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The Reynolds Family

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The Reynolds family arrived in 1999 consisiting originally of Ollie, Sean, Angie and Marc

The Reynolds

Character   Played By Apeared
Married Eileen, father of Sean and therefore grandfather of Marc & Ollie. Peter Martin 21 February 2001 -
Born: 11 August 1985 Vicky Binns 17 June 1999 - 1 October 2003

Marc Reynolds




Born: 12 December 1983 or according to The Little Book of Emmerdale (2002) 1984. However 30 Years of Emmerdale (2002) confirms the first date. Anthony Lewis 17 June 1999 - 17 December 2002
Born: 1965 Freya Copeland 23 March 1999 - 22 November 2002
Born: 1964 Stephen McGann 10 March 1999 - 4 January 2002

The Reynolds family in August 2001 celebrate Ollie's 16th birthday - from L to R; Marc, Sean, Len, Ollie and Angie

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