a desperately traumatic week," says Peter Amory, who plays the crippled millionaire terminally ill with a brain tumour.

" Chris knows he’s dying and he is determined to settle a few scores before he goes."

At the start of the week, Chris and Charity have a rare heart-to-heart and agree they have put their relationship in danger. After sharing a tender moment, they even spend the night together.

Next day, Charity makes a momentous decision - she wants to be with Chris. Her mind is made up when she finds out Cain has involved their daughter Debbie in their tangled love life.

Meanwhile, Terry heightens Chris’s worst fears when he shares his suspicions of the affair. And when Cain snatches a kiss from a fuming Charity, Chris witnesses the embrace.

" His world falls apart," says Peter. "In spite of everything that has happened, he still had feelings for Charity.

" But when he spies her with Cain, he feels like he’s had a dagger through the heart. As he says to Terry, seeing Charity with Cain is worse than discovering he is dying."

Chris is in a blind rage. He loads his shotgun and waits for Charity to return to Home Farm, but Terry steps in at the last minute and drags her out of the house before Chris can act.

" Even after all that, Charity tells Chris she loves him," says Peter. "But then there is a horrific confrontation in the pub the next day."

The Woolpack has seen some emotional scenes but the locals are still staggered when Chris sparks a devastating row with Cain by kissing Charity in public.

Cain loses his temper and announces that he and Charity have been having an affair. He then proceeds to list all of the places they have made love behind Chris’s back.

Chris still manages to get under Cain’s skin by pointing out he can see he has been crying. Furious, Cain drags him out of his wheelchair before he is pulled away by Charity and Lisa.

Cain storms out of The Woolpack followed by Lisa and Shadrach, who are trying to calm the situation.

But the assassin has chosen this moment to strike and, as he tries to run Cain down, he gets the wrong man and knocks over Shadrach instead.


Tuesday | 02.09.03

Emmerdale love cheat Charity Tate decides to end her affair.

The blonde bombshell has been seeing cousin Cain behind husband Chris' back but wants to give her ailing marriage one more chance.

However, despite Charity's new resolution, her hunky lover has no intention of allowing the love of his life to escape from him once again.

Cain has already spilled the beans to their delighted daughter Debbie, who remains convinced her parents will be reconciling for good. In a moment of elation Debbie talks to Charity about how wonderful it would be for the three of them to be together but her confused mother is horrified.

Charity realises that despite her love for Cain she can never go back to her old life and immediately sets off to tell him their affair is over.

But when she reaches Cain he refuses to agree to her demand and plants a passionate kiss on her - not realising that her husband Chris is watching from afar.

Peter Amory - who plays the cuckold spouse - explains, "Although Chris has been suspicious , it's still a shock when he sees them together. If he'd have stayed longer, he would have seen Charity push Cain away and leave him, but just watching them kiss is the final straw."

ITV.COM No Woman No Cry

Friday | 05.09.03

Charity pleads with Chris

Emmerdale's Chris Tate prepares to exact his revenge on Charity.

The terminally ill businessman has no intention of allowing his love cheat wife to inherit her vast fortune after her shocking betrayal.

Aware that his brain tumour is becoming more fatal by the day, Chris wastes no time in setting divorce proceedings in motion and tells his solicitor in no uncertain terms that he wants Charity to be left penniless.

The disloyal businesswoman has no idea what her wheelchair-bound husband is plotting behind her back. After he discovered she had been sleeping with cousin Cain Dingle, Chris resolved not to tell his errant spouse that he only has weeks left to live.

Instead, Chris is playing Charity at her own game by letting her try to patch up their marriage, while knowing their is no possibility of a happy ending.

When Charity greets Chris on his return home from the solicitors with a hot meal and promises of a brighter future for them, he plays along.

Will Charity rumble his plan to leave her with nothing?

The Sun 8th September 2003


Weekdays ITV1

Charity hits Chris

DYING millionaire Chris Tate spends one last night with his cheating wife Charity - then drops the bombshell that he is divorcing her and wants her out of Home Farm.

Furious, Charity lashes out at Chris, which just makes him even more determined to leave her penniless.

"It’s a chilling discovery for Charity," says Peter Amory, who, as crippled Chris, is terminally ill with a brain tumour. "Chris is consumed by a cold hatred of the woman he loved and he is determined to leave her with nothing."

After he calls in his lawyer to discuss the divorce, Chris realises he will have to go on a spending spree to stop Charity, who has been having an affair with Cain, getting his money.

"He starts by buying Charity and Cain’s daughter Debbie a horse," says Peter. "This makes Charity think he is really making an effort with their relationship.

"Terry advises him to come clean with Charity about the divorce but that’s too easy for Chris. He tells Charity he is buying a helicopter and that he’s got another present arriving in the morning.

"An excited Charity thinks he wants a proper reconciliation and they spend the night together. But the next day, he hits her with the news that he has booked a luxury holiday for Zoe, Jean, himself and Joseph. She’s not coming because he wants a divorce!"

Charity is outraged but Chris taunts her further. "He wants to hurt Charity so he tells her she is penniless and he wants her to leave Home Farm - now!" continues Peter.

His harsh words hit her hard and after one vicious remark too many, Charity loses the plot and attacks him, forcing Chris to call out to Terry to pull her off him.

Later, Chris finally tells his sister Zoe that he is dying. He also changes his will to leave everything to Zoe and makes her his son Joseph’s legal guardian.

"Chris wants to get everything sorted out before he dies," says Peter. "He tries to stay unemotional but it’s a terrible time for him. He’s determined to make Charity pay for what she has done."

Charity is devastated. But she’s sure that he can’t leave her with nothing in a divorce. As revenge, she has a passionate reunion with Cain. They book into a hotel and order champagne on Chris’s credit card. But will Chris get the better of his wayward wife?

From the Mirror
Sep 8 2003


There are scorch-marks across the carpets of Home Farm as ruthless Chris puts his wheelchair into overdrive in his race against time to commit a devastating act of retribution.

Never has the expression 'money can't buy you love' been more appropriate than when it concerns the millionaire Lord Tate and his lady of the night, cheating Charity. But his wealth can certainly pay for revenge.

In the most explosive, thrilling and sensational story in soapland at the moment, the terminally-ill businessman spares no expense as he deviously sets about ridding himself of his harlot of a wife.

With the effects of his brain tumour now apparent and his speech impaired, Chris is desperately fighting his own death sentence as he plots that of Charity.

Having lost his nerve to gun her down last week, and with her "bit of rough" lover Cain narrowly escaping injury in the hit and run he arranged, Chris secretly seals their fate. And his bitter words hang ominously in the air. "One thing I can guarantee," he vows. "I'm not gunna be a good memory for her."

As a remorseful Charity settles back into their mansion with daughter Debbie, blindly believing her betrayed husband is trying to give their marriage one last chance, Chris is planning to divorce and disinherit her.

First, there is one final encounter under the duvet for the condemned man before he reveals the bad news to the former sleeper.

"You and the brat have had your last freebie," he tells Charity. "The gravy train's stopped... I've devised a new game. It's called Tate Loot. You're on the square that says, 'Go directly to hell. Do not pass Home Farm. Do not collect a brass farthing...'

"You'll probably need to go back to your old job. I'll make a start by paying you for last night. Have you got change for a fiver?"

No, but her threepenny bits are in danger of popping out as she angrily delivers a bunch of fives, attacking Chris in his chariot and screaming, "I'll kill him!"

As always, faithful manservant Terry is there to haul her off. "The boss picked you out of the gutter," he gasps as they grapple, "but that's obviously where you belong."

With Charity scuttling off to that thug Cain like a farmyard rat, even her sister-in-law and former lesbian lover Zoe has little sympathy. "You callous, evil pregnant dog," she accuses. But Charity is wise to her hypocrisy. "You weren't complaining when it were your turn," she hisses.

Chris, however, is so dishonest he'd steal the shillings off a dead man's eyes and he is putting a far more dangerous plan into action.


Sep 9 2003
From the Mirror

EMMERDALE is on fire at the moment - and not because one of its notorious Everyone-Must-Go culls is underway.

While EastEnders and Coronation Street have become a combination of the laboured and the ludicrous, Emmerdale has been doing what it does best - indulging in a storyline of rampant lust and bitterness, despair and destruction. It's sex and death: Dangerous Liaisons with sheep.

Basically the producers have bet all their chips on one storyline, around four characters: Cain and Charity, Chris Tate and his faithful manservant Terry.

As Terry observed: "I know what you're going through's bad..." His remark was addressed to Chris. That's Chris, whose wife (Charity, the aptly-named former prostitute) has been screwing Cain (her cousin!).

Chris who - besides being in a wheelchair - was diagnosed with a brain tumour, at precisely the moment Charity was playing doctors and nurses with Cain. Chris, who dare not tell his sister Zoe, the recently diagnosed schizophrenic, that he has been suffering headaches and now fears going blind or his son Joseph seeing him "on the floor having a fit".

But apart from all that, things aren't that bad.

Here's how the week progressed.


FEELING guilty, Charity resolves to cheer up Chris in the only way she knows how. To help finish Charity's marriage, Cain recruits Charity's daughter, 13-year-old Debbie, fathered by Cain when they were young. (Before being re-united with Charity recently, Debbie was being fostered - by vets.)

"Your mother's a simple soul," Cain tells Debbie.

"Seven bedrooms and a Jacuzzi and she's anybody's." Choice.


CHRIS feels hurt when Charity tells him his failure to 'perform' the night before was "nothing".

"Well, it's not the first time," she observes breezily.

Terry agonises whether to tell Chris about Charity's affair - and then tells him. "She's scum." Debbie calls her mother "a gold-digging tart". Charity slaps her. Irate, Cain drives up to the Tates' pursued by Charity (in her sports car), and Chris (in his wheelchair). Chris catches her kissing Cain.


TERRY and Chris have a right old barney. "I'm not even dead yet and she's dancing on my grave!" Chris complains. "This is worse than being told you're dying. You've got a loyal wife. You've got legs."

Cain bates Chris whose self-pity escalates into Basil Fawlty territory: "Go on!" he implores Cain. "Do something for once in your life! Beat me to death. Go on! Shoot me!"

Later, Chris lies in wait with a gun, ready to shoot Cain and Charity.

"I haven't slept with him for days!" Charity complains reasonably.

"Well they say dogs return to their own vomit," Chris carps.

Later Charity tells Debbie, "It's gonna be OK from now on." It isn't.


CHRIS deliberately leaves Charity with no breakfast.

Traumatised, Debbie cannot eat her breakfast at all. Cain has a beer for breakfast.

With the rest of the villagers eagerly looking on, Charity and Chris adjourn to The Woolpack. In front of a drooling Cain, Chris kisses her.

Smouldering like a cross between Heathcliff and Dee Dee Ramone, Cain taunts Chris.

"I've had her. Ain't that right cuz? She's a real animal. Any time, any place. Back of my car, even the bogs in here." And they say romance is dead.

Cain drags Chris out of his wheelchair and starts fighting.

But Chris has a hitman waiting outside. Sadly, he runs down Cain's uncle-father, Shadrack by mistake.

Cain - getting more and more cross-eyed with fury - marches to the Tates' declaring "I'm not going to hurt him. I'm going to kill him."

Chris decides to cut Charity out of his will. Chris's solicitor tells him, "You could leave Charity as much or as little as you like."

Guess which he chooses. "A little!"


CHRIS wants a divorce - and quickly. "I want her out of my life," he says. "While I've still got one."

Good point. Charity tells Chris she's a changed woman and, to prove her commitment, makes him a baked potato tea.

As for last night's episode, Chris started spending Charity's inheritance, splashing out on a pony ("called Boomshadow"), a holiday and a load of double glazing from Bob's brother Eddie.

"No flies on you eh?" Eddie laughed. "Not yet, no."


Death Wish

Monday | 15.09.03

Emmerdale's Cain Dingle is finding his temper impossible to control.

The badly behaved villager has caused merry hell after bedding his married cousin Charity Tate behind terminally ill husband Chris Tate's back.

Although, Cain knew that the consequences of their actions would be severe, he was convinced that Charity would divorce Chris and get half his money.

But the wily twosome have no idea that Chris is dying and is determined to ensure Charity doesn't get a penny of his fortune. Having already maxed out her credit cards and revoked all her money, Chris has ruined Charity's future.

Pleased with his progress, Chris decides to have a quiet drink in the Woolpack and bumps into his love rival. In an effort to throw Cain off guard, Chris makes a spiteful comment about Cain and Charity's daughter Debbie, saying she too will end up a prostitute like her mother.

Cain's violent and furious reaction is no surprise to the villagers but when the hot headed local threatens to kill Chris everyone is shocked.

Will Cain's rash words come back to haunt him?


One More Chance?

Tuesday | 16.09.03

Emma Atkins as Charity

Emmerdale's Charity Tate thinks her floundering marriage can be saved.

Charity has been astonished by wealthy husband Chris' decision to divorce her and leave her penniless after she cheated with cousin Cain.

However, when she receives an unexpected invitation to join her estranged husband at Home Farm, the blonde bombshell is convinced that a reconciliation is just around the corner.

But - as viewers are aware - Chris has discovered he is dying of a brain tumour and plans to exact a cruel revenge on his wayward wife. Having already spent much of his fortune on extravagant items and passing custody of son Joseph onto sister Zoe, Chris has one more disservice to deal to his longtime love.

And as Charity confesses that she really does love Chris to her daughter Debbie, the wheelchair-bound businessman is putting a horrific plan into action which is bound to claim at least one life.

The fatal situation intensifies as spurned lover Cain, violent and heartbroken, decides to pay the Tate's a visit.

Who will survive the deadly drinks party?


Debt to Debbie

Debbie and Charity

Wednesday | 17.09.03

Emmerdale's Charity Tate finds a friend in daughter Debbie Jones.

The troubled schoolgirl has been desperately worried about her mum ever since she split from husband Chris Tate after cheating with Cain.

Although Debbie dreamed about seeing her mum and dad reunited, Cain's erratic behaviour has led her to conclude that Charity may be better off with her wealthy spouse after all.

When Charity is invited to Home Farm for a drink, she is determined to look her best in an effort to win Chris' heart again. But money is a bit short for the onetime call girl, as her vengeful husband has emptied her healthy bank accounts and maxed out her credit cards.

Lamenting that she needs to improve her image to stand a chance at rekindling her romance with Chris, Charity is stunned when Debbie clears out her own bank account to help her wayward mum.

But little do they know that while they are excitedly planning Charity's new haircut, Chris is formulating his own itinery for events.

The Sun 15th September 2003


Sun to Fri - ITV1

THE tempestuous love triangle between Chris, Charity and Cain leads to a death at Home Farm.

The soap’s producers are determined to keep exactly who is killed a secret, but viewers can expect a memorable week in the countryside saga.

"It all blows up. Something just has to give," says Jeff Hordley, who plays Charity’s lawless lover Cain. "Cain hates Chris with as much passion as he loves Charity. He vows that if she goes back to her husband, he will kill both of them."

The compelling week opens with dying Chris cruelly turning the screw on his cheating wife.

When Charity, Cain and daughter Debbie go to check out of their luxury hotel, they find Chris has cancelled all Charity’s credit cards.

Deeply embarrassed, Charity is forced to leave her valuable Cartier watch as a deposit until she can return with the money to pay the bill.

She turns down Cain’s offer to stay at the Dingles’ and rushes back to Home Farm, where after lunging furiously at Chris, she is humiliated by his smug solicitor Rachel, who calls the police to have her removed.

Homeless and broke, Charity begs Chloe to take her in for the night.
Cain visits Chris at Home Farm and tells him they can get along fine without his money, but later in the pub Chris sneers that Cain will have to put young Debbie on the game.

"Cain goes mad," says Jeff. "He has been drinking all day and he loses it and attacks Chris. But he’s dragged off by the other regulars and Louise throws him out."

The next day, Chris invites Charity round to Home Farm to talk, then prepares a deadly welcome for his wife by coating a champagne glass with poison. Meanwhile, Cain is back at the pub, telling Terry he intends to go after Chris.

"He promises that if Charity goes back to Chris, he will kill them both," says Jeff. "And he means it."

Debbie gives her mother all the money from her savings account so she can look her best for the showdown at the farm.

She lies to Cain that Charity has gone to the cinema with Emily. But Cain forces the truth out of her and warns her he would rather see Charity dead than back with Chris.

As Chris opens the bottle of bubbly, Cain arms himself with a kitchen knife and drives furiously to Home Farm, vowing vengeance.

Death strikes, and afterwards, Cain races away and nearly runs over Debbie before ordering his daughter to get into his car.

Has Chris got his revenge on Charity, or the other way round? Or has Cain carried out his threats against them both?

Charity is arrested having been framed by Chris for his death



Tuesday | 23.09.03

Charity and Cain

Charity Tate deals bad boy ex-lover Cain the ultimate disservice.

The grieving widow has gone through hell as the police continue to try and find the killer of her wealthy husband Chris.

But now, the former call girl is relieved to discover that officers are starting to believe that she played no part in the sudden demise of her estranged spouse - and Charity is more than happy to give them another suggestion.

Cain has been missing ever since the fateful night at Home Farm. He had stormed up to the house to confront Charity and Chris - who he believed were on the verge of reconciling - and had vowed to kill them both.

But when he arrived, Chris had already put his elaborate suicide plan into action and the roguish local tried to make it look like a break-in to rid his belle of any blame.

However, Charity refused his offer of an escape and he fled with their daughter Debbie. But now that the cops are looking for a new suspect in the highly dubious case, Charity - consumed by hate - tells them that Cain is their man.

Will officers be able to find Cain before he finds Charity?

The Sun's Weekly guide to The Soaps 21st September 2003


Sun to Fri - ITV1

AS if sleeping with one of her cousins wasn’t bad enough, Charity spends the night with another one!

This time, it’s lonely Marlon who drunkenly succumbs to Charity’s charms as he comforts her after she is arrested for murdering her husband Chris - though Marlon bitterly regrets it once he sobers up.

When Charity is accused of killing Chris, she denies the charge, laying the blame on ex-lover Cain. She is freed and the police focus on finding Cain, but the experience leaves her shaken.

"Charity is not thinking straight at all," says Emma Atkins, who plays mixed-up Mrs Tate. "In just a few days, her life has collapsed. She has lost her home, her husband and she faces losing her liberty."

Charity is absolutely terrified when she’s arrested and she has no choice but to give Cain up.

"She blames him for it all," says Emma. "If he hadn’t started the affair, Chris would be alive and she’d still be the lady of Home Farm. Now she has nothing and is living in a nightmare.

"Marlon offers her a shoulder to cry on. But with his wife Tricia away, he is lonely and one thing leads to another as they drink to try to forget their troubles."

The pair share a passionate embrace, then sleep together. Later, Marlon is racked with guilt.

"He can’t believe what he has done, but Charity isn’t interested in his guilt. She tells him it was just a drunken fling and that he should get over it," says Emma.

"Marlon moans that she seduced him but Charity couldn’t care less about his feelings. She has much bigger worries of her own."


Kissing Cousins

Wednesday | 24.09.03

Emmerdale chef Marlon Dingle is a lonely man at present.

Marlon's beloved wife Tricia is in Bollywood fulfilling her dream career as an actress leaving Marlon home alone and missing her desperately.

The kindly cook has always been a good friend to those close to him and this week he provides a shoulder to cry on for heartbroken cousin Charity. After her husband Chris Tate's violent death and attempt to frame her for murder, Charity is in trouble and Marlon is quick to reassure her.

But as the night wears on both lonely souls find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other and the large amount of alcohol they have consumed fuels their ardour.

Actor Mark Charnock explains, "Like a typical man, Marlon is probably getting paranoid about what Tricia is up to. She's been away for a while and Marlon imagines she's surrounded by good looking men in Bollywood.

"Charity and Marlon drown their sorrows and basically he gets drunk and then he gets seduced. He wakes up in the morning and he is absolutely mortified - completely full of horror."

Will the lusty pair be able to keep their fling underwraps?


Guilty Pleasures

Thursday | 25.09.03

Marlon is gripped with guilt after his one-night stand.

The dippy chef is utterly devoted to absent wife Tricia and can't believe he has cheated on her with cousin Charity Tate.

When he wakes up after the boozy encounter with his blonde relative, Marlon is distraught that he has misbehaved so badly. However, Charity - who has much more pressing matters on her mind - disregards his fears and tells him the episode was no big deal.

But the formally faithful husband is unable to shrug off his intense guilt and starts to wonder if he has ruined his marriage forever.

Actor Mark Charnock - who plays Marlon - explains, "Marlon is convinced this has massive significance and can't forgive himself for being unfaithful.

"He is racked with guilt, and being the sort of guy he is, I can't believe he won't confess all to his wife. I'm sure this will come back to haunt them, and will have a major effect on their relationship."

ITV.COM Divided Loyalties

Friday | 09.01.04

Terry Woods is in the middle of a difficult situation.

The recovering chauffeur has only just left hospital following his debilitating stroke but is already involved in a tricky and explosive row.

Before his stroke - and employer Chris Tate’s death - Terry was the person who the terminally-ill tycoon confided in.

In the last few months of his life, Chris’ relationship with wife Charity broke down and he discovered she was cheating on him with old love Cain Dingle.

Chris framed Charity for his murder as revenge and now the desperate woman is exploring every avenue which could prove her innocence.

And after a very unsuccessful attempt to prise information out of Chris’s sister Zoe, Charity approaches Terry to beg him to search his memory.

However, Terry feels a huge loyalty towards Chris and Zoe, so tells Charity that she is wasting her time in trying to get him on side.

But knowing the extent of Chris’s fury, can Terry really be sure he didn’t set his cheating wife up?

The Sun's Weekly Guide to Emmerdale 9th January 2004


WITH just days to go until she’s tried for husband Chris’s murder, innocent Charity fights desperately for her freedom.

And fists also fly between Scott and Cain when they side with Zoe and Charity, respectively.

"Charity is beginning to despair," says Emma Atkins, who plays her.

"She knows that, as an ex-prostitute with a millionaire husband who ended up poisoned, she is hardly going to look good in court."

After failing to get Chris’s friend Terry on her side, Zoe moves on to charm Scott.

She lets him stay in a flat at Home Farm, so long as she can go through the things he’ll say when he testifies.

Just after Scott moves in, Cain goes to the farm to insist Zoe tell the truth about how Chris died. Scott defends her and lunges at Cain, who floors Scott with a punch.

"Charity is horrified. Cain has made things worse," says Emma.

"Charity goes herself to appeal to Zoe. She doesn’t get much change out of her, but as she’s leaving she tells Scott that Chris killed himself and reminds him of how Chris framed him for rape."

As he realises Charity could be innocent, Scott asks Zoe for the truth. She tells him that, guilty or not, she wants Charity in jail for wrecking Chris’s life.

"It’s an agonising week," says Emma. "Charity’s so scared."

The Sun 9th January 2004

In Emmer-jail

CAIN and Charity BOTH end up in a jail cell as life gets even worse for the Dingles of Emmerdale.

Cain (Jeff Hordley), is handed a 30-day sentence for contempt of court after protesting Charity’s innocence during her murder trial.

He tries to change an earlier statement, then screams at the jury that Charity has been set up.

He insists Charity (Emma Atkins) did NOT kill hubby Chris.

The judge sends him down amid uproar in court.

ITV.COM True Lies

Thursday | 15.01.04


Emmerdale hunk Scott Windsor begins to doubt Charity Tate's guilt.

The onetime mechanic is horrified at the prospect that his employer Zoe may be trying to frame her sister-in-law simply out of spite.

Scott's suspicions are triggered when an increasingly desperate Charity comes to see Zoe at Home Farm. Witnessing Zoe's harsh treatment of her former lover, Scott is mystified as to why there is such bad feeling between the pair.

And when Charity tells Scott that she believes the volatile vet is deliberately trying to send her away for life, Scott begins to wonder if she is right.

Having been framed by vengeful Chris Tate for rape, after the late tycoon discovered that he fathered Zoe's baby during a drunken one night stand, Scott is no stranger to injustice.

So when he quizzes Zoe and she coolly informs him that she intends to punish Charity for wrecking her beloved brother's life, Scott realises that there is every possibility that Charity is innocent.

And with the tide turning on Zoe's hate campaign, is there hope for Charity after all?

ITV.COM Tate & Guile

Tuesday | 20.01.04

Emmerdale's Charity Tate is forced to take some drastic action.

The pregnant murder suspect faces a bleak future as the second day of her trial dawns. But there is one woman can help her.

Ever since her husband Chris Tate died in mysterious circumstances, Charity has been convinced his sister Zoe holds the key to her freedom. However, since vengeful Chris masterminded a foolproof scheme to frame his cheating wife, Zoe has been reluctant to believe that Charity didn't poison her brother in order to get her hands on his money.

So far, bitter Zoe has refused to allow pregnant Charity's pleas to move her - but a passionate moment leads her to soften her stance.

Actress Emma Atkins, who plays desperate Charity, explains, "Charity's main intention is to influence Zoe's testimony by appealing to her better nature, but soon changes her tactics.

"She tries to seduce Zoe and they end up kissing! There is a chemistry between the pair, and for Charity this could help swing Zoe into her favour for the trial."

Will Zoe allow Charity to manipulate her yet again?

The Sun 24th February 2004,,2004082504,00.html

Charity's giveaway

Emotional ... Charity, right, with baby Noah and Debbie

Emotional ... Charity, right, with baby Noah and Debbie

EMMERDALE’S Charity Dingle wills her premature son to live — while planning to give him away. She collapses in jail and gives birth three months early to the 1lb mite.

Charity — Emma Atkins — calls him Noah then tells daughter Debbie (Charley Webb) he will be adopted.

But three men — including her dead hubby Chris — could be the dad. A source said: “Fans are in for a treat.”

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To the Soaps - 29th February 2004,,2001330006-2004091133_3,00.html


Sun to Fri - ITV1

Emma Atkins publicity shot with Teddy

PREGNANT Charity collapses in prison and has to be rushed to hospital for an emergency caesarean. She gives birth three months early to a tiny baby boy who weighs just 2lbs 2oz.

"One minute she is talking to her solicitor about her appeal and the next minute she’s being raced into the operating theatre," says Emma Atkins, who plays Charity.

Debbie and Zak dash to the hospital to be told that the baby has breathing difficulties and is fighting for its life in an incubator.

"Charity desperately wants her baby to pull through," says Emma. "She knows it’s touch and go because he is so premature, but she’s praying that he survives."

His birth immediately raises the question of who the father is. Chris, Cain and Marlon are all possibilities.

And it’s not long before the news reaches Emmerdale. Zoe insists the baby can’t be Chris’s, and tells Scott she wants nothing to do with it, and Marlon assures Paddy that Cain is the father.

"Charity’s emotions are churning," says Emma. "If Chris is the father it could influence Zoe’s actions, but Charity is close to Cain so her feelings are divided. Marlon being the dad would be a nightmare scenario."

Zak demands that Charity takes a paternity test to find out once and for all who the dad is and he gets busy organising it. Zoe agrees to take part, to see if there is any Tate blood in the baby.

"Debbie is desperate for Cain to be told," says Emma, "but Charity insists they wait until the next day. She has a lot of thinking to do.

"Despite not having made up her mind, she tells Debbie that she’s going to put the baby up for adoption.

"Debbie is horrified at the news, but Charity tries to explain that she can’t bring up a child in prison. Her solicitor is not holding out much hope for her appeal."

Zak is appalled by Charity’s ‘decision’ and tells her not to give up a baby that could be Cain’s son and his grandson. Zak goes to prison to tell Cain about Charity’s plans.

At the hospital, Debbie hassles Charity to name her son. She decides to call him Noah, but is fighting hard not to bond with him.

ITV.COM Charity Delivers

Monday | 01.03.04

Emmerdale's pregnant jailbird Charity Tate goes into a premature labour.

The convicted murderess - who is innocent of the crime - is in a depressing appeal meeting with her pessimistic solicitor when contractions begin.

Poor Charity has become more and more desperate as she languishes in prison. After realising that few people believe her story that husband Chris Tate framed her for his murder, Charity is having to face up to a lifetime behind bars.

And when she goes into labour at such an early stage, Charity has to agree to have an emergency Caesarian birth - putting both herself and her unborn baby in danger.

Actress Emma Atkins explains, "Charity is so dazed and confused at this point that she doesn't really care about having a Caesarian.

"There's no other option, so she just deals with it. Afterwards the maternal instinct does kick in, and she feels concerned for her son. But not in an intimate way, just the way anybody would feel when they hear about a child that has been born prematurely and is fighting for its life."

Will the tiny boy survive?

BBC Pure Soap 1st March 2004

Debbie's plea for baby brother

Debbie's plea for baby brother
The prospect of losing her new-born brother prompts Charity Tate's teenage daughter Debbie to make a heartfelt plea for her mum to keep the tot.
Debbie is over the moon that she's got a new sibling, but her mum isn't so sure.
Emmerdale's Charity (Emma Atkins) has given birth by emergency Caesarean after collapsing in her prison cell where she's doing time for murdering hubby Chris, although she's determined to clear her name.
She's rushed to hospital where she's found to be suffering from pre-eclampsia - a potentially fatal condition that can affect mother and child.
Charity's son is delivered three months early, weighing just 2lbs 2oz and suffering from breathing problems. He's then rushed away for special treatment.
But the ordeal doesn't change the new mum's decision to give her baby up for adoption and daughter Debbie's heartfelt pleas for her mum to keep him fall on deaf ears.
Emma told Inside Soap magazine: "Charity finds Debbie very annoying at his point. Debbie's delighted, in the way that any big sister would be, and she just wants to take the baby home.
"But Charity's having none of it, and just wants to be left alone.
"They have rows about it and obviously Charity is affected by what Debbie says, but she isn't going to change her mind."

The Sun 15th March 2004 - Who's the daddy?,,2001320029-2004120990,00.html

Charity gets the test results - with Lisa, Marlon, Zak and Cain eager at her side to find them out too.

Test results ... Charity discovers the father of her child

THIS is the dramatic moment Charity Dingle finds out who fathered her baby.

Emmerdale’s minx gets the paternity test result as two of the suspects stake their claim during a hospital visit.

But cousins Cain and Marlon shut up when Lisa, Zak and Debbie arrive with the envelope in next Tuesday’s show and Charity (Emma Atkins) announces who it is.

A source said: “It’s the moment fans have waited for. The result causes a huge commotion and a lot more trouble for her.”

Charity — caged after hubby Chris Tate framed her for his murder — has told his sister Zoe that little Noah was his in a bid to go free.

But she also used the same line to keep Cain (Jeff Hordley) on side.

Marlon (Mark Charnock) tells her he hopes the tot IS his.


LONELY chef Marlon had a boozy one-night stand with Charity after wife Tricia left to become a Bollywood star.

ODDS: 6-1


HAD a last night of passion with his wife before killing himself. Sister Zoe would fight for Noah if he is Chris’s.

Picture: REX

ODDS: 6-1


LONG affair with Charity makes him No1 suspect. Fathered her daughter Debbie. Disaster for tot if both parents in jail.

ODDS: 4-1

Extract, so click here for full article from The Mirror's Weekly Soap Guide

After Charity's baby is given only a 50-50 chance of survival, she then finds out the name of the father

By Tony Stewart,

Emmerdale ITV1, Sun-Fri

Tomorrow is going to be the mother of all Mothering Sundays.

Charity's baby, Noah, faces a life or death situation. But then arriving in a murderous clan like the Dingles was always going to be risky. And any new-born who dared to cry when the midwife smacked its backside was quickly branded a bit of a wuss.

Three months premature, and barely 21 days old, the tiddler weighs little more than a bag of sugar. Now he has the chance to prove that, like the rest of them, he's as tough as old boots. For he's diagnosed with a deadly illness which, if he doesn't respond to medication, may require an operation with only a 50-50 chance of survival.

Charity finds out the results of the paternity test - to her left is Lisa, then going clockwise Marlon, Zak, prison officer and Cain
FROM HERE TO PATERNITY: The Dingles hear Charity's DNA news

That's the first bit of bad news. By Tuesday, there's worse.

His mother opens a letter that reveals a fate far worse than death. For it contains the name of the child's father and, from here on in, there are going to be Noah more secrets. And this is an ominous Dingle summit, matched only by a hanging judge gravely placing a black cap on his head as he passes sentence.

The former happy hooker has narrowed down the dad to just three likely suspects - her late husband Chris and cousins Marlon and Cain. Still, you can't help but suspect it's a shortlist based only on the names she could remember out of all the men she has bedded.

As his identity is classified information under Soapland's Official Secrets Act, you'll have to tune in to find out more.

But no matter who the father is, Charity has already decided to have her child adopted - and this is a fraught and overcrowded time.

The Prostitute Poisoner and jailbird Cain have a set of his and hers matching prison guards in the hospital, and grieving Marlon has brought along the ghost of his dead wife.

There's also an overdose of testosterone as the men get manly.

'What are you worried about?' Cain cruelly snaps. 'If the kid lives, yer gunna give 'im away to a total stranger. And if he snuffs it - end of problem. Can't lose, can yer?'

Marlon has also made a decision. 'If he pulls through,' he announces hesitantly, 'well, there's a better than even chance he's mine. I'm gunna adopt him.'

Then there's Charity's sister-in-law and former lesbian lover, Zoe, standing by with a bag of cash and a place on the board of Tate Haulage should Noah turn out to be her nephew.

'You know all about adoption,' Charity sneers, referring to the time Zoe almost gave up her own daughter, Jean. 'He's goin' to a loving family... Not a freak one like yours.'

Now the words 'pot', 'kettle' and 'black' really do apply here.

Extract From The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 22nd March 2004
Zoe, Charity and the baby


Sun to Fri - ITV1

After months of wondering, Charity finally finds out just who is the father of her baby as the result of the paternity test arrives.

That bombshell comes as Charity reels from the news that premature Noah is so ill his chances of survival are only 50/50 and that he might need surgery.

Zoe is sure that her late brother, Chris, is the dad, making Noah a Tate. Cain is convinced the test will prove he is the father, while grief-stricken Marlon worries it could be him.

"But Charity is more concerned with Noah's health," says Emma Atkins, who plays Chris's jailbird widow. "She's shocked when the doctors tell her Noah has necrotising entercolitis, a condition which can sometimes affect premature babies.

"Noah needs antibiotics and an X-ray, and Charity is distressed to hear they might have to operate, even though he is so tiny."

Charity is distraught, and the Dingles hold a family vigil at Noah's bedside. As if things weren't bad enough, Zoe racks up the tension when she arrives to visit the baby she says might be her nephew.

Zak tries to ring Cain to let him know what is happening, but he gets into trouble for using a mobile phone in the hospital.

"The nurse says they will have to operate if Noah doesn't improve soon," says Emma.

"The next day, the doctor says it looks as if there is no alternative to an operation and Charity wonders if it is worth putting Noah through such an ordeal. But the doctor insists there is still hope."

Back at the Dingles', the results of the paternity test arrive. Zak is about to rip the envelope open when Lisa tells him that Charity should be first to read it. While the Dingles are on their way over, Marlon arrives at the hospital to visit Noah, much to Charity's surprise.

"They are just talking when Cain is brought in, handcuffed to a guard," says Emma. "Typically, he starts a row with Marlon as soon as he arrives.

"Marlon says that if Noah is his, he'll adopt him. Cain then starts insisting that Noah is definitely his son and he's not going to let anyone adopt him. But then Lisa, Zak and Debbie arrive with the paternity test results. It's a major shock for everyone when they discover who Noah's dad really is.


ITV.COM Back Behind Bars

Friday | 26.03.04

Emmerdale’s Charity Tate is on her way back to prison.

The convicted murderess has been allowed time out of her cell to watch over her newborn son Noah - who is very ill.

Thankfully for wrongly-imprisoned Charity, her tiny tot has pulled through a difficult operation. But his improvement means she will be back inside imminently.

After the shock of the revelation that late husband Chris fathered little Noah, Charity hopes the news will improve both her, and Noah’s, situation. But with no new evidence, a successful appeal looks an unlikely outcome.

Having gone through the emotional wringer this week, Charity is not strong enough to face the reality of her situation. Desperate to stay by her sick baby, Charity puts up a fight when officers arrive to collect her.

In true Dingle style, Charity has a screaming showdown with the law enforcers but her efforts are completely in vain.

Is there any hope for innocent Charity?

Extract from The Mirror's Weekly Guide to the Soaps:-


Emmerdale ITV1, Sun-Fri

By Tony Stewart,

Apart from being told the pub has run out of beer and the social has cancelled their Giro, these are the words the Dingles most feared.

'Tate DNA match - positive,' Zak read in the hospital, proving that Charity's deceased husband is baby Noah's father. 'Chris's all along,' Marlon, one of the other two possible fathers, sighed. 'You can almost see him laughing.'

So how come nobody is smiling, least of all the infant?

Rejected by his maternal family because of Zak's twisted logic that ''is blood is tainted', and fighting for his life in an incubator, Noah's fate now becomes the key to his mother's freedom. In a saga that has echoes of Corrie's Twisted Tracy selling Amy, there seems to be a wicked cattle trade in human misery in rural Yorkshire, too.

And it couldn't get much worse as Charity signs a contract for Noah's lesbian aunt to adopt him. In return, she waives her rights to the Tate millions, Zoe agrees to testify at her appeal to overturn her wrongful conviction for murdering Chris - and then bung in a cash bonus of £10,000.

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps - 28th March 2004


Sun to Fri - ITV1


THERE'S nothing Zoe Tate would like better than for her brother Chris’s widow Charity to rot in jail for the rest of her days.

They may still share the same surname but Zoe now hates her sister-in-law with a passion because of the way she treated Chris before his suicide.

But the DNA tests proving Chris is the father of Charity’s baby, Noah, have left Zoe in turmoil.

She knows she has to cut a deal with her arch-enemy, so she offers to change her evidence at Charity’s appeal in return for full custody of her nephew.

" Zoe hates the idea of Charity walking free, but feels she must care for her brother’s son," says Leah Bracknell, who plays the cold-hearted businesswoman.

Charity is thrilled, until Zoe insists she must also give up all claims on the Tate estate - and never see Noah again.

" Zoe is determined to bring Noah up where he belongs," says Leah. "It’s a tense negotiation. Zoe meets Charity at the hospital and offers her the papers to sign. Charity first tells her to go to hell, but then caves in. But Charity makes Zoe admit she knows Chris killed himself, and demands £10,000 before she signs.

" Zoe is delighted. Noah is a Tate and Zoe knows that this is what Chris would have wanted her to do," says Leah. "She wants Charity right out of Noah’s life. She intends to make sure that he never has anything to do with his wicked natural mother."

ITV.COM Baby Bargain

Monday | 29.03.04

Emmerdale’s Zoe Tate’s behaviour reaches a new low this week.

The volatile vet has transformed into a hard-nosed businesswoman since brother Chris’s untimely death, shocking those who know her to the core.

On discovering that Chris has fathered his jailbird wife Charity’s baby son Noah, Zoe is determined to bring the tot into the Tate empire - by buying him.

Knowing Charity can no longer bear the injustice of being convicted of a crime she didn’t commit, Zoe offers to change her damning evidence. But in exchange for Charity’s freedom, Zoe intends to take Noah and bring him up herself at Home Farm.

So it is with great shock that Zoe realises Charity cannot be bought quite so easily. Although she agreed to meet the cruel businesswoman, when Zoe arrives Charity tells her to stick the deal and insists her son means more to her than her freedom.

But when Zoe comes up with a new incentive of £10,000 plus her freedom to lure Charity into signing little Noah over, can the desperate Dingle resist the new offer?

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide to the Soaps 11th April 2004,,2001330006-2004160525_3,00.html


Sun to Fri - ITV1

AFTER losing her millionaire husband and her liberty in a miserable few months, Charity is nervously hoping for a change of fortune as her appeal comes to court.

And she is absolutely elated when Zoe stands by their deal and changes her evidence in exchange for Chris’s baby son, Noah.

Charity is delighted to be free, but young Debbie is devastated when she finds out what her mother has done.

She slaps her, burns the £10,000 that Zoe paid Charity in exchange for Noah, and tells her she never wants to see her again.

"Freedom feels fantastic," says Emma Atkins, who plays Charity, "but it comes at a terrible price. She’s had to give up her baby to get out of jail. And now it looks as if she has lost Debbie as well."

At the appeal court, Zoe’s name is called, but she isn’t there, and Charity fears she isn’t coming. But just as the judge suggests they move on, she arrives.

"It’s such a relief," says Emma. "And Zoe finally tells the truth and admits that she thinks Chris committed suicide. Charity can’t believe what she is hearing after all this time. She is free! She just bursts into tears, overwhelmed that her terrible ordeal is over."

Cain rings the Dingles to break the good news, and when Charity gets home the family head over to The Woolpack to celebrate.

"Charity is so happy," says Emma. "But then Zoe bursts in with the money and warns her to stay away from Noah. Debbie suddenly realises what her mother has done. Heartbroken, she slaps Charity across the face."

Debbie is absolutely furious and next day she finds the money Zoe gave Charity and torches it on the barbecue in the yard.

"Charity is left scrabbling round trying to salvage some of it," says Emma. "It’s awful. Cain says they can be together at last, but she’s not interested. He’s a loser who has only dragged her further down.

"She asks Tom King for a job and he offers her a two-week trial as the Kings’ new secretary. She realises this is her chance to get back on top and means to take it."

Extract From The Mirror

Emmerdale - ITV1, Sun-Fri

By Tony Stewart email:

As a former prostitute and convicted killer, Charity has done more bird than a neck-wringer on a Bernard Matthews turkey farm. While the prison service has failed to reform the gold-digging harlot, surely her cunning adversary Sadie King will.

If it's true that blondes have more fun, then Sadistic Sadie must be taking great delight in collecting enough gossip to drop another bombshell on Charity's plan to bag herself millionaire pensioner Tom King.

First, she's humiliated when her colourful past is brought up at a posh friends and family dinner party. Then, after yet another bust-up, Charity spectacularly quits her job by trashing the office and shredding Tom's diary.

Well, at 65 and with Charity clinging on to him, it's not as if he has a future to look forward to...

Extract from The Sun's Weekly Guide To The Soaps 23rd May 2004,,2001330006-2004230546_3,00.html


Sun to Fri (1hr special Tuesday) - ITV1


BOTH Sadie and Charity are desperate to be queen of the King family, and superbitch Sadie now has some dirt on Charity that could put her ahead of the game.

She discovers her arch-rival’s darkest secrets and is quick to tell Tom’s conservative friends that Charity used to be a prostitute.

"Sadie acquires some interesting information from Nicola," says Patsy Kensit, who plays Sadie. "Nicola wins a cleaning contract with the Kings and as the two women celebrate, Nicola mentions what Charity used to do for a living."

Sadie is fascinated and pumps Eric Pollard for even more goss on Charity.

"She confronts Charity and asks her if Tom will approve of her history," says Patsy.

She soon gets a chance to find out as Tom invites Charity to a dinner party for some posh friends.

When Charity arrives she finds that Sadie has briefed all the guests on her wild days and the talk keeps returning to her seedy past life.

"Charity goes ballistic," says Patsy. "Tom is furious with her for letting him down and she leaves in disgrace."

Then, at work the next day, Charity clashes with Sadie and scrawls ‘I Quit’ in lipstick on the office mirror and throws paperwork around.

Tom is angry when he walks into erupting chaos.

"But it doesn’t end as Sadie planned," says Patsy. "Tom tells Charity the past is past.

"He asks her out for dinner. Charity happily accepts as Sadie fumes in the background."

ITV.COM Birds Of A Feather

Tuesday | 25.05.04

Emmerdale's Sadie King and Nicola Blackstock strike up a friendship.

The two blondes both want something from the other one - Nicola wants a business contract and Sadie wants gossip on nemesis Charity.

Ever since Sadie arrived in the village she has been desperate to find out everything she can about scheming Charity. Following her interesting chat with Charity's dimwitted cousin Sam Dingle, Sadie has already got a very good idea of the sort of person Charity is, but her thirst for information has yet to be quenched.

Luckily for Sadie, there is no shortage of gossips in Emmerdale - and Nicola has a particular enthusiasm for telling tales. So when Sadie and her enjoy a celebratory glass of wine at Holdgate Farm - where Nicola has just been given a lucrative cleaning contract - the ditzy local is glad to get it all off her chest.

Armed with yet more scandal on Charity, Sadie decides to up her quest to split up the burgeoning romance between the pair.

Has Charity finally met her match?

12th June 2003 - The Tate family as it is today

Rev. Ashley Thomas celebrates Baby Jean's Christening with the Tate family. Pictured: (L-R) (Back row) Ashley (JOHN MIDDLETON), Zoe (LEAH BRACKNELL), Debbie (CHARLEY WEBB) and Charity (EMMA ATKINS). (Front row) Joseph (OLIVER YOUNG) and Chris (PETER AMORY).


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