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All About Cain Dingle

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Played by Jeff Hordley
First Appearance on 30th March 2000

He first turns up at Butch’s funeral. He’s always worshipped Uncle Zak from afar - Zak’s reputation as a fist fighter impressed the young Cain. Cain helps to fuel the feud between the Dingles and Tates and vows to avenge Butch’s death. Cain stirs up trouble between the Reynolds. Desperate to find someone to blame for Butch’s death he brands Sean a killer and threatens Angie. Cain starts flirting with Ollie saying he wants to get to know her better, and she invites him in. Angie comes home and throws him out. Sam and Cain get arrested on suspicion of armed robbery. Cain goes poaching with Zak and points the gun at him; a shot is fired narrowly missing Zak, who takes the gun and floors him with a punch to the face.
Cain finds out that his cousin Charity is seeing Chris Tate. Cain goes to Home Farm and attempts to beat up Chris, but the police arrive and arrest him in the nick of time. Charity moves into Home Farm.

Cain found out that Zak was his real father. Cain and Andy become friends and Cain gets the impressionable kid involved in shifting stolen goods and selling cigarettes at school for him.
Cain starts pursuing the recently separated Angie and eventually they become lovers. Cain is besotted by her, but for her it’s only a fling. She later ends it and he is devastated. Cain wreaks havoc on the Reynolds by sleeping with Ollie for revenge, knocking Len down the stairs and exposing the affair with Angie to the whole family. Sean, unable to contain his anger, beats him up. Cain doesn’t raise a finger to defend himself. He then presses charges against him and also tells the police about his affair with Angie resulting in her being suspended from the force. Cain starts spending counterfeit money in the village and gives some to Andy to launder. Until he gets into hot water with local villain Ray Mullen.
Cain bullies his half brother Sam to the point where he is in fear for his life and runs away to live in the woods. When Zak and Lisa get back they discovered that Sam is not in Ireland as Cain said. It transpires that Cain is kicked out of the family home.

Zak soon lets Cain back into the family fold. When Ray Mullen buys a house in the village Cain is soon running scared. Ray comands respect and Cain gives it willingly, even if he does try to rip him off.

Debbie, Charity and Cain July 2003

First Appearance: 30th March 2000

Born: 30 Nov 1974

Appeared at cousin Butch's funeral.

Cain thought he was the son of Zak's brother Shadrach. But Cain had always looked up to his Uncle Zak

It later turned out Zak had had an affair with his sister-in-law, Faith, many years before and Dingle cousin Cain was actually Zak's son and half-brother of Sam, Belle, Tina and the late Ben and Butch. Faith broke the news to Zak on Cain's 26th birthday. (Cain found out the truth about his parentage sometime later.)

We found out on 16th October 2002 that Cain had grown up with a sister Chastity (actually half-sister/step-sister). She is Shadrach's daughter, probably by Faith.

We found out in 2003 that Cain has a daughter, Debbie Jones. However it wasn't until May 2003 that he found out.

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