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(last update 24th September 2003)

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This list has taken a long time to put together, some from my own notes but most of all would not have been possible without the help of :-
The Internet Movie Database
The Emmerdale Production Office

Paul Berridge & Bill Sand's All Time Cast list as of 2001
25 Yeas of Emmerdale (1997)
repubublsihed as "The Emmerdale Companion" (1998) by Anthony Hayward
25 Years of Emmerdale The 1998 paperback - "The Emmerdale Companion

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Character   Played By Apeared
Craig Jackson   Peter Lawton (9/1999)
Tim Jackson

as worker in Pollard's factory who Laurel took a shine too

Joel Parry 24th February 2003 only
(school bully - been in at least two episodes to date) Jennifer Metcalfe 2nd September 2002 - September 2002
Rev Bill Jeffries   James Aubrey (1982)
Margaret Jennings   Jo Maxwell Muller  
PC Linda Johnson
Julie Riley 18th July 2003
Joanne   Kate Baines (1999)
Homeless Johnny   Peter Peverley (February 1999)
Karen Johnson   Annemarie Lawless (8 episodes 1997)
Laura Johnstone
Character born:
29 February 1968
Louise Beattie (1998-2000)
Debbie Jones
Fostered by Emily and Paddy Kirk
- alleged natural daughter of Cain & Charity Dingle
Charley Webb 24 December - 30 December 2002,
16 Juanuary 2003 - 7th February 2003
Julie   Rebecca Cawthra (2000)


Character   Played By Apeared
Geoff Graham   Jack Lord Featured 30 September 2002 -
Mickey Bell   James McMartin  
Nurse Harkness   Fiona MacPherson Featured week of 5-9 August 2002
David Annersley   David Markham  
Ethel Ainsworth   Peggy Marshall  
Barney   George Melpas  
Jade   Jennifer Metcalfe 2nd September 2002 - (school bully - been in at least two episodes to date)
Basil Arkroyd   Frank Middlemass  
Beth Anderson   Sharon Murcroft  
Ryan Leader   Daniel Pape Featured week of 5-9 August 2002
Featured week of 14 October - 18 October 2002
Julie Croft   Gwyneth Powell (1976)
Jonathan Worley   David Prescott  
P.C. Derek Wallis   David Prosho (1997)
Wally "Firecracker" Foggin   James Quinn 23 July 2002 - 20 August 2002
DC Brundel   Ian Ralph (2000)
Ted Sharp   Andy Rashleigh (1989)
Burt Ansett   Trevor Ray  
John Kenyon   Alan Rothwell (6 episodes 1998)
Lucy Dyer   Mary Ryder (2000)
Debbie/Susanne MacFee   Cathy Sabberton (1998)
Mrs. Eckersley   Pam St. Clement (1979)
Alex   Guy Scanlebury  
Judge   Anthony Schaeffer (4 episodes 1999)
Stella Jones
Stephanie Schonfield (55 episodes circa December 1998 - circa 18th August1999)
Frank Armatage   Robin Scobey  
Greg Cox   Danny Seward (1997)
Joan Barnes   Sally Sheridan (1997)
Will Croft   William Simons (1976)
Pete Collins
Kirk Smith (81 episodes 1999-2000)
Eve Rowlands   Vicci-Jade Smith (6 episodes 1998)
Steve Butler   William Snape 17 January 2003 -
Winnie Purvis   Kathy Staff (1975)
June Worrel   Lesley Staples (May 1998)
Inspector   Richard Stone Featured October 2002
Nurse Wyatt     Joanna Swain   Featured week of 5-9 August 2002
Salim Nabie   Michael Tezcan (7 episodes 1998)
Ms. Clough   Naomie Thompson (January 2000)
Heather Bannerman   Wanda Ventham  


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&gt; Jack..Ray Dunbobbin <br>

&gt; Jackson..William More <br>

&gt; Craig Jackson ..Peter Lawton <br>

&gt; Mr Jackson..Randal Herley <br>

&gt; Dr Jacobs..Alick Hayes <br>

&gt; Sarah James ..Valerie Shute <br>

&gt; Jameson..John St Ryan <br>

&gt; Harry Jameson..John Glyn-Jones <br>

&gt; Ruth Jameson..Coral Atkins <br>

&gt; John Jarvis..John Middleton <br>

&gt; Jed..Adrian Pearson <br>


&gt; Graham Jelks..Richard Tolan <br>

&gt; David Jennings..James Hayes <br>

&gt; Margaret Jennings..Jo Maxwell Muller <br>

&gt; Alice Jerome..Gilliam McCutcheon <br>

&gt; Rev Bob Jerome..Richard Howard <br>

&gt; Aunt Jessie..Kathleen Helme <br>

&gt; Johnny..Jeremy lee <br>

&gt; Karen Johnson..Annemarie.Lawless <br>

&gt; Laura Johnstone..Louise Beattie <br>

&gt; Jones..Bernard Atha <br>

&gt; Stella Jones..Stephanie Schonfield<br>

&gt; Joy..Margaret Heald<br>

&gt; Judge..Alan Rothwell <br>