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Australian Dingles:


This branch of the family make the Emmerdale Dingles look civilised.






















Cousins who appeard in the 1997 "Emmerdale 25th anniversary - The Dingles Down Under" video and introduces us to Crocodile and Wendy Dingle.

When a young, wealthy Australian crashes (literally) into their lives and whisks them off to Australia, Mandy's thinking wedding bells, Zak looks for his long lost relative Crocodile Dingle, Vic and Terry find someone new to fight over and even Butch finds romance in the most unexpected of places...learn more

NOTE: Includes 'Making of' and Classic Clips as well as the Woolpackers' song as Vic and Terry join the family in all their fun.

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Crocodile Dingle:

One of the Australian Dingles and in The Dingles Down Under video

He has at least six living sons (one possibly named Jed), a couple of sons who were eaten by crocodiles and one daughter Wendy.

Crocodile is Nathaniel's great-great-great-great-grandson.

Nathaniel Dingle:

Ebenezer's brother

Wendy Dingle:

One of the Australian Dingles and in The Dingles Down Under

Wendy is Crocodile's daughter and has at least six brothers.

In the film she and Butch fell in love but they were kept a part by her family and Butch had to go back to England anyway.

Dingle Family Tree by Chris Ward

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