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Cain Dingle
30th March 2000 -

Played by: Jeff Hordley

Cain Dingle offician fan card 2003

Cain was Born: 30 Nov 1974

Cain made his first appearance in Emmerdale at cousin Butch's funeral.

Cain thought he was the son of Zak's brother Shadrach by his wife Faith. But Cain had always looked up to his Uncle Zak

It later turned out Zak had had an affair with his sister-in-law, Faith, many years before and Dingle cousin Cain was actually Zak's son.

With this revelation Can discovered he was the half-brother of Sam, Belle, Tina and the late Ben and late Butch. Faith broke the news to Zak on Cain's 26th birthday. (Cain found out the truth about his parentage sometime later.)

We found out on 16th October 2002 that Cain had grown up with a sister Chastity (actually half-sister/step-sister). She is Shadrach's daughter, probably by Faith.

We found out in 2003 that Cain has a daughter, Debbie Jones. However it wasn't until May 2003 that he found out. Her mother is Cain's cousin Charity Tate (nee Dingle). Charity had had a crush on Cain in her childhood and Debbie had been born when Charity was only 13 and Cain was 15.

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July 2003 - Debbie, Charity and Cain.


Cain fan card circa 2000-2002

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