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Character   Played By Apeared
Sgt Ian MacArthur
Martin Dale (1980-1994)
Ben McCarthy   Ciaran Griffiths  
Pete McCarty   John O'Toole  
Seamus McDermott   Rio Fanning  
Jock MacDonald
Drew Dawson (1981)
Liz MacDonald   Elizabeth Mickery  
Susanna McFee   Cathy Sabberton  
Andy McIntyre   Anthony Nash  
Jerry ("Mack") MacKinley
Rob Dixon 25 March 2002 - 16th April 2003
Andrew McKinnon   Michael J Jackson  


Neil McLaughlin   Tim Hans (1997)
Irene Madden   Kathleen Byron  
Mike Maddocks   John Rogers  
Madge   Joyce Heron  
Maggie   Jacqueline Reddin  
Jolly Makepeace   Peter Martin  
Male Customer Dave Law 23rd August 2004,
Fiona Mallender   Polly York (1997)
Bev Mansfield   Sarah Malin (2000)
Fred Mansell   Ian Bleasdale  
Grant Manny   Steven Hillman  
Steve Marchant

Old college pal of Rachel Hughes, had an affair with her and Tina Dingle.

Married Kim Tate as her 2nd husband in May 1998.

Paul Opacic (25 March 1996-April 1996, August 1996-January 1999)
Tony Marchant   Mark Payton  
Marilyn   Sharon Campbell  
Felix Marrow   Michael Atha  




Stan Marsden No known relation of the Marsden Family of 2003 Colin McCormack  
Steve Marshal
Gavin Kitchen  
Martin   Fred Feast  
Nicholas Martin   Tony Melody  
Bob Matthews   William Ellis  
Bill Mead   Michael Holt  
Christopher Meadows   Conrad Phillips  
Mechanic   Mark Jordon  
Bonnie Meredith
Sister of Simon & daughter of Lesley
Viktoria Kay 19th August 2004, 20th August 2004,
Mother of Simon
Sherrie Hewson
9th June 2004, 5th July 2004, 19th August 2004, 20th August 2004,
Simon Meredith Dale Meeks 20 November 2003 -



Metcalfe   Bernard Kay  
WPC Barbara Metcalfe   Lynn Whitehead (August 1995)
Harry Metcalfe

In June 1994, at the time of the Post Office raid, Ray, had acted Sgt Hanway. Ray would come back in 2003 as Ronnie Marsden

Ray Ashcroft (August 1995)
Len Michan   Kenneth Midwood  
Bill Middleton
Johnny Ceasar  
Briddy Middleton   Jenny Handley  
Dan Middleton   John Malcolm  
  Mary Pickin 23-24 January 2003
Milk Recorder   Denis Mawn  
Colin Mitchell

Debbie Jones' social worker

Carl Cieka Featured Weeks beginning 24th February & 3rd March, 10th March 2003, 17th March 2003
Antony Moeketsi
School teacher
Oscar James 1978
Bob Molesworth   Reginald Marsh  
Gilbert Mondrain   Freddie Earlle  
Hon.Lucinda Monroe
Sophie Sigston  
Barbara Moody
  Sally Sheridan

Featured week of 2nd December 2002

played previously "Miss Lamb" (as Sally Adams) October 1997

Danny Moorcock   Paul Jerricho  
Jane Moorcock   Barbara Bolton  
Harry Moore   Walter Sparrow  
Karen Moore
Annie Hulley (1984-1986)
Martha Moore   Enid Irvin  
Tober Moore   Richard Beale  
Carmel Morgan Andy Hopwood/Sugden's social worker Kay Purcell
(Kay Purcell cane back on the 6th June 2001 in a different role, as Cynthia Daggert.
(August 1996, 5 episodes 1997-1998)
Michelle Morley   Jennie McAlpine (10/1999)
P.Morphet   Hilda Braid  
Harry Mowlem   Godfrey James (1984-1986)
Ray Mullan
Seamus Gubbins (26 September 2001 - 26 December 2002)
David Mullen
John Sheahan 20 January 2003 - 22 January 2003
Mr. Mulliner   Graham Rigby  
Stewie Murfin   Daniel Gulliver (May 1997)
W P C Murphy   Una McNulty (1998)