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Francis Albert ("Butch") Dingle
Appeared: August 1994-24 March 2000

Played by: Paul Loughran

probably last fan card for Butch circa 1999-2000 signed by Paul Loughran

Born: 23 August 1972

Died: 24 March 2000

Eldest son of Zak and Nellie
(although another son Nathan has once been referred to but never seen. Also official sources these days, tend to say Ben is the eldest. However according to the grave stones shown throughout the years, Butch is definately the eldest.)

Siblings: Ben (dead), Sam and Tina.

Half-Siblings: Belle and Cain

Married 1st: his 1st cousin Mandy Dingle 11 Nov 1998.

24th March 2004 - Butvch's death bed wedding to Emily Wylie

Married 2nd: Emily Wylie 24 March 2000.
Extra Notes: Four days after the bus crash, Butch died, only hours after his hospital wedding to Emily. From his first appearance in August 1994, Butch had changed from a "bad boy" bully to quite a sweetie and a loving, caring man to Emily.

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Butch 1994-1995

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official Butch Dingle fan card 1995-1996

1995 official fan card of the Dingle kids - Sam, Tina and Butch.

The dingle Christmas 1999 - Zak, Lisa, Butch, Mandy and Marlon.

Butch fan card circa 1997-1999

Dingle Family Tree by Chris Ward

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