Cain Dingle

Jeff Hordley



Cain is very able... with his fists. Cain continues the time honoured Dingle tradition of swinging a fist first and asking questions later.
Cain is played by Jeff Hordley, whose television credits also include hospital drama Always and Everyone, as well as Heartbeat. He has also appeared in Coronation Street, twice. He first appeared as a night club manager in 1997 and then as Wayne, Musical Director of the Weatherfield Operatic Society in 1998, when Hayley and Roy auditioned.
DJ'ing and Music are Jeffs passion in life. He says he would like to live in a place like Emmerdale in real life and has dreams of living in the country one day

The six foot actor lists armed and unarmed combat among his skills, but he says that he is shy, sensitive, and not very hard." I'd like to see Cain's weak spot" he says, "I'd like to find his softer side, and to find out why he is so angry, there are always opposite sides to personalities, and Angie is bringing out Cains.", But he says "Playing Cain, is at times quite therapeutic because there are situations in life where we never speak our minds, and Cain does this all the time."

I'm loving playing Cain at the moment." says Jeff, "When I first joined Emmerdale Cain was Just there in the background, and then all of a sudden he's in the thick of things. He has got his fingers in plenty of different pies around the village now - one minute he is with Zak, the next he's with Angie and then he's with Andy"
And Jeff has even listed stuntman to his list of Emmerdale achievements.
"For the scenes where Cain was fooling around on a bike to impress Angie, the directors wanted to get a stunt double to do it," he explains. "But I insisted I do it" I did all the falling myself and luckily there were no bruises at the end of the day!".

Jeff lists Badly Drawn Boy, Sly and the Family Stone, Neil Young, and Stevie Wonder among his favourite pop acts, and The Royle Family as his favourite TV show.

Jeff says Steve Halliwell is his favourite cast member because he took him under his wing when he first started and he wishes he could be his own uncle because he is that nice!

City fan Jeff is "100% Manchester, red rose - Sorted, top, nice one."


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