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Character   Played By Apeared
Tom Raistrick   Leonard Trolly  
Nellie Radcliffe   Gabrielle Blunt  
Dr. Rawtson   Shaun Dellenty (3 episodes 2000)
Angela Read Joanne Whalley (1977)
Sgt Reardon   Richard Heap  
Receptionist   Diane Keen Appearance not known
Receptionist Katie Hollinshead 18th August 2004, 19th August 2004, 20th August 2004,
Ian Reeve   Andrew Breakwell  
Callum Rennie
Currently estate manager of Home Farm
Andrew Whipp 23rd June 2004, 8th August 2004, 9th August 2004, 11th August 2004, 3rd September 2004,
Reporter   Mark Wadsworth 2nd September 2004,


Jane Rhodes   Debra Goddard  
David Rhys   Martin Howells  
Angie Richards   Beverley Callard
Jay Richards
  Paul Holowaty Featured Week Beginning 7th April 2003
Dennis Rigg      
Jimmy Roberts   Glen Kitch  
Rosemary Roberts   Wendy Padbury  
Dick Robershaw   Alan David  
Robin   Mike Grady  
Johnny Rogers   Jeremy Lee  
Richard Roper   David Horovitch  
Brenda Ross Belinda Lazenby 9th August 2004, 10th August 2004, 11th August 2004,
Sean Rossi Chef at the Tea Rooms and became a love interest for Kathy Glover. Mark Cameron (Spring 1996 - January 1997)
John Rothwell   Tim Barlow  
Eve Rowlands   Vicci-jade Smith  
Rev. Edward Ruskin   George Little (1972-1973,1983)
Liz Ruskin   Daphne Green  
Gwen Russell   Emily Richard  
Tad Ryland   Victor Winding