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This list has taken a long time to put together, some from my own notes but most of all would not have been possible without the help of :-
The Internet Movie Database
The Emmerdale Production Office

Paul Berridge & Bill Sand's All Time Cast list as of 2001
25 Yeas of Emmerdale (1997)
repubublsihed as "The Emmerdale Companion" (1998) by Anthony Hayward
25 Years of Emmerdale The 1998 paperback - "The Emmerdale Companion

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Character   Played By Apeared
Melanie Say Be-friend Zoe while she was in the staying psychatric hospital. Kelli Hollis Featured week of 29th July - 2 August 2002 and 5-7 August 2002, 11 November 2002
D.I. Spalding

Davyd Harries (33 episodes 1998-1999)
Bill Shepherd (social worker who is helping Paddy and Emily adopt) John Griffin August 2002 -
Tom Shepherd
Steve Evets (1998-1999)
Dolores Sharp

Dolores Sharp
Samantha Hurst  (March 1994 - circa December 1995)
Shop Assistant
  Emma Phillips 23 January 2003
Sister   Sue Warhurst (March 1998)

The Skilbecks

Mr Skip
  Dave Dutton 29 October 2002 - November 2002
Paul Slater   Eric Coudrill Featured week of 14 October - 18 October 2002
Frankie Smith
Zoe Tate's lover
Gina Aris (32 episodes 1999)
Frankie Smith
Zoe Tate's lover
Madeleine Bowyer (4 January 2000 - 2000)
Jo Steadman   Julie Peasgood (1997)
Nurse Chelna Stevenson
  Rina Hahoney 11th July 2003, featured w/b 14th July 2003 also


The Stokes/Turners

Miss Strickland   Alex Hall 1997?, (9 episodes 1999) , 2000 -10 September 2001

The Sugdens



Character   Played By Apeared
Geoff Graham   Jack Lord Featured 30 September 2002 -
Mickey Bell   James McMartin  
Nurse Harkness   Fiona MacPherson Featured week of 5-9 August 2002
David Annersley   David Markham  
Ethel Ainsworth   Peggy Marshall  
Barney   George Melpas  
Jade   Jennifer Metcalfe 2nd September 2002 - (school bully - been in at least two episodes to date)
Basil Arkroyd   Frank Middlemass  
Beth Anderson   Sharon Murcroft  
Ryan Leader   Daniel Pape Featured week of 5-9 August 2002
Featured week of 14 October - 18 October 2002
Julie Croft   Gwyneth Powell (1976)
Jonathan Worley   David Prescott  
P.C. Derek Wallis   David Prosho (1997)
Wally "Firecracker" Foggin   James Quinn 23 July 2002 - 20 August 2002
DC Brundel   Ian Ralph (2000)
Ted Sharp   Andy Rashleigh (1989)
Burt Ansett   Trevor Ray  
John Kenyon   Alan Rothwell (6 episodes 1998)
Lucy Dyer   Mary Ryder (2000)
Debbie/Susanne MacFee   Cathy Sabberton (1998)
Mrs. Eckersley   Pam St. Clement (1979)
Alex   Guy Scanlebury  
Judge   Anthony Schaeffer (4 episodes 1999)
Stella Jones   Stephanie Schonfield (55 episodes 1998-1999)
Frank Armatage   Robin Scobey  
Greg Cox   Danny Seward (1997)
Joan Barnes   Sally Sheridan (1997)
Will Croft   William Simons (1976)
Pete Collins
Kirk Smith (81 episodes 1999-2000)
Eve Rowlands   Vicci-Jade Smith (6 episodes 1998)
Steve Butler   William Snape 17 January 2003 -
Winnie Purvis   Kathy Staff (1975)
June Worrel   Lesley Staples (May 1998)
Inspector   Richard Stone Featured October 2002
Nurse Wyatt     Joanna Swain   Featured week of 5-9 August 2002
Salim Nabie   Michael Tezcan (7 episodes 1998)
Ms. Clough   Naomie Thompson (January 2000)
Heather Bannerman   Wanda Ventham  

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&gt; Louise Salisbury..Caroline Strong<br>

&gt; Abraham Scarsdale..Bill Dean <br>

&gt; Dr Clare Scott..Joanna Tope <br>

&gt; Sir Gerald Scott..Kenneth Benda <br>

&gt; Mavis Scott..Beryl Cook <br>

&gt; Seddon..Geoffery Russell <br>

&gt; Hilda Semple..Liz Smith <br>

&gt; Dudley Seward..James Tomlinson <br>

&gt; Dr Sharma..Rashid Karapiet <br>

&gt; Sita Sharma..Mamta Kash <br>

&gt; Mrs Sharp..Shirley Vaughan <br>

&gt; Robert Sharp..Bernard Kay <br>

&gt; Ted Sharp..Andy Rashleigh <br>

&gt; Shirley..Frances Goodall <br>

&gt; Doreen Shuttleworth..Sandra Gough <br>

&gt; Ernie Shuttleworth.John Comer/Peter Schofield<br>

&gt; Julian Simondsbury/James Hoare<br>

&gt; Derek Simpson..Gary Cooper <br>

&gt; Miss Skipdale Breweries..Jayne Ashbourne <br>

&gt; Ronnie Slater..Ian Thompson <br>

&gt; Bert Sleightholme..Harry Beety <br>

&gt; Frankie Smith..Gina Aris/Madeleine Bowyer <br>

&gt; Toddy Snell..Ted Morris <br>

&gt; DI Spalding..Davyd Harries <br>

&gt; Davy Squires..Paul Alexander <br>

&gt; Stan..Peter Ellis <br>

&gt; George Starkey..James Noble <br>

&gt; Jo Steadman..Julie Peasgood <br>

&gt; Steven..Tim Healy <br>

&gt; Alan Stevenson..Peter Ivatts <br>

&gt; Annette Stevenson..Wenda Brown <br>

&gt; John Stokes..Stephen Mallatratt <br>

&gt; Tricia Stokes..Sheree Murphy<br>

&gt; Miss Strikland..Alex Hall<br>

&gt; Lucy Stubbs..Adrienne Franks <br>

&gt; Clare Sutcliffe..Sara Griffiths <br>

&gt; Mr Swannick..Fred Gaunt <br>

&gt; Mrs Swannick..Doreen Kay <br>

&gt; Sykes..Stuart Goddard <br>