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Official Glover Family fan card 1994

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The Glovers & Fowlers

Dave, Jan and Ned behind, with Roy, Linda and their dog in front.  The Glover family outside their caravan in 1994

Character   Played By Apeared
Youngest child of Ned & Jan
Born: 20 Jun 1980
Married 25 May 1999: Kelly Windsor (SEE ABLOVE)
Nicky Evans (1994 - 22 August 2000)
Born: 4 September 1947
Married Jan 10 October 1971
Johnny Leeze (1994-1999, 27 July 2000, 1-2 August 2000)
Wife of Ned, Mother of Dave, Linda and Roy.
Born: 1950
Married: Married Ned: 10 October 1971
Roberta Kerr (1994-1998)
AKA Linda Glover - daughter of Ned and Jan.
Married Biff Fowler 24 December 1996.
Born: 5 March 1978
Died (in car crash): 16 October 1997 (actual pronouncement of death took place in the 21st October 1997 episode)
Tonicha Jeronimo (Mid 1994 - 21 October 1997)
B. 9 August 1976
(son of Ron Hudson)
Married Linda Glover 24 December 1996
Stuart Wade (March 1994 - August 1999)
Eldest son of Ned and Jan.
Born: 31 May 1973
Married 28 Nov 1996: Kathy Tate
Died (in Home Farm nursery fire): 26 December 1996
Ian Kelsey (mid 1994 - 26 December 1996)
Married Dave Glover as her 3rd husband
Sandra Fowler
Biff's mother. Kate Layden (1997)
Biff's fatherr. Richard Albrecht (1 or 2 episodes May 1997)
Dave Glover and Kathy Tate were married at Hotten Register Office on the 28th of November 1996. Brian Ian Fowler (Biff) and Linda Glover were married on 24th December 1996.

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The Glover family outside their caravan in 1994 with their dog