Created 21st May 2004

Emmerdale's Charity Dingle/Tate
30th March 2000 -

Played by: Emma Atkins


Profile of Charity from official site that is no more :-

Played by Emma Atkins
First Appearance on 30 March 2000

After running away from her pimp in Leeds (who later reappeared to try and extract money from her) Charity makes her debut at Butch’s funeral, stealing Eric Pollard’s wallet and letting Sam take the blame before humiliating Pollard, who had to wade through mud to get it back.

When Chris Tate approaches her, Charity does nothing to deter him. He pays her for her ‘company’ and is happy to meet her every request. Zoe feels Charity is a threat to family life and does her utmost to remove her. The Dingles, especially Cain and Zak, are disgusted that a member of their family would sleep with him. Cain immediately attacks Charity, who races back to Chris for protection. He allows her to move in with him at Home Farm.

Zoe is infuriated that she is living under her roof, and offers Charity £5000 to leave. She moves out into Chris’ cottage, but not before accepting Zoe’s money. Charity also finds herself a flatmate in the form of Chloe Atkinson, the new waitress at Chez Marlon.

Chris makes Charity his PA, meaning she now has an official role. She also has a new lover: Zoe Tate. Desperate to keep the affair secret, Charity denies any involvement, but Chris eventually finds out, ruining his sister’s plans by proposing marriage to Charity. She accepts. But the course of true love never did run smooth, not that this is love for Charity and there are many chapters left to unfold in this story.

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