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Francis Albert ("Butch") Dingle

Paul Loughran

Appeared: August 1994-24 March 2000

Full Name: Francis Albert Dingle

Possibly named for Frank (Francis Albert) Sinatra.

Why Is He called "Butch":
In the 30th May 1995 episode, Zak & Nellie revealed how Zak felt his son wasn't masculine enough. It deeply troubled Zak when at six years old Francis Albert came home with some flowers from school and wanted to dry and press them in a book. So Zak decided it was time to encourage his son to be more like a man and therefore began calling him "Butch."

Born: 23 August 1972

Died: 24 March 2000

Eldest son of Zak and Nellie (although another Nathan has once been referred to but never seen. Also official sources these days, tend to say Ben is the eldest. However according to the grave stones shown throughout the years, Butch is definately the eldest.)

Siblings: Ben (dead), Sam and Tina.

Half-Siblings: Belle and Cain

Married 1st: his 1st cousin Mandy Dingle 11 Nov 1998.

Married 2nd: Emily Wylie 24 March 2000.

The Following Info supplied by Shewolf :-
Extra Notes: Four days after the bus crash, Butch died, only hours after his hospital wedding to Emily. From his first appearance in August 1994, Butch had changed from a "bad boy" bully to quite a sweetie and a loving, caring man to Emily.

In his sorded past, he had lost his virginity to James Tate's nanny Sophie when they were both drunk at new year 1997. Butch later ended up stalking her as he couldn't accept Sophie's rejection of him. Previously to this, he had had an obsession with his cousin Mandy Dingle - although he didn't stalk her. Later Butch and Mandy had a fake marriage, although he felt himself in love with her, Mandy married him for money. Mandy's true love was of course Paddy Kirk, but his mother bought her off and by marrying Butch, the Dingles were able to buy "Wishing Well Cottage."

With Emily though Butch found true lovel. She had chosen to stay with Butch rather than leave Emmerdale to go with her father.

A Huge Big Thank you to Paul Berridge who has made various profiles and photos availabe to me. They were previously on his Beckindale site (that is no more). The following is from that.

Paul left the series in March 2000 when his character, Butch died of his injuries after being involved in the Emmerdale Bus crash. At the British Soap Awards in May 2000 Butch Dingle's memorable death bed scene earnt Paul the award for 'Best Exit'.

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