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About Paul Loughran who played Emmerdale's Butch Dingle

Paul Loughran

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). This page is based on some of his original material.

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Some Taken from the 25 Year Companion: A summer's day in 1994 brought tradegy to Emmerdale when Ben Dingle, brother Butch and their friends provoked a fight with doctor's son Luke McAllister, and Ben died after collapsing during the confrontation. It was later proved that the incident had nothing to do with the death of Ben, who had a rare condition, but the awful Dingles pleged revenge on the McAllister family.
New producer Mervyn Watson saw the potential for the family from hell, the Dingles, providing a comedy element previously missing from Emmerdale. Paul Loughran was therefore brought back as Butch, as was Steve Halliwell, who played his father Zak. Around them was built a family, including mother Nellie and children Tina and Sam.
When Butch originally came into the programme, he was an out-and-out thug,' says Paul. 'After his brother Ben was killed, he came down out of the hills to wreak revenge on Luke McAllister. I spent the first few months going round threatening everybody. Then Steve Halliwell, Sandra Gough, Jacqueline Pirie and James Hooton arrived as the rest of the family and the humour element came in.'
Born in Belfast, Paul moved with his family to Manchester when he was four to get away from the violence, although his parents returned to Northern Ireland when he left school at 16. As a result, he has moved back and forth between the two countries.
When I went to school, across the road was the Manchester Polytechnic School of Theatre, where people like Julie Walters and Bernard Hill trained,' recalls Paul. 'When I was 12, it was doing a Sean O'Casey play, Hall of Healing, as a final-year production for the students, and was looking for someone to play a young Irish lad. I did that, then worked with Manchester Youth Theatre and, after that, Ulster Youth Theatre in Belfast.'
Paul subsequently trained at the Manchester Polytechnic School of Theatre and his television roles since have included the part of a thug called Ginger in a two-part Darling Buds of May story and PC Goldman in Coronation Street. In one of the Street episodes he caught Jack and Vera Duckworth using a disabled sticker on the windscreen of their car illegally.
At the age of 16, Paul made his television début alongside Ray McAnally and Stephen Rea in a BBC 'Screen Two' play called Scout as an Irish footballer given a trial by Manchester United. 'Working with Ray McAnally in that set my mind on sticking to acting,' he says.
He was also in Made in Heaven, In Suspicious Circumstances and the Ulster Television children's show SUS, as well as the Irish film High Boot Benny, playing a British soldier in Ireland.Since finding fame as Butch Dingle, Paul - a keen disc jockey - has landed his own Friday-night show on Leeds radio station Kiss 105, playing 'drum and base' music.'Music is the big saving grace in my life,' he says. 'It's always been my escape.
Paul left the series in March 2000 when his character, Butch died of his injuries after being involved in the Emmerdale Bus crash. At the British Soap Awards in May 2000 Butch Dingle's memorable death bed scene earnt Paul the award for 'Best Exit'.

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