Life & Success After Emmerdale

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Antony Moeketsi

Oscar James is best remembered as Tony Carpenter from Eastenders, but in 1978 he played Beckindale school teacher Antony Moeketsi. Antony Taught Seth Armstrong to read and write. Seth was working at the school at the time as an odd job man.

Matthew Marsden went on to Coronation Street and is now in Hollywood. However he played the Hon. Daniel ("Danny") Weir in 1995 and dated Linda Glover and got her pregnant knowing full well he was engaged to someone else
Lindsay & Archie Actress Michelle Holmes played two different roles. First as Archie Brook's Gilfriend Lindsay Carmichael  and then Britt Woods, wife of Terry. Priar to Emmerdale, her many credits inclded barmaid Tina in Coronation Street and the original Yvonne, wife of Nicholas Lyndhurst, for three years in the hit 90s sitcom Goodnight Sweetheart.

Britt & Terry
  Jennie McAlpine played Ollie Reynolds school friend Michelle Morley in October 1999. In April 2001 she landed a starring role in Coronation Street as loud-mouthed Fiz Brown and in October 2003 she still remains there.

Young Will Cairns

Paul Fox, who played Will Cairns went on to Coronation Street playing Mike Baldwin's son, Mark.

Tina Dingle & Will Cairns were not in Emmerdale at the same time, but actors Jacqueline Pirie & Paul Fox were brought together in the Mike/Mark/Linda Baldwin love triangle which proved an award winning story for Coronation Street and one of the higher ratings success stories in recent times. Jacqueline Pirie & Paul Fox found greater fame in Coronation Street alongside Corrie's legendary Johnny Briggs

Mike Baldwin finds out that his new wife and son have been having an affair for months


Ross Kemp Played Dolly Skillbeck's illegitimate son, Graham Lodsworth before finding fame as Eastenders hard man Grant Mitchell.
Pam St Clement who played Mrs Eckersley in 1979 went on to play Pat Evans in Eastenders
Walter Sparrow, who played farmer Bob Thorley, was Duncan in Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves. He also played Fred Paxton in the film Shadowlands.
Roy Boyd, who arrived in Emmerdale Farm in 1974 as traveller Dryden Hogben, was later to appear as Mr Franklin in Coronation Street and the long-running role of Eddie Lee in Crossroads, as well as acting in Eastenders and dozens of other programmes, such as Colditz, Secret Army, Dempsey and Makepeace, The Bill, Agatha Christie's Poirot, Heartbeat, Casualty and Covington Cross.
Film star Joanne Whalley made one of her earliest T.V. appearances in Emmerdale Farm, playing problem teenager Angela Read.
Actor, Rod Arthur, has appeared in an episode of Emmedale as a Brewery Drayman.
In 1985, Joe Sugden began seeing Karen Moore. Karen had just been promoted to Hotten Market Auctioneer. A year earlier she had an affair with Joe's brother Jack. Having almost wrecked Jack's marriage to wife Pat, Karen would never have been accepted by Joe's family and the romance fizzled out.
Annie Hulley, who played Karen Moore was in Coronation Street recently playing Gwen Loveday, a worker in Mike Baldwin's factory.

Kathy Staff, played Woolpack cleaner Winnie Purvis but she only appeared in one episode in 1975. She is best known as Nora Batty in Last of The Summer Wine
Kathy is now back playing Doris Luke in Crossroads.

Angela Griffin played a down-and-out teenager called Tina in 1993. She later appeared as Hairdresser Fiona Middleton, in Coronation Street.

A sad off screen event in 1986 was the death in March, at the age of 84, of Al Dixon, the extra renowned for sitting at the bar of the Woolpack, and never saying a line. He had appeared as silent Walter for nine years, leaving in 1985.

Infact Walter DID speak, but never in the Woolpack. At a dance in the village hall in 1978, Annie Sugden asked Walter if he was enjoying himself. Walter replied, "Not really Annie, I'd rather be in the Woolpack having a drink with Amos"

Johnny Caesar, who played cowman Bill Middleton for nine years, wrote the song "Come Home, Rhondda Boy" for Tom Jones, which was a hit around the world.
Acress Jenny Hanley played Briddy Middleton before going on to present the childrens show Magpie.