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Characters surnamed W
(or where there isn't a surname, christian name)

(last update 24th September 2003)

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This list has taken a long time to put together, some from my own notes but most of all would not have been possible without the help of :-
The Internet Movie Database
The Emmerdale Production Office

Paul Berridge & Bill Sand's All Time Cast list as of 2001
25 Yeas of Emmerdale (1997)
repubublsihed as "The Emmerdale Companion" (1998) by Anthony Hayward
25 Years of Emmerdale The 1998 paperback - "The Emmerdale Companion

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Played By Apeared
P.C. Clare Waite
Heather Phoenix (4 episodes October 1999)
Joy Wakeford
Carrie Davis featured w/b 14th July 2003 also seen 21st July 2003
Alan Walker   Geoffery Wilkinson  
Lesley Walker
Gillian Baskeyfield (4 episodes 1998)
P.C. Derek Wallis
David Prosho (1997)
Lynn Wallace   Jenny Lee-Wright  
Philip Wallace   Michael Culver  
Walter   Al Dixon  
Jennie Dent (3 episodes March 1998)
Mrs Wat
Gillian Waugh Featured week beginning 23rd December 2002
Carol Wareing
Helen Pearson (17 November 2000 - July 2001)
Derek Warner   Freddie Fletcher/
Dennis Blanch
Watson   Peter Ellis  
Andrew Watson   Malcolm Terris  
Gavin Watson   Ben Robertson  
Wayne   Andrew Lee Potter  
Edith Weatherall
Elizabeth Kelly June 2002, 11 July 2002, 29 August 2002 - 16 September 2002
Det Sgt Webb   Colin Edwynn  
Joan Webb   Joyce Kennedy  
Daniel ("Danny") Weir dated Linda Glover and got her pregnant knowing full well he was engaged to someone else Matthew Marsden (1995)
Sir Thomas Weir husband of Venessa and father of Danny. Mainly seen in his dealings with Kim Tate and his role as master of the Hunt - long before his family were introduced to the storylines ?? ?? ?? ?? featured in one or two episodes of 1994
Lady Venessa Weir Mother of Danny (see above) and friend of Alan Turner Fluer Chandler (1995)
Rachel Wellow   Susan Carpenter  
Virginia West
Bridget Fry (2000-2001)

The Westons

see The Soapstars

Bruce Westrop   James Cossins  
Judy Westrop   Jane Cussons  
Maurice Westrop
Edward Dentith 1970s
Nan Wheeler   Anna Cropper  
Whippy   Jack Le White  


The Whiteley Family

Mr. Whiting
Christopher Lucas (1996-1997)
Richard Whiteley
Appearing As Himself,
Richard Whiteley 2 December 2002


The Wilks'

Dr. Emma White
Barbara Dryhurst (3 episodes 2000)
Susan ("Susie") Wilde
a lover of Zoe Tate's
Louise Heaney (April - 17 October 1996)
Reggie Wilkie
Leslie Randall (12 episodes 1999-2000)
Dawn Wilkins
Rosy Clayton (4 epsiodes 1999)
P.C. Wilson
Steve Huison (1997)
Debbie Wilson   Debbie Arnold  
Gillian Winters
Nikki Helens (1999)
Carolyn Pickles 7th July 2003 -
Ed Wills
James Midgley 22 February 2001 - 20 September 2001
Gillian Winter   Nikki Helens  
Jenny Wilson   Liz Stooke  
Steve Wilson   Richard Smith  
Mr Winthrop   Blake Butler  

The Windsor/Hope/Woods Family

Woman in car   Doreen Sloane  
PC Wood
Steven Dykes (3 episodes July 1998)
Britt Woods
1st wife of Terry

Married 2nd 1996: Gerald Taylor with whom she has at least one child.
Michelle Holmes (2 February 1995 - August 1995, 26 December 1995)
Terry Woods
Billy Hartman (2 February 1995 - )
Sydney ("Syd") Woolfe
Nathan Gladwell 25 March 2002 -
Jonathan Worley
David Prescott  
June Worrel   Lesley Staples (May 1998)
Jean Wright
Sophie Wright's mother - see below
Carrie Davies (featured 1997)
Sophie Wright
James Tate's Nanny and Zoe Tate's lover.
Jane Cameron (81 episodes October 1996-26 November 1997)
Nurse Wyatt     Joanna Swain   Featured week of 5-9 August 2002
John Wylie Seamus O'Neill (1999-2000)

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