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Charity Dingle/Tate
30th March 2000 - due to leave at the end of 2004

Played by: Emma Atkins
direct quote from Emma, thanks to the press office

"It's been an incredibly difficult decision to make to leave but I feel that after four and a half years playing Charity it is time to move on. I still can't believe how lucky I have been to be trusted with so many fantastic storylines and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute. I will be desperately sad to say goodbye to everyone but there are so many other roles that I would like to try and it's important to me that Charity leaves on a high."

26th July 2004

YTV Publicity shot of Charity circa 2002

Charity made her first appearance at cousin Butch's funeral.

Charity was Born in 1978 (according to all the official books).

Her exact parentage and family details have yet to be fully revealed. However it has been suggested once in the past that she is the daughter of Zak's cousin Obadiah Dingle. However she refers to Peg (Zak's Mum) as "Nan" and calls Zak "uncle."

To add further confusion to Charity's parentage, on the 25th December 2003 Marlon referred to her as his "cousin twice removed." We know Marlon is Zak's nephew and Peg's grandson.

Charity Married: Chris Tate on the 27 Nov 2001

Chris and Charity's wedding - with Chloe, Seth, Betty, Louise, Rodney, Terry and Joseph
Charity has Two Children: Debbie Jones (born 26 October 1989) - by Cain Dingle (see below) & Noah Tate (born 1st March 2004 - three months premature) - from her marriage to Chris.

Both children Charity has given away for adoption.

Stepson: Joseph Tate (born to Chris Tate and Rachel Hughes 8th June 1995)

sister-in-law: Zoe Tate

Charity with her baby Noah in March 2004.  Charity has given the baby to her sister-in-law Zoe to be legally adopted by her.

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Charity Dingle original  fan card circa 2000-2002

Charity Tate fan card circa 2002-2004

publicity shot of Charity and daughter Debbie

During the week beginning 14th October 2002 Charity revealed to her sister-in-law Zoe that she had a child some years ago that she had given up for adoption. Three months later it would be revealed that Charity had the child when she was thirteen, 13 years before (which isn't consistant with her officially given birth year) and the father was none other than her cousin Cain Dingle.

Charity, Debbie (played by Charley Webb) and Cain

On the 24th December 2002 Debbie Jones arrived in Emmerdale and soon tracked down her real parents. Up until that point Cain didn't even know he had a daughter.