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Character   Played By Apeared
Paramedic One
  Everal A. Walsh 11th July 2003
Paramedic Two
  Debbie Howard 11th July 2003
Wilf Padgett   George Waring  
Jane Parker
the medic who was looking after Donna Windsor following her claim of an
Erica Rodgers Featured Week beginning 31st March 2003
Yvette Palmer
Fiona Carnegie Featured week beginning 10th February 2003
Warren Palmer   Simon Cassidy  
Gina Parsons
Gail-Marie Shapter Featured week beginning 24th February 2003
Paul Pargrave   Philip Madoc  
Mr Parker   Chris Holroyd-Fox  
M.P. Harry Partridge
Norman Mills Featured July - September 2002
Jayesh Palmer   John Leary  
Sangeeta Parmar   Razia McGann  
Parson   Francis Mc Grath  
Dr Patel   Marc Zuber  
Paul   Donald Grey  
Paula   Phyllida Nash  
Darren Pearce   Stuart Wolfenden (6 episodes 2000)
Nobby Pearson   John Flitcroft (1998-1999)
Lesley Pearce   Clare Clifford  
Phil Pearce
Peter Alexander (August 1986-circa 1989)
Jo Pemberton
Paula J. Horton Featured week beginning 3rd March 2003
Ruth Pennington
Vet who dated Joe Sugden
Julia Chambers (1986-1988 approx)
Barbra Peters   Rosie Kerslake  
Brian Peters   Roger Davidson  
Mr Peters   Reginald Barratt  
Mrs Peters   Kay Millington  
Nick Phelps   John Brown  
Sid Pickles   Paul Luty  
Herby Pike   John Allen  
Ernie Plunkett   Dickie Arnold  
Police Officer   Terry Gilligan (4 episodes 1997-1999)
Police Officer
  Daniel Clarkson Featured Week Beginning 7th April 2003
Amy Postlewaite   Dorothy Frere  
Postman (1)   George Malpas  
Postman (2)   Phil Banyard  
Lewis Potter   Robert Dorring  
Enid Pottle   Anne Dyson  
Laurel Potts
Charlotte Bellamy 3rd September 2002 -
Caroline Prescott Laura Richmond has since appeared in Emmerdale in a different role as Claire Abbot - Featured from 2nd December 2002, last appearance to date 22 January 2003.
Zoe's social worker
Laura Richmond (episode # 2466) December 1998
Diana Prescott   Zibba Mays  
Franklyn Prescott   Donald Morley  
James Price   Keith Clifford  
Terry Prince   John Hallam  
Mrs. Pritchard headmaster Taya McNeil (1997)
Ian Probert   William Hoyland  
Mark Proctor   Geoffery Burridge  
Ronald Proctor   Edward Judd  
Mr Prior   Stanley Page  
Winnie Purvis   Kathy Staff  
Leonard Purwick   Alan Hockey