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(last update 11th October 2003)

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This list has taken a long time to put together, some from my own notes but most of all would not have been possible without the help of :-
The Internet Movie Database
The Emmerdale Production Office

Paul Berridge & Bill Sand's All Time Cast list as of 2001
25 Yeas of Emmerdale (1997)
repubublsihed as "The Emmerdale Companion" (1998) by Anthony Hayward
25 Years of Emmerdale The 1998 paperback - "The Emmerdale Companion

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Character   Played By Apeared
PC Haddon
  Christopher Wright Featured week of 2nd December 2002 & last seen to date featured week beginning 14th April 2003
Liam James Hammond

Frank Tate's secret love child

Mark Powley (33 episodes 1999 ending 11 November 1999)
Doug Hamilton   Jay Benedict (1997)
George Hamilton   Stephen Anderson (1998)
Glynis Hardy   Christine Cox

Featured very occasionally from around April 2002 but become a main character since September 2002. Has not really been seen in 2003.

Played previously "Inga Golightly" (episode # 2372) 4 June 1998

Nurse Harkness   Fiona MacPherson Featured week of 5-9 August 2002
Michelle Harriman   Rachel Vipond (1997)
Jenny Harris

Jean Tate's foster mother

Anji Kreft Featured week beginning 3rd March 2003
DCI Harvey   James Lauren (2000)
Susan Haskell   Wendy Alnutt  
  Una McNulty

Featured week of 4th November 2002

played previously "W P C Murphy" (episode # 2446) November 1998, playing "Sgt. Murphy" (episode # 2417) 16 September 1998
& (episode # 2416) 15 September 1998

The Rev. Donald Hinton

Hugh Manning  
Dryden ("Dry") Hogben
Roy Boyd (1974)

The Hope/Windsor Family

Neil Hopkins
  Phil Corbitt 31 December 2002 - early January 2003
Billy Hopwood
Natural father of Andy Hopwood/Sugden and Daz Hopwood
David Crellin 1997-1998, 10th October 2003
half-brother of Andy Hopwood/Sugden and younger son of Billy Hopwood
Luke Tittensor 9 October 2003 -
Granny Hopwood Andy's natural grandmother who died 22 August 1996 Beatrice Kelly (Featured August 1996)
Jez Hudson fireman who briefly dated Kathy Glover Adam Fogerty

(episode # 2348) 16 April 1998
(episode # 2347) 14 April 1998
(episode # 2346) 9 April 1998
(episode # 2342) April 1998

previously played Nightclub Bouncer in 1996


The Hughes




Hutchinsons' & Outhwaites


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&gt; William Hadderwick..Atro Morris <br>

&gt; Mr. Hall..Richard Wilson <br>

&gt; PC Hallam..Frederick Hall <br>

&gt; Doug Hamilton..Jay Benedict <br>

&gt; Geoffrey Hamilton-Jones..Nicholas Blane <br>

&gt; Jane Hardcastle..Alison Dowling <br>

&gt; Syd Harker..Andrew Bradford <br>

&gt; DCI Harvey..James Lauren <br>

&gt; Glynis Hardy..Christine Fox<br>

&gt; Miss Harmen..Anne Dover <br>

&gt; Michelle Harriman..Rachel Vipond <br>

&gt; Norman Harrison..Christoper Mitchell <br>

&gt; Tim Harrison..Arnold Peters <br>

&gt; Philip Haskell..Stephen boswell <br>

&gt; Susan Haskell..Wendy Alnutt <br>

&gt; Ed Hathersage..Paul Maxwell <br>

&gt; Mrs. Hawker..Kathleen Worth <br>

&gt; Tom Hawker..Teddy Turner <br>

&gt; Daniel Hawkins..Alan Starky <br>

&gt; Helicopter Pilot..Martin Oldfield <br>

&gt; Health Inspector..Jeffery Longmore <br>

&gt; Frank Hencoller..Johnny Maxfield <br>

&gt; John Henderson..Michael Browning <br>

&gt; Ian Hepton..Tim Preece <br>

&gt; Ruth Hepton..Stepanie Turner <br>

&gt; Barry Hill..David Fleeshman <br>

&gt; Jeniffer Hill..Shonagh Price <br>

&gt; Paul Hilleley..Johnathan Carr <br>

&gt; Hilly..Lewis Wilson <br>

&gt; Clive Hinton..Martin Potter <br>

&gt; Rev William Hockley..Johnathan Newth <br>

&gt; Dryden Hogben..Roy Boyd <br>

&gt; Teddy Hooson..Martyn Hesford <br>

&gt; Det Supt Hoskins..Paddy Ward <br>

&gt; Cully Hotson..Denis Holmes <br>

&gt; Mrs. Hotson..Olive Pendleton <br>

&gt; Nicholas Houghton..David Gillies <br>

&gt; Ron Hudson..Richard Albrecht <br>(1 or 2 episodes May 1997)

&gt; Alec Hunter..John F Landry <br>